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  1. Anyone got user opinions on the FX Streamline ? Im tempted.... Paul
  2. Very Very nice 👍
  3. For starters I will cut my teeth on paper targets, i then would like to think i will move onto hft..... The scope is my most confusing purchase, iv watched youtube, read loads and im still not confident on what to buy ! Thank you for your reply Paul
  4. Evening all, I have a immaculate 2 draw divan and hardwood sleigh type headboard (king size) for sale.. This cost me £400 4 years ago.. £50 and its yours Collection only from Burton on Trent
  5. I Picked up a Air Arms HFT500 today at a very good price 👍😁 I will be going to the shooting show in Feb, armed with cash for a new scope.... I need accessories to, but what scope should it be ? Budget for the scope is £400 and probs £200 for accessories.. Thanks for all your replies so far, Paul
  6. If you get anywhere near Derby, go to Spondon dive centre 👍
  7. I still think you should have been on the honours list !! Has that cheered you up ?
  8. But, but, I see no jelly ! 😭
  9. Typical Christmas, Iv eaten a few brands of pork pie at various locations and im left wanting.. Apart from a great pie thats made by my local butcher, if he has sold out, i will go to Birds. I like the jelly ! So who do you buy your pork pies from ??
  10. Not at all ! But surely a new discussion should be started regarding who owns what, and the benefits of each machine ? Some of the more exotic brands are complicated to set up etc but the Lee is a great starting point to gain the confidence needed. When you have just received a new reloader as a Christmas gift, the last thing anybody wants to hear is how brilliant all the others are ! My point is we all help him onwards and upwards with the Lee, and if in the future he wants to change then the new discussion will be to his ( and others ) benefit. Im really disappointed to read your quote regarding me speaking for everyone, Happy new year Paul
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