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  1. Il try and put pics up later 🙂
  2. I bought this to collect a static engine and never used it again ! Its in good nick, i fitted new wheels and tyres, i replaced wheel bearings at the same time. Cover and spare wheel and tyre included.. £140 Paul
  3. As above, i will sell my Skan soon as the FX is adequate for what im doing now 🙂
  4. 900 Hornet Iv had a few and id rate them as my favourite
  5. Afternoon all, Do we know if the above compressor is reliable etc ? Thanks for feed back in advance, Paul
  6. Received mine and used it already
  7. 🤣 Spat my tea
  8. PLEASE Please please dont tell me you were also in leather chaps
  9. Worth every penny, fantastic boots
  10. How would you like paying sir, paypal is good for me ?
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