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  1. Iv found the AA is a softer pellet to.......
  2. I will have a half if still available please ? Paul
  3. Blow drying a car ! What ever next
  4. Yes mate, as pointed out earlier, the reds are backed up with card, all the other colours including the pockets are stainless spinners
  5. Check this company out https://quantumdesigns.co.uk/ Received as a chrimbo gift and Im Really pleased
  6. Im amazed a world crisis has not been called.. Why cant other countries help, including the armed forces ??
  7. Done mine today, existing policy company wanted £557 Compare doo dah £320 When i rang to cancel they said "oh lets sort this out" i continued to cancel and explained that they were to late... *******
  8. Browning 725 or Benelli super sport, I really cant see the point in spending any more cash, both built well 👍
  9. Changed mine for a 2012crv as id put over 130,000mls on it. Brilliant motor but thirsty as its permanent 4 wheel drive... Not as good as the crv for general driving but was better off road.
  10. Use a thin smear of silicone grease on both o-rings
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