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  1. ****** me, i had to look again and then it was there.... Crikey i should have gone to spec............................... 😎
  2. If only i could work out how to post pics....... Kirk help me out here !
  3. These are the mutz nutz, i have two myself.. How much are you asking ?
  4. biketestace


  5. biketestace


    Evening, After looking at loads of bipods, i settled for a Spartan... What a cracking piece of kit, but, it wont set low enough for me to use on a bench for target shooting. When i look at other makes, lets say the Atlas, the minimum height quoted is near enough the same as my Spartan but is the measurement taken with the legs at 90 ? The Atlas allows the legs to project forwards which surely allows for a much lower setting ? Paul
  6. What weight pellet. do the Feds test a sub 12ftlb rifle ?
  7. Thanks peejay, good meeting you 👍
  8. yes please mate Paul
  9. Im very lucky to own a few rifles in .177 & .22 My favourite is a newly acquired DS Redwolf, but i have a AA S510R ultimate sporter which is superb, a standard s510 which again is brilliant and it has a higher shot count of its big brother ! AA HFT500, which has a enormous shot count.......... But, my really old BSA Scorpion single shot will never be parted with 👍 If its a question of going regulated or not, my advise is dont worry, you really dont need one if you spend a little extra on quality to start with.. Just my opinion of course, Paul
  10. Lets say it is aluminium, it is repairable as iv tig welded a couple but the hard part is getting it clean enough, and then during the weld it bleeds more dirt and oil... I agree that re tapping it would be a much cheaper option 👍
  11. Arrived and all good, Really well packaged ( it took me bloody ages to unwrap !! ) Thank you
  12. Replied mate, sorry for late reply but im working daft hours at the minute
  13. Yes please Steve, How do you want paying including the p&p ? Paul
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