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  1. maddog546

    Trail cams

    Moultrie from eb%y usa ,better cameras and last longer than the cheap ones over here
  2. maddog546

    Scope / NV

    Steve, ive been using the Pard on my Zeiss Duralite with it on 3 or 4 times magnification and have taken foxes out to 180 yards with it , I have to admit that if you are looking at a lot of pasture the image is not special so I have now put a Hawke Panoramic 4-16 x 50 on my 10 22 so I can use the Pard on bunnies!! I've taken the N550 off as I'm more impressed with the Pard and awaiting the shims and collars which should be here tomorrow. The Zeiss has no parallax and good coatings ,so Im looking forward to a sharper image by downgrading the scope.
  3. maddog546

    pard nv007 add on night vision

    Ive got one using on the back of my Zeiss duralite (Add on's don't like the coatings on good glass), with its own multi setting IR you can see telegraph poles at 250yds with ease, the back ground isn't that sharp at that range but Ive dropped foxes at 150 yds with no problems. I'm quietly impressed with its size and build quality and I'm hoping to try some additional IR's this week.
  4. maddog546

    Brno opinions

    Ive had mine for 35 years and would hate to think how many rounds have been through it, I had to have it cut down after I forgot to clean it and the crown corroded due to moisture. I was told by the chap that shortened and recrowned it that the end of the barrel was actually oval for the last inch which explained its accuracy dropping off. Its now 16 inches long and shoots sweet again, trigger magic kit which is smooth
  5. maddog546

    New coat recommendations

    Lavenir ,british made and take some beating
  6. I use a Teague extended choked MK38 trap gun for everything, yes it is a bit heavy but the weight absorbs recoil from heavy pheasant loads so its a good balance.Miruko's seem to be more reliable and bomb proof than most of the opposition so cant see the need for another gun.
  7. maddog546

    Wild Boar in Coventry

    Rumour has it they are, and not from a shooting lady!!!
  8. maddog546

    GPRS SMS trail cam ???

    get a camera and set it up on gprs which is how emails are sent,it takes a lot of configuring depending on camera,but its cheaper than mms. I have a minox DTC1000 but you have to set it to use the server in germany,but on test the image is with you within the minute
  9. maddog546

    Trail cams

    Minox are very good,some of the cheap chinese ones are easy to set up but images arent too special
  10. maddog546

    What's your go to foxing Rifle

    Tikka T3 lite 223 most of the time(as its smooth and quiet),but if its rangey 110gr ballistics through the Remington 700 270(not much left mind).
  11. maddog546

    .223 zero

    If you draw a straight line between the end of your barrel and your given zero point ,because your scope is above the barrel,the bullet leaves the barrel and rises up through the straight line and then falls to your zero point. Its a lot easier to zero at the first point when setting up and confirm your set zero afterwards as there's less chance of movement. To set it up properly you need the coefficient of your given bullet,velocity and centre height of your scope above the centre of the chamber. Once you input all these you get finer measurements ,I find the Norma ballistic calculator very good and not to extreme for inputting details
  12. maddog546

    .223 zero

    first point zero at 36 meters gives a zero of 200 meters with a maximum height of 41mm above the straight line. minus 200 mm at 300 meters.
  13. maddog546

    Which one? Browning 525 or Miroku mk38?

    I use a MK38 trap for everything,if it fits you its half the battle
  14. Sent my licences off for renewal at the beginning of Janurary,the new licences arrived in the post today. They dont run out until mid march! Good service from Devon and Cornwall constabulary.
  15. maddog546

    Silma over unders

    Ive still got my Silma that I brought new over 30 years ago,its never given any trouble,obviously is not as tight as it used to be. Ive put 10s of thousands of cartridges through and still take it when the weathers pants and dont want to drown my MK38. If it fits you it doesnt matter what make it is if it reliable,on clays Ive out shot some very expensive guns that people have brought with their hearts not their heads!!!