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  1. Just had the same service from Wiltshire police, sent in on the 13th December for a variation and just had it returned this morning. To be fair I've always had great service from Wiltshire police and that is £20 for a variation well spent in my book !.
  2. Safer, that's why in the 80's all construction sites had to change to 110 v
  3. Is there a need to use a leather stop at the end of the process ?
  4. Was that a fox running across the ride behind him at about 3.10 ?
  5. Does it make any difference if you lock/unlock it using the key ?. If I lock mine with the fob it tends to go off randomly, say randomly but usually about 4-5 in the morning !. If I use the key, no problem at all !
  6. Well done,hope it's as good as the first series. Thanks
  7. VR/46 Brilliant race and fantastic season.
  8. Had a driven day in Andoversford nr Cheltenham on Friday and seen a couple, early for there apparently
  9. The thought has crossed my mind, if I would or not.
  10. Cheers Kennet, I love it, selling it to fund a new Motorcycle which I had thought I had left my biking days behind me !. Thanks for commenting.
  11. Thanks Marksman, I wouldn't know about the Anschutz but the Sako is widely known for it's accuracy. Thanks for the comment
  12. Well done Bazza, not easy to do
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