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Slow Cooker Pheasant

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Hello All

Looking for some ideas. 

OK Cooking pheasant in a slow cooker, i would put some bacon on the breast, add cider, a chicken stock cube, some rough cut potatoes and carrots, and leave on a low power for 8 hours. Anybody do anything different? Or have any suggestions? 



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9 hours ago, ditchman said:

i have a pheasant in the freezer......i thyink i might defrost it this eve...and do just that in the slow cooker.....with carrots and leeks red wine...and have some roast pots with it...and finely chopped cabbage

you have been brought up properly  onons neps       the irish way  cabbage must include gamon or bacon in the same pot to get the best greens  

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Not strictly an answer to the question you asked but this pressure cooker recipe is excellent


I add onions, carrots and a glass of white wine to the pot and put a couple of tablespoons of italian seasoning in the flour.

It's great with mash, boiled potatoes, white rice, dumplings, pasta or whatever.  For rice or pasta I also add a tablespoon of creme fraiche to make a bit more of a substantial sauce.

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