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  1. Ok a few Brexit Jokes to lighten the mood.... I voted remain not just for political reasons but my Mother on law lives in Spain and I want her to stay there. Why does Britain like tea so much because ...tealeaves What did Britain say to its trading partners....see EU later. Roy Hodgson has just been made Brexit Minister....he has a brilliant record of leaving Europe swiftly.. A Brexit deal could take 10 years .....that's not fair, many of the people who voted for it could be dead by then. Happy Friday All. Cheers Aled
  2. Cheers guys only just seen the rest of the post. Walker 570, many thanks the envelope arrived yesterday. Shows how the PW forum can help each other out. Now then on to training. Cheers Aled
  3. Thanks Walker that would be brilliant. PM on the way. Got to say it shows the PW family is a good one. Many Thanks Aled
  4. Right then, I had a pair of pheasant wings drying nicely in the garage ready to use on the dog training dummy....that was until a stray cat got in there and destroyed them. I know the season has closed but.... Is there anybody out there with a surplus pair of wings? I will happily pay postage, and make a contribution to a suitable charity. With thanks Aled
  5. Well I saw one this morning, the first I've seen since August, and in exactly the same spot! Anyway decided to send my mad mongrel into the hedge to see if he could find a scent, (he's still very young) dog got very excited, and flushed a woodcock!! His first one, so I've no idea where the rabbit went but not disappointed! Cheers Aled
  6. Back in August I saw the first one I've seen in my corner of West Wales for 2 years. Haven't seen one since, very few here sadly. Cheers Aled
  7. Wrong one Vince looking for this one. Cheers. Aled
  8. Vince Green: I'd be really interested, if you could point me to the evidence, I'd like to read it. Thanks Aled
  9. Nice write up Scully. Cheers Aled
  10. Yep Zapp I get where you are coming from big time mate, with one exception things have remained on a pretty level keel within my family. The one exception started circulating Britain First stuff on her FB page, not acceptable to a family of agnostics!! Cheers Aled
  11. My family is from the Valleys, and I've been saying this from the beginning, and I've mentioned it many times on this thread. Thanks Newbie to this! Cheers Aled
  12. I see where you are coming from pinfire, but I can't see them doing it, a small number of people may, but nowhere near enough to ensure the seat goes to anybody else but the present Labour candidate, whatever his/her stance on Brexit. Cheers Aled
  13. Pinfireman really interesting points and said with passion, fair enough, but I have mentioned this before, my family members who are Valleys people to the core voted Leave in the referendum, however as they have done for many years they will still be voting Labour at the next general election. Whether Brexit happens or not is not relevant to them when it comes to whom they vote for during a general election. I'm not taking sides here, just saying how it is for the people I know. Cheers Aled
  14. Fair enough John, you win some you lose some locally. Our MP is quite Countryside Savvy to be fair, he supported the installation of a disabled casting platform on our angling club water a few years ago, and was supportive of the farmers hunting packs (the ones that use hounds to flush a fox to the guns, there are quite a few of them round here) although I don't know where he stands on hunting with hounds in the traditional sense. Cheers Aled
  15. Nicely worded post John, and I can see where you are coming from, and would go through a similar thought process before choosing whom to vote for. Recently, I've also had support from our local MP regarding my children's medical condition, I'm mentioning this as politicians have had a slagging off on here (some with justification) mine gave me support when I asked for it. Take what you want from that! Cheers Aled
  16. Unique markings on that bird. In Colin Trotmans book on Woodcock, there are some pictures of Woodcock with varying colours, some more or less white. Cheers Aled
  17. Fair enough Rewulf, I agree that's does not sound like a person who is lazy and not very bright.
  18. To quote a fishing mate of mine "This Brexit thing is great for democracy. The original result of the referendum got rid of Cameron and brought in a PM that no one voted for. She then called a General Election and barely got voted for and had to shack up with a load of loons to form a non effective government. Now she might get ousted and we get yet another PM no one voted for. Yay Brexit" Tight Lines Aled David Davies. Friends of my family know him (I don't) and they say the same. Cheers Aled
  19. Nice bit of winter sport there.
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46393399 Yes I know many of you don't like the BBC but... Cheers Aled
  21. All my family members who voted leave will all be voting Labour at the next election irrespective of where we are in relation to Brexit. How many other similar Leave voters are there out there? (I've no idea by the way just asking) Cheers Aled
  22. A friend of mine who voted remain would agree with you 12gauge. So like you he suggested a referendum on Hard brexit or Remain, with nothing in between. It would sort it out one way or another I suppose? Cheers Aled
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