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New scope

wigeon jim

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OK. Then try a a fixed mag scope either a 4x40 or 6x44  that should be nice and bright as a fixed mag transmits more light than a zoom scope as there are less lenses to go through .

A 3-9 x50 will draw a fair amount of light set on 3x  especially if its a half decent bit of glass  

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On 28/09/2023 at 18:44, Ultrastu said:

Wouldn't shining a bright red laser dot on a pigeons head make it fly away ? 

Also holding it steady would be pretty tricky let alone zeroing it .it would have to be fitted above the bore  instead of the scope to be of any real use .


They aren't the brightest of birds and a laser be it red or green just doesn't seem to bother the vast majority of them.  Logical I suppose as no other bird than the one shot is going to see it and the one shot is not going to learn or teach by experience unless it can communicate it to others from the beyond.  😆

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