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    Did you miss the point I made in 2 posts regarding infections/antibiotics etc? "As a nation, we have never been healthier". Really? 'We' eat far more than we should and too much of it is empty food or just plain harmful which is why most people are overweight and an ever increasing number are obese. Added to that 'we' get little or no proper exercise and spend far too much time sitting down. The result being vastly more heart disease and cancer, plus type 2 diabetes (which didn't exist 100 years ago) and a range of other condition such as osteoporosis which is no longer confined to post menopausal women and now affects quite a lot of men too. These are conditions generally resulting from a lousy lifestyle and which doctors "manage" by prescribing drugs upon which many patients depend - quite often in order to stay alive. If you think that makes 'us' healthy then I have to say I totally disagree. Extending life span with medication is not at all the same as being healthy and in my father's case the meds he took for the last 3 miserable years of life reduced him to little more than a zombie. Sorry, but that's not healthy, it's not even living...

    Most people in 1860 lived and worked in the country doing physically demanding tasks and often outdoors. It's not universally understood but daylight is major contributor to good overall health. Anyone with some garden space - which was most - grew their own vegetables and fruit. Milk was not processed to destroy most of the vitamins and apart from curing or smoking, meat was natural and free of interference from laboratory produced hormones, nutrients and preservatives. In a nutshell, such people were far healthier than the vast majority of the population in this country today.

    Vince, you didn't read my post properly. What I said was "as long as they avoided injuries, infections and sepsis". Average life expectancy figures include all forms of health related causes of death. In 1860 thousands of people died young who would have been saved had modern antiseptics and antibiotics been around. Ask yourself this: How many people over 70 do I know who are not permanently taking any prescription meds? Come to that, how many over 40? Something like 60% of over 50s are being prescribed statins and most of them are also on blood pressure meds. As I understand it about 15% of adults are currently on permanent meds for type 2 diabetes which has become a huge and growing problem and one which is very expensive to treat. Not least because diabetics usually develop other serious medical problems a few years down the road. People who study NHS finances are deeply concerned at the rate costs are increasing as more and more people develop type 2. If the current rate of increase continues, treating type 2 will represent the largest single expenditure for the NHS within 10-15 years. (Incidentally, type 2 is almost always caused by poor lifestyle choices, particularly dietary, and didn't exist in 1860). All these medications are merely alleviating symptoms, none of them can be considered as any sort of cure. Average life expectancy for a male in this country is 77 years. Were it not for the drugs mention above, and numerous others, that figure would be much, much lower. If you don't believe me, take a walk around around a couple of churchyards and read the headstones. You might be surprised at how long some people lived back in the 19th century.
  4. New AUDI Feature

    Some might prefer it if Audi stopped charging massive extra money for features that are standard on most other vehicles in the class rather than adding tacky LEDs all over the place.
  5. 28" or 30" Barrels

    Game versions of Berettas are quite light., probably lighter than a typical Browning or CG of similar specs and recoil is significantly greater with a 7lb gun than with an 8lb+ gun. I'm not particularly recoil sensitive and I don't get hurt necessarily but I find light gun to be more fatiguing over a 100 clays than a heavier one.

    Okay fair enough. I simply wanted to make the point that most heart attacks are the result of poor lifestyle rather than pure chance. A couple of years ago I read a report ago from one of the major medical institutions - I forget which one - where they compared the health of people today against the year 1860 when they had begun keeping records. Back then the rates of both heart disease and cancer were about 10% of current levels and it doesn't take any medical knowledge to figure out why. Even poorer people were generally slimmer, fitter and both physically and physiologically stronger and as long as they avoided injuries, infections and sepsis, they were healthier than most of us now, did not need meds to survive and lived just as long as we do today.

    I remain utterly mystified that the bulk of the population people don't consider their health and well being until something like a heart attack knocks them over. If everyone paid even a small amount of attention to their weight, diet, exercise etc the NHS would half the size and awash with money.
  8. Alloy wheel revamp

    That's about what I can get locally. Mine are corroded but undamaged and they quoted me £65 per wheel which included tyre removal & refit. I can drop the car off and pick it up about 4 days later, all done and dusted.

