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Beaten out of sight.


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Flightlining again back to the roosting wood.

The wind was strong but not as gusty as my recent roost shooting session. 

I have watched this line five days out of the last six between three and four in the afternoon so I knew I would fire a shot or two.

In place at three I was disappointed to have a strong sun not quite in my eyes but I could have done without it. As it was a bright afternoon pigeons were late and I never saw one until three fifteen.

I couldn't begin to describe how these pigeons flew. I  just couldn't get a line on them. Second shots were impossible. No more than forty five metres up they just danced and drifted across. Instead of the usual expletives I just laughed, privileged to be there.

More than two boxes later (not slabs) I finished with eleven pigeons picked. This was quite an experience. 

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This will make us feel better knowing it happen to the best of us , you have to realise that the body is not as flexible as it once was and cannot no longer keep up with the Pigeons intention on a windy day , take this morning when I went for my early mornings walk down the marsh , large amounts of Pinks are now staying overnight on these marshes as they are rarely shot , the geese started to lift around 7.45 and went in all directions , two came towards me around 30 yds up and going with the wind ,in the past I would had took these on when they were well in front and I would had got at least one shot off but more than likely the two , now this morning if I had my gun and it would had been any other day bar a Sunday I would had more than likely left them alone as I could not see my reactions quick enough nowadays to take them on , like I say , you can prolong ole age but you cannot prevent it .

MERRY CHRISTMAS   Mr JDog and Everyone Else On PW.:yay: 

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It’s amazing how the numbers don’t always tell the full story of how successful you’ve been. Flighting / roosting is so dependent on how they come over that day, some days you can fire fifty shots and end up with 20-30, another day you’re lucky to get into double figures…..all part of the fun!! Well done again Jdog. 

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