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I had a watch in the auction, it was doing quite well when the bidder who was winning contacts me saying I am getting someone to run him up and is reporting me, I have a few choice words with him then cancel his bids and block him, the auction carries on with several bidders trying to win, any way the auction ends and when I see who the winner is I am sure it’s the same person or a friend he’s got to bid and win , they are both selling the same computer equipment, I contacted Ebay who have said I still need to send the watch once he’s paid, what’s the bet when I send it he will say it never arrived, even with a signed for you don’t actually sign now. As of yet he has not paid but I have to give him 2 days before I can cancel. 


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Is that not the watch you sent me an e-mail about?
You know the one, it looked 100% new but when you checked it again you found that it had been badly damaged in storage, was not working, and now no longer resembeld the one you'd taken pristine photos of...

Almost like the one my mate sold on Ebay to an idiot.
All nicely wrapped, ready to send with a few other Ebay sales - he gets to the Post Office & finds there is a nice hole in the carrier bag - no watch.

....it's amazing the things that can happen to innocent watches at times 😉

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Yep unfortunately its full of idiots both seller and buyers(not you) that try all sorts .  I Always click uk only but there's at least 50% are still from china ... lately I've had to open dispute cases against 5/6 sellers for stuff not turning up and won because the tracking info supplied doesn't work and when ebay check they find in buyers favour.... 

Having said that there is still more genuine people on than bad . 

Just 2 week ago I bought a velcro backing pad for my car polisher and 3days after its due date

I thought o no not another

one . I sent him a message saying item over due tracking number not working could he send correct tracking info. He replied within 5 mins apologised and asked if I wanted a replacement or refund . I asked for replacement and it duly arrived the next day followed by another 2 days later . I contacted him again asking for an address to return one back to him and he said thanks for being honest and to just keep it as a spare...

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EBay has mainly good buyers and sellers , but as in life , it has its share of dogs and morons . We get nipped from time to time , and it's usually by foreign buyers . The best advice ebay could give , was to stop selling abroad. 

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Yep, had two yobos turn up to buy and item from some friends last week and swore blind they had paid for it on Pay Pal although the entire conversation had been cash on collection. Fortunately the couple had a heafty young man at the prperty at the time who ,made certain things went the right way or it could have been anasty experience.

All this is why I stopped any contact with e bay a couple of years ago and now wouldn't touch it buy or sell with a barge pole.

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