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    The Bay

    I think the makers of dramas these days believe diversity and equality are more important than accuracy, storyline quality or technical integrity. Hence the main character is a woman and the men are either loudmouth bullies, ignorant insensitive louts or unimaginative numpties. Nowadays it's the men being typecast, just like women were years ago when most were portrayed as either sexy and decorative or hopelessly dippy. Who'd want to be a white, heterosexual male actor these days?
  2. There's no doubt he's an authority on British wildlife, especially birds, but I agree with Gordon. Being an expert on one topic doesn't qualify him to campaign against activities he doesn't fully understand such as fieldsports. Unfortunately he doesn't recognise his own limited knowledge of theses things and the BBC does nothing to rein him in - hence the petition. I think it's entirely likely that many of the urban based liberals who dominate the BBC share his uninformed views.
  3. Indeed. The survey is just a PR exercise so they can brag about serving the public.
  4. It's Lockdown Puppy syndrome. 10s of thousands of puppies are being bought by people who want a "pastime" as they can't go to work, but in too many cases have no idea what it entails or what their responsibilities are. The rescue centres are going to be overflowing with neglected young dogs and the councils will be flooded with nuisance complaints about barking and distressed dogs.
  5. Yes although there's a rumour they may reintroduce the Onyx, but all 686 and 687 models from the same generation have exactly the same actions, barrels & chokes.
  6. The Artemis is made by B. Rizzini. There are several other Rizzinis out there inluding I Rizzini (now FAIR) & E. Rizzini (now owned by Fausti), both of whom are budget gun makers. Also there is the Rizzini Brothers who make really high end bespoke guns. B. Rizzini have upped their game considerably since Batista's nephews split off and formed Caesar Guerini so I would reckon the Artemis is a decent buy and would have a much better wood grade than a comparably priced Beretta. If you like the comparative rarity then fine but I think CG do a better all round job than either Rizzini or Be
  7. Agreed. The ProSport is something of a Marmite gun. They seem bulky and cumbersome to me but some love them. The XS Pro is a very different gun and if I had to have Browning it'd be the XS every time.
  8. I reckon LR are taking the P too. New battery on a 4 year old car... Yet another reason to buy Japanese!
  9. The whackiest theory that I can think of is the one about carbon dioxide emissions being the cause of climate change...
  10. Nothing changes. The Honours system has always been political and apart from a tiny few who've done some good in the world, it's always been for high profile people. Frankly, I don't like being lectured to by smug, virtue signalling types such as Prince Chump and Hamilton when they have no concept of real life. Strewth, F1 isn't even dangerous any more, it's just like a noisy 3D computer game.
  11. IIRC long before we were conned into joining the Common Market, travel in and out of Europe was trouble free. At the age of 15 (We were virtually adults at 14 back then) I went hiking in Belgium, Luxembourg and France and all I needed was a temporary passport. 7/6 from the Post Office. Even in the 80s business took me to Italy, Germany France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, USA and The Netherlands. Only the USA wanted a visa.
  12. I didn't mean to suggest they're all liars but they do have difficulty understanding certain behavioural boundaries and honesty can sometimes be "flexible" if it suits the objective. Interestingly emotions such as jealousy, spite and vengefulness often do exist though. I have much personal experience through growing up with an Asperger's older brother.
  13. Asperger's syndrome cases many more problems for other people, particularly family and friends, than it does for the sufferers, due to their inability to connect emotionally with anything or anyone except their own obsessions.
  14. Used AVG for years until ZoneAlarm free edition firewall added built in anti virus and anti ID theft and malware features.
  15. Classic Asperger's. They're all like that, pretty much.
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