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Pellet Samples


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Morning, I was wondering where folk get their pellet samples from please? I see 'the wolfman' appear to be one of the few places where you can choose your own but I don't normally need 50 pellets of each type to suss if they're any good or not at 40 yards, thanks.

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There are sellers of pellet sample packs on the bay of E.

Search seller MacoCorp & make your own selection.

What calibre are you looking for? I might have a few.

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thanks eyefor I'll take a look I am after .177 pellet samples.

@oldypigeonpopperif you don't mind me asking, how did you come to that conclusion? I have found most modern decent pellets group at 25-30 yards so I generally test around 40-45 yards and this is the distance I have found doesn't take many pellets to suss out winners from losers.

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1 hour ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, to get an Accurate assessment of an Air rifle 50 pellets is the minimum amount required

I would agree with this .

The issue often is that a new pellet tried in your gun often shoots well for the first 5 - 10 shots as its lubed on the previous  lead in the barrel .then accuracy  often falls off on your second magazine .the barrel is now re leading to the new pellets and sometimes comes back on song around 50 plus shots sometimes not at all .

Also a gun should ideally be shot through its full charge (pcp )  as accuracy can change hugely depending on the fill pressure in the gun . One pellet can love the  top end of the fill but hate the lower pressures  and vice versa .some pellets don't care and will shoot well through out. 

Some pellets will created different power levels from your gun . Some can change the optimal working pressure range . For example a heavy pellet often will give a higher shot count than a lighter one . As the exahuast  valve shuts earlier saving air .the heavier pellets often still produce good energy at lower pressures than a lighter one .

You can't test all this with 30 pellets .

More like 300  .


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8 hours ago, Ttfjlc said:

@Ultrastu¬†as ever thanks for the science lesson, makes sense when put like that, I hadn't considered the weight of the pellet altering shot count ūüĎć

No worries .conversely to all I said above 

If a pellet is all over the shop in the first magazine  then its unlikely to become a best pellet ever  unless its doing something like silencer clipping or its damaging an oring  or something - 

and that could be solved .

The usual jsb .h+n  crosman . Qys pellets will be the top performers in most guns . 



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@UltrastuI thought I did well getting some of those .22 pellets from sales the other day as I was originally told it was a .22….then saw the photo revealing it to be a .177 :lol:

@oldypigeonpopper funny you should mention AA fields, I found a tin of them and they’re ok at 20 yards on Lego chalk figures 

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