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  1. Chicken and mushroom pot noodle 😋 OR, bacon & eggs on double dipped crumpets 😍
  2. What about shooting all gauges during a NASSA skeet comp, im sure they reload ?
  3. I still think SWFA scopes are worth a look 👀
  4. I dont mind the chicken and mushroom to be fair... 4 slices of bread and butter and a extra splash of soya sauce, i think master chef is looming 😋
  5. Such a shame.... a waste indeed RIP
  6. Seeland gear is good value for money
  7. biketestace

    Six Nations

    I cannot wait !! I will enjoy every minute
  8. Ay everyone, Does anybody share an interest in these ? Iv got a Lister D with water pump and would really like a Lister A Junior, and or any type of hit and miss ! What have you got ? BTA
  9. Go with plusnet.. I know they are a subsidiary of bt but the service is top notch
  10. Iv found the AA is a softer pellet to.......
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