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  1. As you insert the barrel slowly pull the bolt back at the same time,👍
  2. When loading TSS you need a lot of packing in the wad so with setback there is no way any shot is anywhere near the front of the wad to damage any part of the barrel
  3. You won't believe it but he had to hold the fuel flap thing in the filler pipe open with a screwdriver and slowly run the diesel in,😂😂😂 he's been driving 50years and didn't know there was two sizes of fuel nozzles, anyway managed to bridge the relay and pump the fuel out, he's back on the road again, he will not do that again hopefully,😂 Thanks for all your comments!
  4. Was talking about front end at filter inlet,
  5. Thanks, he has an electric transfer pump and was wondering if it would suck the fuel through the filter inlet from the tank?
  6. Think he put £30 worth diesel into a 1/4 tank of petrol, also no hatch under seats to access fuel pump, also no drain plug
  7. Hi , my brother in law has stupidly managed to put diesel in his petrol Vauxhall zafera, is there any way to drain the tank without dropping it out, we have a transfer pump, would it draw the fuel to the front through the fuel line? Any help appreciated, Jim.
  8. What traps has he tried?
  9. Can any garage do a chemical test?
  10. 1450 fps is plenty fast enough for #1 steel,
  11. You'll need to shorten the case by 1/4" before RTO so the overall finished length is the same as a crimp or you will have problems if your using a semi auto, some autos will handle full length RTO,
  12. The garage done exactly that but said it didn't help, what I can't get my head around is why there's no problem for days then it will overheat again with no water loss,
  13. It's £10 for them all, Sorry DVDs now sold.
  14. Does that mean my head gaskit is ok then🤣
  15. Baking soda worked , no more smell👍😀
  16. Hi all, still using my pickup which hasn't needed much water added and has been driven locally ok, but today it started to over heat again and had to stop every few miles to let it cool down so I could get home, once home and cooled down checked the water and it was full , is this still a sign of a head gasket gone, I am replacing the vehicle but not found the right one yet, any help much appreciated, Jim.
  17. It's £10 for them all,
  18. 6 waterfowl DVDs £10 posted,
  19. I have managed to get a lokaway 15/20 Gun cabinet, very secure door with slide action close, even the shelve removes which is great as it lets my long guns like my single 8 bore fit, Jim.
  20. Sorry ment to say there 12g but I do have new cheddite 10g available, Jim.
  21. PM me your address , Jim.
  22. Fired 16 bore cases, 67 mm ( RTO) / 65 mm crimp / postage only,
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