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Nice result until it rained.

dead eye alan

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Out today on the rape hundreds erupted from the big field, non on the smaller easier to shoot field. So it's a long walk to a descent spot with the wind behind me, unfortunately the low in the sky sun was to the right front of me! not perfect but not able to walk any further. Set up a flapper and 10 flocked shells and got in behind my scrim net that was just draped on the hedge, not even loaded the gun yet and income about 20 birds some to the decoys most to the trees to my right. Looks like it could be a good day! it was 10.40 when i was ready to shoot by 11 o'clock i had 8 on the clicker and apart from the regular misses due to being blinded by the sun ( well that's my excuse anyway )  things were going well. the birds were in largish groups so some disciplined shooting was needed. By 12.30 I had 46 on the clicker not telling how many cartridges, then the rain came and that was that. After a quick pick up with no dog I collected up 32 a couple were stuck in ivy up a tree the rest in fairly tall rape that I didn't want to trample in, by now every thing was soaking wet. After 2 trips back and forth to the motor I was completely nackerd and very wet but it had stopped raining. Now drying everything out and summoning some energy to breast them out. Altogether enjoyable but could have had a better day but for the rain. 

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Great result Alan , anyone who shoot pigeons this time of the year deserve everything they get and I mean that in a nice way , I know some of the members shoot under fishing umbrellas in the rain and no doubt I would have done the same if I was short of time but now time isn't a problem I can now pick and choose a decent day .

Last Saturday afternoon I was watching the last drive of the day when the rain was lashing down and it was more like an endurance test rather than an enjoyable day out , I dislike it in the Summer when it is warm , in the Winter when the weather is cold it is something else , I can put up with it but give me a dry day with a slight wind any day of the week . 

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