    The NHS usually works well for actual emergencies but my family's experiences of 1 or 2 elective procedures has been pretty dismal. Despite the commitment and dedication of many of the staff who are in no way to blame, I frankly don't think the NHS is wonderful, in fact I don't believe the NHS is sustainable as a free service, fully funded by the taxpayer, for ever. Anyone with any business sense will tell you that if something offered for free it will always reach the stage of being unable to keep up with demand and that's where we are right now with the NHS. Any doctor will tell you that they have endless streams of people demanding prescriptions for things like paracetamol which they can buy in Tesco for 60p but want the NHS to spend £12 providing it instead. Often as not, simply for an easy life, the Doctor does as asked. A situation that has been getting worse for a good many years and will only continue to do so. The NHS is not short of resources (code word for money), it's overburdened with demand from a rapidly growing population, an increasing proportion of which is presenting with largely avoidable and expensive to treat conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. Pumping in another 5,10, 20 or 100 billion won't solve anything, it will only delay the next crisis.
  10. 28" or 30" Barrels

    If your primary use is clay shooting I'd advise against a Beretta field model of any length simply because of the light weight. If you put a hundred shots through a lightweight gun in less than 2 hours you - or more specifically your shoulder - will soon start to regret your choice. Field guns are expected to be carried a lot and shot only a few times whereas the significantly heavier sporters are expected to be shot a lot and only carried a little.
  11. New AUDI Feature

    It was probably a direction indicator signalling that the driver intended to make a turn. Most vehicles have these as standard but they are very rare and expensive expensive optional extras on Audi, BMW and Mercedes which is why you haven't seen it before.
  12. What is it

    They are called anti squeal shims. Rust doesn't matter, just wire brush and a smear of anti seize. Job done.
  13. Florida School Shooting

    Whatever, but the fact is that neither the US government nor ours can protect the population from anyone determined to wreak death. At the Aurora cinema mass shooting there were 2 off duty serving police officers in the audience, both armed, yet they failed to prevent the deaths of 12 people because they were confused as to what exactly was happening and didn't want to risk opening fire. Most US states subscribe to the "Castle" doctrine which is a modern version of the ancient "An Englishman's home is his castle"principle. Under this, Americans are legally entitled to shoot someone entering their home with malicious intent and without fear of prosecution. Whatever our Guardian reading BBC & Channel Four worshipping liberal elite might think about gun owners, the stats show that home invasions are less prevalent in states with a high percentage of guns in private hands. The trick is to ensure that guns don't get into the wrong hands and that seems to be impossible, with or without gun laws. If I lived in the US you can bet your socks I'd have a handgun or a pump at home for protection, but I feel no need here. This latest shooting seems to have been both predictable and avoidable and as with Dunblane, if law enforcement agencies had been on the ball neither atrocity would have happened. Technically known as a failure of communication!
  14. Florida School Shooting

    Yes, but it was you who brought up the subject of our government "protecting" us.
  15. Florida School Shooting

    Well therein lies another misconception. Government, and by that I presume you mean police and military, are simply not able to protect the population. That's why these mass killings and terror attacks happen. We're rendered defenceless by our own government who've given in to pressure from the police and the metropolitan media leaving a situation where I for example cannot defend myself, my family or your my property without fear of arrest and prosecution, yet outside office hours the nearest functioning police station is 10 miles away. Just a couple of weeks ago a guy round the corner was woken at night by banging and crashing which proved to be his van being broken into by 3 thieves using hammers and crowbars to smash their way in. He called the police, who arrived 25 minutes after the ****** had driven off in what proved to be a stolen car and the very first thing the Sergeant did was demand to know why the homeowner was holding a baseball bat and the 2nd thing he did was to inform the owner he'd be arrested if it had been used. D'you get my point???