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A summer by the sea

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So JDog and I met on Friday to shoot some peas. "We won't need a plan B," he said. Optimistic, I thought, but then considered he might have been watching my fields during his nature rambles along the dunes.

The fields run right up to the dunes, with the beach just a few metres away. They have been attracting a lot of pigeons, and humans, who walk the dune paths and go to the beach or discover the old tank sunk in the sand. Apparently some of them go for nature, orchids and the like.

Anyway, we had the usual discussion about positions. I thought the best spot and where there would be most shooting, was where JDog went. I went to another spot, one I shot a week ago, about 200 metres away. I didn't think we would be shooting at the same birds.

He was in action almost immediately, I could see birds dropping in nicely to his whirly or the trees behind his hide. The only issue was he had to shoot at a certain angle to avoid firing directly at the dunes.

I had to wait a while for a shot but having got two, I was able to get my rotary going. That made a big difference and soon I was popping away at birds coming from over the road and the occasional refugee from JDog's positon.

Even though I shot here a week ago, the birds decoyed confidently. The only issue is there are about six fields and a lot of areas the pigeons can drop in once they are shot at. Nonetheless, I had a productive time, shooting 22 before packing up at 6pm. JDog left at 5.30pm, with 36 in the bag, so I suspect if we both stayed later we may have shot 70-80 pigeons easily.

I will be back there no doubt, maybe leaving it a little longer. However, the peas are growing well and it may not be easily shot in the future.

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i dont shoot anymore but still like to hear the low down.............i have 3 pea fields up at 6-8"..........on the way to the shops ...and are yet to see a single pigeon on them........it has been like tis for at least 5 years now............birds flitting about...but nothing worth setting up for...

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I couldn't have put it better myself. Even the dig at my nature rambles and my enthusiasm for the Marsh and Common Orchids we saw was appreciated. 

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Another nice report MM , I could almost taste the salt air on my tongue , our Peas are now at the flower stage and I would have thought others might now be in Pod , at one time we were at the front of the campaign and the Pea Viners would start cutting around the last week of June , now it's around mid July , What stage are yours at MM ?

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