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  1. Westward

    Caesar Guerine

    Everyone agrees the DT10 is a great gun and I'm not going to get into the willy waving stuff about my gun's better etc. but the reality is very few of us will ever wear out a mid range O/U. Very few guns are immune to problems and the DT10 has certainly had it's share. Honestly put, I can't identify any aspect of my CG that looks particularly likely to wear out. The top lever is in the same position it was in 15000 shells ago, the firing pins look new, the blueing is still perfect and the bores are still brighter than on any Beretta I've ever looked at. The invictus isn't inherently stronger (whatever that means) than the standard CG range, in most ways it's little different mechanically, but it has a couple of extras like user replaceable recoil stops which perform a similar function to the replaceable shoulders on the DT10. Guns are like other consumer goods from phones to cars and everything in between, in that we make a choice based on budget, purpose, recommendations, reviews and personal preferences. There are plenty of people shooting Blasers or Mirokus or CGs or Brownings etc., etc., who could easily afford a DT10 but they know, as do I, that DT10s don't suit everyone - any more than any other gun does. From what I've seen amongst registered sporting shooters, there are certain guns that people seem more likely to stick with and the DT10 is certainly one, but, most people who buy a CG also tend to keep them too and some get shot a lot - and I mean a lot!
  2. Westward

    Does the the team think..

    A couple of years ago I stumbled on a report by one of the senior medical bodies where they compared life expectancy in 1860 and causes of death against today's statistics. Life expectancy in years of age was included from every cause except stillbirth and infant mortality. What's interesting is that for those who didn't succumb to accidents, septicaemia and any of the childhood and adult infections such as TB that were incurable in 1860, life expectancy was as good or better than today. And even more interesting is that rates of heart disease and cancer were very low at about 10% of what they are today. We should be careful not to be too patronising by suggesting that doctors didn't know how to diagnose heart disease and cancer. Let's not forget that cancer was known in Tudor times and it's also known that Oliver Cromwell's wife died of stomach cancer. Back then people ate less overall and much of their diet was home grown. Fish was rare in most areas and meat was generally too expensive to eat more than once a week. Fruit was fairly abundant though and of course many people worked outdoors and kept their mobility into old age. Most people had things to do most of their waking hours every day except Sunday and there's no substitute for exercise. It seems that some here are already aware that statins generally do more harm than good and it's worth noting that the last 3 properly conducted studies into cholesterol have shown that taking statins has no measurable effect on lowering rates of heart disease. The only study that disagreed, monitored people who already had a pre-existing heart condition, so was loaded to please whoever was funding the study. (I'm not suggesting that it was funded by a drug company but it might have been 😉😉 Much medical research these days is focussed on treatment and the search for cures but what we don't get told is that whilst a higher percentage of women are surviving breast cancer, more women are dying from it than 25 years ago.
  3. I find in incredible that there's no easy work around for a totally flat battery. Is this specific to Vauxhall or is it common on modern cars. Enquiring minds need to know.
  4. Westward

    Caesar Guerine

    Difficult to say which CGs would compare with DT10/11 etc. Their respective product philosophy is somewhat different. There are CGs that carry a price tag around the DT11 level but they are higher grades of standard guns, whereas the DT11 is a significantly different and fundamentally more costly gun than the 68x/69x family. It's just my opinion but the 692 Black seems hugely overpriced at about £600 more in the shops than the standard model which is hardly priced competitively itself. For that money or less you could have an M-Spec Invictus or one of about half a dozen different CGs with a choice of configurations and in many cases a sizeable wedge in change. And that's without mentioning a raft of other choices from Miroku, Browning and Blaser.
  5. Westward

    Vertical screw

    What sort of decoration? If it's new paint then it can be tidied up up and repainted.
  6. Westward

    wanted cg flush maxis chokes

    Yes. I have a full set of 5, boxed with key, hardly used. You can have the lot for £75 posted.
  7. Westward

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    Gets my vote. It does look like a cultivator tine and they were made to be replaceable in the field. I'd say at almost a foot long it's too big to be from a rotavator.
  8. Westward

    Caesar Guerine

    Long before I bought mine I was shooting a Beretta and a gunsmith I knew back then (now deceased) said these exact words to me: "If you buy a Guerini and you get ejector problems - and you will - DON'T BRING IT TO ME BECAUSE I DON'T WORK ON GUNS ASSEMBLED WITH ROLL PINS". My Beretta had several roll pins for pivots in the action but Guerinis do not and never have. They're all the same these "experts", if it costs less than £10K and it isn't a Miroku, Browning or Beretta it's bound to be rubbish, especially from upstarts like Guerini. It's as if there's a script that gets passed around in the trade. Funny how it works out that sooner or later so many of these dealers end up stocking Guerinis... 😉😉 I have never heard of anyone with a Guerini having ejector problems and I come across a lot of them these days. Guerinis are doing well where it counts though, I was reffing yesterday and I didn't see many mid range Berettas and not even one 692. Perhaps One or two Ultras and a couple of F16s - but there were plenty of CGs out and about though.
  9. Westward

    Caesar Guerine

    Ii appears to be obligatory for gunsmiths, gun shop owners, ground managers and shooting instructors to slam Guerinis. They all seem know someone whose brother in law heard of a chap who'd bought one in 2001 that shot loose. When I was considering a CG a certain very well known coach was quite disparaging and compared them to Bettinsolis and E Rizzinis etc. But I bought one anyway 4 years ago and found it to be much nicer to shoot than any other mid range gun I've ever owned or tried. Mine was made in 2011 and it's still tight, nothing has broken, the internals still look brand new and I have absolutely no criticisms of it. I'd take it in a heartbeat over any Browning, Miroku or Beretta.
  10. Westward

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    I've never shot the Benelli but I have shot F16s and they do work very well for me on clays. Lovely guns to shoot with but yes, the logos do wear off too rapidly. All I would say about the 828 is that they make both a field and a heavier sporting version for clays.
  11. Westward

    Caesar Guerine

    It's really a matter of personal taste as the Ellipse, like most of the more expensive CGs, sells on it's looks. Mechanically it's the same as every other model in the original range, although I've been told by an owner that the receiver is fractionally wider. I'm more than happy with my Challenger but if I do get the urge to change it'll probably be to an Invictus.
  12. Westward

    British passport renewal.

    Talking of backwaters.
  13. 2018 hasn't been a good year for our family so Mrs W & I plan to see it out with a pizza feast, lots of good champagne and maybe even a naughty as well...😉 Best wishes to everyone for a brilliant 2019.
  14. Westward


    Hmmm. I ran small specialised digital print business until about 2 years ago. I had 4 different types of printer, each of which was there for a reason. One was an office type networked monochrome laser printer, far superior to a cheap Lexmark desktop laser but, like almost all mono lasers, text and block graphics were fine but it was poor at printing images such as black and white photos. Multifunction inkjets may not produce your 'proof grade' colour output, but then they aren't designed to, however for photo printing, particularly black and white, they beat a laser every time.
  15. Westward

    Is it the targets or the trap?

    I wondered the same thing. Hard to tell from the pic.