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  1. There must have been a sequence of events. Things don't just get deleted without some interaction with the user. If Strimmer is right and the card has been formatted then search for "undelete" or "unformat" utilities or just search on "how to unformat a disk drive" but again, things don't just get formatted without user confirmation. Have you searched the hard drive for *.jpg files? Does the laptop have a slot for the camera's SD card?
  2. The modern trend for low capacity high boost engines from the volume car makers exists primarily as a device to produce outstanding figures in the official economy and emissions tests. So, if you drive it within the parameters of these tests you'll get very good mpg. 2 members of my family have cars with this type of engine and both are great at 56mph on the motorway. No so good on the school/Tesco/Screwfix/takeaway curry/garden centre type runs though.
  3. The 525 action is closely based on a design that goes back almost 100 years and consequently, when compared with the more modern Italian equivalents they can seem somewhat agricultural, but apart from the minor issues mentioned above, they are rock solid and last for ever. Basically, you have to be a Browning fan to like them, but there's no denying they're outstanding value.
  4. If it's in good shape and working it must be worth about £2K and that would make it a most brilliant buy.
  5. Most makers now have the option of a small engine with a big turbo and a clever ECU. They can perform like a much bigger engine and they can also return excellent mpg but they don't do both at the same time. IOW, depending on your driving pattern you can have good economy or good performance. That's true for every internal combustion engine but it's much more marked with the snappy little turbo units which have a very small operating envelope for good mpg. Suzuki share some technology with Mazda and the latest non turbo, larger capacity engines can return high mpg figures without having to drive like old Mrs Scoggins and they're also much less stressed so potentially longer lasting as well.
  6. I was self employed for about 10 years and all my banking both personal and business was with HSBC. Can't think of anything that was ever a problem and I'm still a customer several years later.
  7. One of the several aspects to all this that the climate hysterics are oblivious to is that climate change is not a recent phenomenon. It's also not changing very rapidly and history proves that it will not lead to the extinction of the human race. Basically, none of them has the first clue about the subject; they're just a bunch gossipers who don't seem to believe that things like gainful employment and taking financial responsibility for their dependants is something they should have to be bothered with. The climate is cyclical on more than one timescale. Currently we are well past the mid point of the long term inter glacial period and each of the last 10 millennia has been cooler than the one before. Yes, another ice age is on the way in another 10,000 years or so. Right now we are reaching the zenith of a shorter term warming period which has been going on since the last cooling period ended. The climate has been much warmer in historical times than it is now and warmer too than the doom mongers claim will happen in this century. It's also been very much colder than it was 50 years ago. Look up "mini ice age". Climate change happens; it's always happened, it always has and there's really nothing we can do to stop it. These goons would be more use to the future if they focussed on plastic waste and the other myriad ways we have of polluting the planet.
  8. After having used plastic almost exclusively for the last few years, I tried some fibre wad shells yesterday as I'll be visiting a ground that doesn't allow plastic . My CG barrels are stamped 18.6 (.732") and with 3/8 choke in both they pulverised some longish clays just as well as the plastics. I've no problem with the performance at all but fibres do cost a bit more and also tend to be more thumpy (these ones certainly are).
  9. That diesel engine is a "designed by committee" joint venture and is fitted to models from Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Mazda and Volvo. Amongst other annoyances they seem to get through glowplugs fairly quickly and that could explain at least some of the various issues described above.
  10. I certainly wouldn't deny science but I've yet to see any science on the subject. Lots of opinions and theories but absolutely no actual, real science. Shame about Prince H, he was alright until the wicked witch cast a spell on him and turned him into an "on message" PC liberal.
  11. Reading about all the bonkers spending promises coming from McDonnell at the conference it's pretty clear that not only is the loony left still around they're more loony than ever. These people cannot accept that the socialist experiment has failed everywhere it's been tried. It always runs out of money and always ends up hurting the very people whose interests they claim to be looking out for. To quote Churchill: "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of the miseries".
  12. They want to close private schools simply because their ideology is to encourage their supporters to be envious toward those who have more than them. That's why they set out to destroy the grammar schools which were (and still are) the greatest enabler of social mobility this country ever had, simply because they saw it as an elitist system. So, with the connivance of numerous LEAs, they jammed almost all secondary students into comprehensive schools, whether they wanted to or not. Funny thing is that these emblems of socialist forced equality stream students according to ability which of course means winners and losers just as it's always been. Nature always wins in the end.
  13. Multichokes weren't so common in the 70s/80s and the outer pocket was probably to carry a 2nd set of barrels with different choking.
  14. I've come across The Accused a few times when reffing. He's always been polite and perfectly reasonable and what an absolutely fantastic shot he is too. Sad really.
  15. Apart from sponsorship this person makes a good living from coaching, especially in America. My guess is many customers will place their business elsewhere. Who wants instruction and coaching from a known cheat?
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