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Subsonic goat hunt (NZ)

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Explored a new piece of land this morning. Expectations weren't high, but just 300 metres in to my walk I spotted a nice young billy in a clearing on the opposite side of a steep gulley . My position was awful and I needed to get closer for a clear shot. Due to the terrain, leaf litter and branches, I couldn't have made more noise covering 10 metres if I tried! Predictably, I scared the animal off, but with time and patience I managed to call him back in again. 



The other factor that made this hunt interesting was that I was using factory subsonic rounds, Hornady Sub-X (300BLK). They are designed to expand at subsonic speeds. To be honest, I'm not overwhelmed with their performance and they do need to hit bone in order for expansion to occur. I lined up on the neck crease of the goat at 40 metres and took the shot. It fell where it stood, then rolled down the gully in to the stream. It was a healthy, clean animal, but looked a little worse for wear by the time I had retrieved it. Hauling him back up the gully was not the favourite part of my day! The entry wound is clearly visible.



On examination, there was quite a large exit wound and the projectile was recovered from just underneath the skin on the far side of the animal. Some fragmentation and expansion had occurred, but it was largely intact.



Back legs and backstraps were harvested and I called it a day. For once, it was a very short walk back to the car!

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That should tatste good.  I wish you wouldn't keep putting these reports up it makes me restless. 30yrs now since my visit and I still miss every day there.

Interesting round that 30BLK but for close quarter, silent work it obviously does the job and I suppose that was the idea when it was devised.

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8 hours ago, theshootist said:

That round certainly did the job and I bet its hollywood quiet though your rig. 

That was the plan, but it didn't quite work out that way! Sub-X rounds are louder than expected. I beefed up the suppressor and the rifle sounds like a car door being slammed hard when fired, but no supersonic crack obviously. Unfortunately, Hornady have loaded the rounds such that they will cycle in an AR15. Good for our American friends, not so good for the rest of us!  I don't reload, so the Hollywood "pew-pew" will have to wait until someone makes a quieter round. 

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2 hours ago, chrisjpainter said:

Aren't all goats  subsonic? It must be a tricky job hunting a supersonic goat...

Some nice meals coming your way there

Very good!

I've decided to mince the meat from one back leg to make kofta and roast the other one Mediterranean style. Should be good.


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2 hours ago, Lloyd90 said:

Do one in a taggine with apricots 👍🏻

Yes, that is good. We have done in the slow cooker before. I like to swap out the apricots for figs, but that's just person preference. Next time, this goat has run out of legs!

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