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  1. Womans work by Kate Bush... Then again, anything by Kate Bush
  2. biketestace


    Im looking at buying a compressor mate, not a pump
  3. biketestace


    Let us know how you get on with it, im tempted to buy one..
  4. Have you considered mellowing towards at least a few of the Daystate offerings VM ? 🤣
  5. My Daystate Redwolf is a superb rifle, it had a typical air leak as Daystates qc is carp, since then its been faultless. The S510 iv got has been spot on from the off, is the Redwolf worth double the money ? Nope.. Would i buy another Daystate ? Yes... A Huntsman will be on my shopping list soon, along with another S510, but in FAC this time. I will choose which one on the day, after handling both.
  6. James, Have you owned this from new ? Paul
  7. A runny duck egg is one of my favourite snacks, especially served on hot toast covered in a 1/8th inch layer of salted butter ! Iv never had a bad reaction from eating them pal. Stock up on toilet roll (just in case) and give them a try Alpen for breakfast ? That's just wrong 🤦‍♂️🤣
  8. I found that Kicks Smoke chokes made a big improvement over factory.. Browning DS fitment Paul
  9. And not a computer game in sight !! Well done to you sir
  10. Normal ! Normal !!! You are most definitely, not normal ******, i think a week in the naughty corner for me is on the cards......
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