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  1. The only winner here is Russia. They've played a long game, they don't give a fig for the Kurds which pleases Turkey and now they've started to win it's only a matter of time before they have Turkey fully in their pocket. Since the EU won't let Turkey negotiate membership until they fix their human rights which, of course, like all countries with a Moslem majority, isn't going to happen and with America having snubbed them over F35s, they must feel pretty isolated from the West. And of course it doesn't help that both Erdogan and Trump are loose cannons.
  2. I suppose it gives them something to do with their time as it seems that working for a living is beneath their dignity. As for the right reasons; they simply haven't got a clue about what climate change means or what causes it.
  3. Thanks for the update. You've been poorly served by GMK but if it's any consolation you're far from alone. There are 1 or 2 massive Beretta fans on here who haven't chipped in with their usual "Beretta makes the best guns and GMK have always been wonderful to me" type posts so I presume everyone is finding out that Beretta is going backwards in terms of design integrity and quality and their backup and customer service through GMK is probably the worst in the industry. Considering how much competition Beretta faces these days from Browning/Miroku, Blaser, Guerini, Zoli, B Rizzini and 1 or 2 others I would have thought they'd be keen to fix your issue promptly and courteously with perhaps a free hat or gunslip thrown in for your trouble. So C9, after this sorry episode, would you ever buy another new Beretta?
  4. Our American cousins are totally anal about this stuff and they insist on an initial test at 13yds shooting from a bench rest and aiming like a rifle. This apparently tests barrel alignment and such but there's no point in convergence testing at anything other than 35yds or thereabouts. None of this is pattern testing though; it's all POA/POI testing. Pattern testing is done to test and compare different chokes and shells by shooting normally, gun mounted in the usual way and at whatever you think is a typical range at a pattern plate or cardboard sheet with a cross or spot marked on it and counting how many pellets strike within a 30" circle. Pattern testing can take a long time and is also a fair test to see if the gun shoots where you think you're pointing it.
  5. That's not pattern testing, it's POI (point of impact) testing. An exercise which at 20 yards strikes me as mostly pointless. The only thing of value from POI testing is to check for barrel convergence and since O/Us are typically set up for the barrels to converge at around 35 yards that's the distance to use for your testing. Neverthe less, at least one barrel of the gun will shoot exactly where you point it, if the other barrel doesn't then there's nothing you can do to fix it
  6. My green Bosch 4½" has lasted years and years. Even the metal case has survived. Some Bosch stuff like washing machines and mowers seem to be chinese made and a bit junky but that old grinder goes on and on.
  7. I've never been to Massingham Heath in Norfolk but I doubt if it's a hotbed of crime so the police probably don't have anything better to do but I have to question their right to "seize equipment". Since no one's been charged with theft it can't be considered as proceeds of crime so on what grounds do they have the right to seize it?
  8. That's correct. Maximum current flow in a circuit is determined by the load, in this case the phone, and not by the source - provided the source can deliver sufficient current. Unfortunately, most of the chargers supplied with phones are under powered and thus take ages to charge the phone.
  9. I recently replaced 4 double sockets with twin 3.1A USBs bought from Screwfix. These were all top entry into standard 25mm boxes and went in with no issues at all.
  10. Happy to hear you're motivated to get fit and healthy. What got me thinking was watching my father spend his last 3½ years in a miserable zombie like state before dying at only 70. The result of a poor lifestyle. There's no trick to it and those stupid fad diets certainly aren't any kind of an answer. What it takes is a permanent change of mindset to reset lifelong habits and shed some weight permanently with a better eating regime and proper exercise. The really unhealthy fat is called visceral fat and you can't see it because it's sitting around your vital internal organs and you won't shift it with a trendy 6 week weight loss diet.
  11. You can't solve problems of the alimentary system with the simple addition of a dietary sinecure such as prebiotics. We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and the hard pressed NHS to do the best we can to keep in shape and stay as free as possible from the avoidable adverse health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 and some cancers. These things need an overhaul of one's lifestyle choices particularly those related to diet, weight and exercise. With very, very few exceptions, well nourished people who eat few 'bad' or 'empty foods' (and we all know what those are), who maintain a healthy weight and get a reasonable level of exercise, not only don't succumb to type 2 and heart disease, but increasing numbers of people are finding that's the way to reverse type 2 and some heart related issues.
  12. The best thing about modern Berettas is the little bottle of oil they include in the case!
  13. Maybe, but the arresting officer(s) have to have reason to suspect the person of breaking the law. They also have to state to the arrestees why they're being arrested and what their rights are. Other than when there's an emergency or when guarding against threats the police have no right to prevent members of the public from going about their lawful business.
  14. As for the topic... No the police are not underfunded nor are they understaffed but over the last 30 or so years they've taken on assorted extra responsibilities and rearranged their priorities. Most of these changes are entirely without reference to or request from the public whom they are supposed to serve. If you ask a modern, degree qualified, fast tracked chief officer with little or no experience at the sharp end of policing what his/her main priority is are they will say "public safety". I mention this simply to avoid any mistaken idea that the police are primarily there for the maintenance of law and order. To be topical, in 1970 I attended the Bath Music Festival held near Shepton Mallet. ( Incidentally, a certain local farmer, Michael Eavis, gatecrashed the event and that's where he got the idea for the Glastonbury Festival). At the 1970 festival, despite 100,000+ visitors there was just one police car with 2 officers helping to minimise traffic problems and generally enjoying the atmosphere. Since there was no crime or violence the officers had a very pleasant 3 days. The policing overkill at public events and demos is not only unnecessary most of the time, but the typically heavy handed policing all too often leads to friction and sometimes violence. The Countryside Alliance march in 2002 being a prime example. Even worse is the totally illegal move they call "Kettling" where they herd people into a cul-de-sac and prevent them from leaving. This country would be a better place to live if the police concentrated on doing the job most of the public want them to do - which is after all the job they were created to do. p.s. Don't get me started on cyclists!!!
  15. Sounds like something General Melchett would say in Blackadder. And the classic line: "I like you Bob, you've got balls"
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