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  1. Hi, did this sell?, if not i will take it please?
  2. Sure i seen a lad selling a pair of med ones on S.D. forum pal
  3. Hi looking for a quality set of 30mm rings..must be q.r. and fit picatiny rail Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replys,so tubed the way to go?,anyone tryed a pard nv007 on the back of an nightforce nxs??
  5. Fancy an add on night vision but it seems they dont really work so well on nightforce scopes?,anyone have any exp?? Would be going on a 5.5x22x56 nxs...thanks in advance.
  6. rioulike

    .22 cz mag

    Hi,just seen this...will pm you now
  7. rioulike

    .22 cz mag

    Hi,looking for a 10 shot cz mag in .22lr cheers
  8. Hi,has this sold?,i will take it if not?,sent you pm
  9. Sorry miss read post
  10. Hi, intrested in this..have sent you a pm
  11. Yeah i seen them there,seems alot of money for what they are....but if thats what they cost...
  12. Hi,looking for a high capacity T3 magazine for a T3 in 308/.243 please
  13. Still looking for a 140 lamp/reflector only.
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