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  1. biketestace

    Shop bought Pork Pie

  2. biketestace

    hydrostatic test

    If you get anywhere near Derby, go to Spondon dive centre 👍
  3. biketestace

    Im not dead yet........

    I still think you should have been on the honours list !! Has that cheered you up ?
  4. biketestace

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    But, but, I see no jelly ! 😭
  5. biketestace

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    Typical Christmas, Iv eaten a few brands of pork pie at various locations and im left wanting.. Apart from a great pie thats made by my local butcher, if he has sold out, i will go to Birds. I like the jelly ! So who do you buy your pork pies from ??
  6. biketestace

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    Not at all ! But surely a new discussion should be started regarding who owns what, and the benefits of each machine ? Some of the more exotic brands are complicated to set up etc but the Lee is a great starting point to gain the confidence needed. When you have just received a new reloader as a Christmas gift, the last thing anybody wants to hear is how brilliant all the others are ! My point is we all help him onwards and upwards with the Lee, and if in the future he wants to change then the new discussion will be to his ( and others ) benefit. Im really disappointed to read your quote regarding me speaking for everyone, Happy new year Paul
  7. biketestace

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    Who gives a rats *** what reloader we all own ! The lad has a lee loadall, a Very capable machine indeed, so how about we all try and get behind him and cover basic operations needed to get him on his way ? Paul
  8. biketestace

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    Years ago it was brass, now days its plated steel 👍
  9. biketestace

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    Bin them, the mec supersizer that i use wont resize the taller brass either ! ( it isnt brass) 😀 Iv found the book 😲
  10. biketestace


    BLINKIN NORA ! My house aint worth that much I bet they use a premium number
  11. biketestace

    Cleaning shotguns

    Garlands shooting ground sell a heavy duty solvent cleaner, very good stuff
  12. biketestace

    Help ! New pcp

    Nowt yet figs, still tempted with the Goldstar and a pucker nice scope, mainly because it still looks like a rifle and not a weapon stolen from batmans gun room 😀 Crikey im getting old
  13. biketestace

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    PM replied to. Pick up empties made by Hull or RC, steer clear of Express..... Make sure they are 70mm ( its printed on the case) Paul
  14. biketestace

    New to shotshell reloading. (12g)

    If you fancy a trip to Burton i will help.... Paul
  15. biketestace

    Help ! New pcp

    Cheers every one 👍