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  1. Westward

    Alan Sugar tweet

    I have no doubt Sugar would be just as kindly and considerate to people from other countries and ethnic minorities as he is to "Anglo Saxons", (as am I BTW). For as long as I can remember, the gentle art of taking the rise out of others has been a constant aspect of life but, speaking for myself I do have boundaries, they just aren't the same boundaries as the bleeding heart, humourless commentators, activists and diversity mafia who want to ban everything they disagree with or which they think might offend someone. I went out to work at 16 in a factory full of ex servicemen who'd fought the Nazis and everyone was treated the same whether they liked it or not. It's character building and, frankly speaking, those self styled metropolitan elite sitting in judgement on everyone else offend me every time they chip away another piece of my historic freedoms. I'm never knowingly rude to anyone but I'm also not prepared to stroke people's sensitivities just because it's trendy. I grew up in a world where giving and taking "stick" from your mates and siblings was normal; it was the same for just about everyone. These days it's called bullying when poor little Oscar gets called a girl because he's got long hair or little Harmony gets called butterfingers because she can't catch a ball.
  2. Westward

    Alan Sugar tweet

    Alan Sugar, like many of us, is from a generation when you could speak freely without a tidal wave of condemnation from papers like The Grauniad who exist in a state of being perpetually poised on the verge of outrage, waiting for someone to say something they don't like, just so that they can publicly attach a label and condemn it. I don't consider Sugar's comment to be racist but it is quite funny, albeit slightly offensive.
  3. Westward

    Any car (4x4) dealers on here?

    Go to WEBUYANYCAR and whatever they offer treble it. 🤣
  4. Westward

    Lanber serial number

    I think Spanish guns use the same date coding as Italian and that system existed before Lanber did. It's not done with the serial number so have a look on the barrels for a 2 letter stamp. It may be on it's own or incorporated with the proofing mark.
  5. Westward

    Led up the garden path....

    I'm not sure either. Everyone from Mark "We're doomed" Carney downwards was predicting instant economic catastrophe the moment we voted leave at the referendum. Carney still talks down the economy at every possible opportunity and contrives odd and unverifiable nonsense stats like every household is £900 a year worse off because of Brexit. As for Boris, It was the figure of £350 million that was wrongly called a lie. It's immaterial that it was stated by Boris.
  6. As far as I know Kodensha built 101s have a flat butt rather than curved which means you have various grind to fit pads to choose from. Isis probably are the best and the non adjustable ones come in various thicknesses. There are several others such as Kickeze (Google is your friend). These types of pad are not difficult to fit if you have access to a belt sander and a few basic tools.
  7. Westward

    Led up the garden path....

    When Boris said that the £350M per week was money that we would be free to spend on things like the NHS he made a silly mistake, not because the figure was lie but because it was then interpreted by the left as a commitment to increase NHS spending by £350M per week. Although it's an obvious subterfuge and a deliberate misinterpretation, the haters can now claim that Boris and the Leavers lied - even though they didn't. According to my calculator the £19 billion we contribute annually to the EU amounts to £365 million per week. As the 2nd largest nett contributor to the EU slush fund we get back around £10 billion per year in subsidies etc., so therefore when the decree nisi is absolute, and assuming London continues the same level of subsidies as Brussels, the nett gain to the public finances will be about £173 million each week. No one lied about this except those who claimed that Boris promised an extra £350m per week to the NHS.
  8. Westward

    Electric Car performance

    Mind boggling supercar performance (and pricing). Bit of a step up from the Sinclair C5. 😉
  9. Westward

    Led up the garden path....

    Well America has always taken the stance of: "We stand for democracy and God help anyone who gets in our way" But at least Obama was elected in an approximately democratic fashion. Who elected Junker or Tusk or Barnier? Why does the EU need 2 presidents? Why has it proved impossible to successfully audit the EU accounts? Mikhail Gorbachev said that he was amazed that these people are trying to re-create the Soviet Union in Europe. I can see exactly what he meant.
  10. Westward

    Led up the garden path....

    I always liked Farage's description of the people that fill parliament, government and the EU as "career politicians" by which he means they lack any real experience of life and as a result, simply don't see things the same way as people who live normal lives. Theresa May has created a wholly avoidable shambles of the Brexit negotiations simply because neither she nor anyone in the government has the first idea how to conduct detailed negotiations. They all operate like a bunch of clueless time warp students, talking endlessly in abstracts and concepts whilst simply not comprehending that the only real issue on the table for Brussels is MONEY, specifically our money. Any experienced business person would have known that from the start and used it as a stick to beat Barnier with. Instead, the buffoon Davis has gone in there, cap in hand, trying to please everyone and, predictably, ended up pleasing no one. The only small consolation is that Corbyn and his bunch of mentally challenged stooges would have been 10 times worse.
  11. Westward

    L200 radio

    Not at all familiar with the L200 but it's often possible to upgrade modern infotainment systems simply by plugging in the appropriate SD card. As an example there's a certain German make who charge an extra £5-600 for the nav option which consists of an SD card available on auction sites for £50.
  12. Westward

    Land Rover to move to Slovakia

    Whilst I've never been tempted to buy a Discovery I can now say that it's 100% certain that I never will be. There are plenty of manufacturers who don't produce in the EU yet compete perfectly well despite the protectionist import duty. I appreciate it's a different topic but the import tariffs only serve to boost the gross margins of the firms based in the EU and do absolutely nothing to reduce prices for the consumer. You only have to compare pricing of equivalent spec Japanese cars v Euro cars to see how comprehensively we get ripped off by the likes of JLR, BMW, Merc, Ford, French stuff, Audi, VW etc. etc. etc.
  13. Westward

    Environmental question....

    Tesla may be state of the art with EVs but the majority of people are buying cars with a new price of £15-25K. What sort of EV is available at that price point that can transport a family on a 250 mile trip to the Lakes? Come to that, how many hybrids at that price point? A more typical EV is the Leaf. The latest mid range model is £26K and up with a range of 235 miles and a charge to 80% in 40minutes. Sorry but not really much use for that trip to the Lakes. IDK if the quoted price includes the idiotic government grant for what they mistakenly describe as a zero emission car. As for battery life, it's a provable fact that it's dependant of the number of charging cycles and the type of charging cycle. As with phones keeping the battery between 60% & 90% extends the life significantly, but even the cleverest software in the world can only slow the inevitable and ultimately terminal deterioration in performance.
  14. Westward

    Environmental question....

    It would help if politicians, scientists, and campaigners would try a positive approach to solving the issues rather than the relentlessly negative one of constantly blaming motor vehicles. Electricity generation is by far the largest source of air pollution. Transport, which includes trains, buses, ships and aircraft as well as cars and commercials, is responsible for less than a quarter.
  15. Westward

    Environmental question....

    Water vapour, like steam, is invisible like all the other gases in the atmosphere. Clouds are minute drops of water produced when climate conditions cause water vapour to condense. As to Ditchies OP, as far as I can work out there is no way, either now or for the foreseeable, to move people and things around that doesn't have an adverse effect on the environment. What would help would be for the EV loving greenies and the global warming industry to understand that electricity generation is massively polluting and, thanks to China, India, Brazil and several other "Developing" countries, is getting rapidly worse rather than steadily better - as is the case with internal combustion engines. Make electricity clean, quadruple the productive capability to cover peak demand, produce high capacity batteries that are low in cost, light in weight with rapid charge time and at least a 10 year lifespan and EVs might start to make sense. Until then power units like Mazda's Skyactive X petrol engine with a thermal efficiency very close to electric (on the market in 2019) make a lot of sense.