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  1. Civil Servant working in the community development sector. I've fished and shot all my life, but its worth noting that my sport has been at the cheaper end of the scale, fishing is on Association water, my shooting has been predominantly rough shooting and I'm a member of a wildfowling club.....although I do save and head out for more expensive trips from time to time. Cheers Aled
  2. If pro leave parties/candidates do combine to secure seats, as Raja says, it would be interesting to see if pro remain parties/candidates do the same, it would change the political landscape of the UK forever, and personally I would quite like to see some form of change within the UK political system!! Cheers Aled
  3. Now that would be interesting. What would happen to Tory candidates who backed remain?
  4. Saw one Rabbit on the Black Mountains about a month ago!
  5. Thanks for the replies both. Good advice, sounds like I am on the right track, he is better than he used to be! Cheers Aled
  6. OK all lots of dog experience on this site so here goes: I've got a very lovable mongrel (NZ Huntaway x Labrador) 18 months old, he has a great temperament, and is a great family pet, and is in with a chance of being a gundog, however I have one issue which I'm struggling to deal with. Whenever he meets strangers, he runs towards them as fast as he can and with tail wagging flat out he often jumps up at them. His intentions are friendly, but I cant seem to stop him doing it, and sooner or later he's going to knock somebody over. How can i stop this? Will he grow out of it? Any advice appreciated. Cheers Aled
  7. Congratulations and good luck. Aled
  8. Where has it been announced that we will definitely be taking part in the EU elections? Many political parties (from both sides) seem to be getting ready to go into election mode, but I've not heard any official announcement! Aled
  9. Similar to many of you on here I was given a pocket knife when I was around 9-10 years old. Pocket knives "live" in certain places, my fishing jacket, my shooting/outdoor coat, and the wax proof body warmer that I wear to do a bit round the garden, cut logs, walk the dog etc. I also have a small single bladed knife in my work briefcase, which I have to remember to take out and leave in the car when I enter Welsh Govt buildings. However I don't carry one in my work clothing, or when i'm off to town to shop, go for a pint, visit friends etc. Cheers Aled
  10. A few sewin been caught in my corner of West Wales last week. I hope to get out over the bank holiday. Nice fish well done. Tight Lines Aled
  11. What I am saying here is based on my experience of dealing with our local MP. (Johnathon Edwards Plaid Cymru) First off when we needed support to set up a disabled fishing casting platform for our local angling club, he offered support immediately. Secondly when I went to him (and our local AM) regarding new medication available for my children's condition the response I got was quick, professional and honest, and to follow on from this I was pleasantly surprised that issue had been passed on to the Labour minister of health for Wales. Who again gave a surprisingly professional and honest response, and had obviously done some homework on the subject (OK it was probably a member of his staff but!!) That's my experience of dealing with the my local MP. Take what you want from my comments. Cheers Aled
  12. I've got a 4x4 Dacia Duster 13, I am very pleased with it, and will probably buy another one! Cheers Aled
  13. Well I say bol*ocks to those designer breeders. I am the very proud owner of an out and out mongrel no ifs no buts. A local farmers Huntaway New Zealand Sheepdog got lucky with a local Black Labrador bitch. I paid £200 for a pup. So far Celt (our dog) is a cracking and loving pet, and does seem to be in with a very good chance of being a gundog, he's not gun shy, goes into cover and retrieves a feathered dummy to hand he's 15 months old. Over the next few weeks we're doing some pigeon roost shooting, Come September we're out on the marsh together. I will say this though, I reckon Huntardor or Labaway is a far cooler name for a mongrel designer cross breed than cockerpoo!! Anyway to answer the initial question yes it still possible to find mongrels, I know I've got one.....So There Cheers Aled
  14. Many thanks hedge. Cheers Aled
  15. Aled

    Kids ey !

    What about catapults and bow and arrows?
  16. Ok a few Brexit Jokes to lighten the mood.... I voted remain not just for political reasons but my Mother on law lives in Spain and I want her to stay there. Why does Britain like tea so much because ...tealeaves What did Britain say to its trading partners....see EU later. Roy Hodgson has just been made Brexit Minister....he has a brilliant record of leaving Europe swiftly.. A Brexit deal could take 10 years .....that's not fair, many of the people who voted for it could be dead by then. Happy Friday All. Cheers Aled
  17. Cheers guys only just seen the rest of the post. Walker 570, many thanks the envelope arrived yesterday. Shows how the PW forum can help each other out. Now then on to training. Cheers Aled
  18. Thanks Walker that would be brilliant. PM on the way. Got to say it shows the PW family is a good one. Many Thanks Aled
  19. Right then, I had a pair of pheasant wings drying nicely in the garage ready to use on the dog training dummy....that was until a stray cat got in there and destroyed them. I know the season has closed but.... Is there anybody out there with a surplus pair of wings? I will happily pay postage, and make a contribution to a suitable charity. With thanks Aled
  20. Well I saw one this morning, the first I've seen since August, and in exactly the same spot! Anyway decided to send my mad mongrel into the hedge to see if he could find a scent, (he's still very young) dog got very excited, and flushed a woodcock!! His first one, so I've no idea where the rabbit went but not disappointed! Cheers Aled
  21. Back in August I saw the first one I've seen in my corner of West Wales for 2 years. Haven't seen one since, very few here sadly. Cheers Aled
  22. Wrong one Vince looking for this one. Cheers. Aled
  23. Vince Green: I'd be really interested, if you could point me to the evidence, I'd like to read it. Thanks Aled
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