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  1. Whole hand ? Bloody big Mole ......
  2. Thats a bit like how i feel, the naughty corner really smells now. Have you any spare traps ?
  3. OMG You is old peeps
  4. Autarki Get it from Costco at £16 a bag, i havnt seen a dog that wont eat it
  5. My feet ache and my back is killing me, can i come out of the naughty corner now ?
  6. No, I will stand in the corner with my head bowed in shame
  7. Dropped in on this late, are you still accepting donations ?
  8. How about you bite the bullet, and order 50 cube of concrete ? Top it off with astro turf when its gone off.......
  9. Simon, Try feeding scones and soup
  10. Common sense some times prevails as well Steve, trigger lock and out of sight - out of mind mate
  11. Looks lovely, either buy a larger piece of salmon or smaller eggs
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