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    3 mobile,

    Same here - apart from Portugal & Kakow.
  2. Adblock Plus is an easily installed standard extension for Edge. It could be that my AMD based system just doesn't get on with Firefox, but I'm not willing to use Chrome because Google is too intrusive and I dislike Safari on the wife's iPad, so I had a look at the new version of Edge and so far it seems very good. One neat thing is they've designed it work without Flash Player, something the Firefox people seem to be struggling with, and one less add on to nag for an update.
  3. I've just quit using Firefox after around 12 years. Back then it was fast, crisp, and lightly loaded. Today it's sluggish, top heavy and bloated. And on my fully updated Win 10 system, page loading gets slower and slower and slower to the point at which some loads just give up. I then have to do a complete reboot or a network reset to get Firefox back to it's normal lumbering operation. I'm now using the latest iteration of Edge and it's a revelation, just like Firefox once was. Page load is at least 3 times faster and I don't have to do the full reboot thing twice a day as it doesn't clog up like Firefox. My only complaint - shared by many others - is the ridiculous location of the favourites button.
  4. If shotguns were meant to be mounted like rifles with only the bead showing, the makers would surely fit a rear notch sight or similar. The point of having 2 beads is to find a starting point for gunfit and gun mount by stacking the beads in a figure 8. Inevitably, this would also mean seeing some rib, but since the idea of shotgun shooting is to point the thing as you would with a finger, having the eye just above the rib helps. A lower mounted gun also helps to minimise the problem of the non dominant eye taking over the lead. I can't think of a single good standard clay shooter who shoots a dead flat gun or one who rams their cheek down hard on the comb. Most seem to have very light contact between the cheek and the comb and sometimes no contact at all.
  5. Westward

    Police injured!!

    Patel may bring the police back under the control of the Home Office but I wouldn't bet on it. We've had a succession of feeble Home Secretaries for a generation or more and the result is a police service that has completely forgotten that we used to have Policing by Consent in this country. So now the Chief Officers can and do decide virtually every aspect of how, why, when and in what ways they operate, and any Home Secretary with the effrontery to attempt to control them gets bullied (Javid) or overruled by the PM (Mrs May) after complaints from the Chief Officers. Half an hour ago Cressida Duck was on the radio wittering about how they'll clamp down on illegal gatherings all with a view to... Wait for it... Protecting the Public! Once again no mention of law and order, just political rhetoric. Who would want to be front line police officer in the Met when it's run by someone who's only in the job because she ticks the boxes for sexual orientation, gender, educational background and having a daft name.
  6. Westward

    Police injured!!

    The police service is now run by people who are little more than professional managers and there is little scope for advancement beyond sergeant for the ordinary bobbies, no matter how well they do their job. Promotion comes from passing exams and ticking certain boxes. Almost all Chief officers entered as graduates straight into management and brought their liberal left university values with them. For those marked out for the top such as the hopeless and hapless Cressida **** even being responsible for the incredible cock up resulting in the mistaken killing of the Brazilian de menezes didn't prevent her inevitable rise to become Commissioner. These days the police, without bothering to check whether the government or public agree, have decided to reassign their priorities so that "Protecting the Public" is now what they insist is their main priority. Maintaining law and order is, you know, still sort around, they haven't totally given up on it, but according to their new narrative it's not what they're really there for. ... 🙄
  7. Westward

    Police injured!!

    We now have a segment of the population who, with the help of the BBC, Channel 4 and various other media, have used the BLM nonsense to engineer a situation which renders them virtually untouchable. In effect they have a permanent "Get out of Jail" card which they'll exploit at every opportunity. Personally I feel sorry for black people who have integrated into society. This is more unfair on them than anyone, as the actions by the BLM yobs and those who don't want to integrate is hugely increasing racial divisions. We're heading for a system of no-go for the police, inner city Ghettos, much like in many American cities.
  8. There's no such thing as police approved. There is a British Standard for gun cabinets which I believe is BS7668/92, but it's not even compulsory to have a cabinet at all, it just makes life easier to have what the police expect you to have. I've never been asked to prove my cabs meet any standards, the officer usually looks at it, gives it a couple of yanks to check it's fixed and that's it, job jobbed.
  9. They'll all have to do this or something similar. Can't be that hard in today's world to make the thing secure. I don't drive a high value prestige vehicle so I'm not especially worried, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Some car makers are looking into ways to automatically turn off the permanent signal when not needed but right now, the key constantly emits a weak radio signal and the car is always listening for it. When the key is within a metre or so of the car, they link up like a sort of Bluetooth pairing and the door buttons become active for locking/unlocking. The keyless system and the conventional remote lock/unlock using the fob buttons control the same set of door locks but operate independently of each other. As you mentioned, the fob buttons only transmit a radio sequence when the buttons are pressed. Auto locking is turned off on my car, tried it for a while, didn't like it. Sometimes I lock with the fob button, sometimes the door button but I can still unlock by either method whichever way it was locked.
  11. Just realised I've got a steel, lockable Avery key safe thingy which I could fit to the wall. Much easier than the gun safe. No idea what most of the keys in there actually fit anyway so a clear out wouldn't do any harm. p.s. BTW the keys to the gun safe are not kept in the key safe.
  12. I just tried that using an aluminium tin with a screw top. Holding the tin very close to the car I could still open the doors but not from a few inches away - and that's with a 14 month old battery. Clearly doesn't fully shield the signal so I suppose I'll have to pay up for a proper blocker.
  13. No. In fact it's exactly how mine works and just what the crims want. They use a signal relay box which detects the signal from the key fob in the house and boosts it so that the car thinks the key is in range. All the crim has to do then is press the button, open the door, start the engine and drive away. AFAIK the actual coding for the fob is held within the ECU, so again, with a suitable gizmo, the crims can instantly replicate the key fob. Bingo! After that it's straight into a shipping container and off to somewhere like Romania.
  14. My car has the dreaded keyless entry/start etc. which is a gift for the suitably equipped pro car thieves and whilst my car isn't likely to be high on their shopping list, it's still vulnerable to relay theft. So has anyone here made their own signal blocker? I was thinking of metal tin with a screw top or similar. Any DIY ideas welcomed.
  15. That has to beat working for living and - perish the thought - using their medical training to actually help the sick.
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