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I have for sale a sword that I'm not sure where I got it from. Knowing me, it was probably thrown in with some other deal I was making.
A beast of a thing, NOT a wall hanger or decorative piece. The blade have been a little beaten up where it's been used in I'm guessing some type of reenactment maybe? But this just adds to the overall character of it.
A metre in length and 5kgs in weight, ridiculous well made and feels like you could smash down a wall with it!!
Not idea what it's worth, so lets say £100?
If (IF!!) and only if picked up in person , I'll include approximately 10 repo/wall hanger swords plus a few axes, pikes and maces etc... Basically everything thats now been confined to the garage.
Could make a interesting car boot sale job lot?
Photos can be sent to anyone seriously interested.
Take care and stay safe guys.

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