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  1. Doveridge won’t be to far and there’s lots of places to hide if you don’t want an audience.
  2. I've given myself a target to beat on my second cap have to get to work on that. I shall inform my porter her services are no longer required
  3. I certainly do Next trip I'll get them in
  4. I was there Was a great experience and an honour to shoot with and against some great shots
  5. Probably best to stick to the Nottingham Sporting Clays side this weekend. As PhillR has pointed out, the HBD DTL English and British championships wouldn't be a good idea to start at if you're new to competitive shooting. There's a DTl registered and practice all disciplines on the NSC side and they're very helpfull, they'll talk you through it all.
  6. Probably best shooting gun down if you're a sporting shot having a dabble at Skeet. I personally shoot gun up, 'mounted' as I maintain lead and like to drop them quick. My face will probably be half an inch off the stock and then I'll push it into my face as I'm calling pull and moving the gun.
  7. Yeah, always come from slightly below the target. Don't let it panic you, but pick it out quick and pull the trigger. Most miss over the top or in front as they're swinging through it to much. So keep slightly under it like you would on low 7.
  8. I feel your Kegworth pain. Been there done that A Looper at Kegworth is the makings of a nightmare I wouldn't wake up from
  9. Ahhh Nice one....The North is saved. Don't put me on a squad with Timps and Chard. It is a charity shoot after all.. And don't fall for Timp's old 'Black pudding trick' The dirty *******. He's a Bandit.
  10. Could the Powers that be check I've signed on correctly.....Ta..
  11. Yeah, I'm not knocking them eiter. They know how to put a shoot on without a doubt. But like you say, More "three in the air" or on the ground would have been more to my liking. I need a new Auto aswell . Mine was trying to load two carts at a time .
  12. Having shot a couple of Benelli's at West London, this shoot didn't seem to have the same feeling to it. Hodnet is the better ground for shooting English Sporting in my humble opinion, but I havn't come away thinking I have shot something diffrent. Which is what I enter the Benelli for. It felt like a major comp like the English or British, which Hodnet is the perfect ground for. and I enjoy immensely Maybe it's the space that a ground like WL have that I prefer, but I just didn't get the same Buzz... Wonder where it will be next year....I'm all ready excited
  13. A Good shoot, but hopefully back at West London next year......
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