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  1. Equal opportunity, equal treatment, equal rights, equal pay etc. etc etc., across all sectors of society and all minorities - no matter how small - is the way we live today. Anyone who feels so inclined can invent a bonkers new minority, publicise it on social media and bingo, anyone who doesn't cooperate is potentially a criminal. Unfortunately there's a price to pay in that it leads to social instability and inter group friction on a scale never seen before. Life was so much more balanced when different cultural, ethnic or gender groups accepted the fundamental rules of the culture the
  2. Westward


    Successive BBC Chairpersons, in repeatedly claiming that the BBC makes an important contribution to our way of life, display not only recidivist Victorian arrogance but their sheer hubris is eye watering. The BBC is simply an entertainment organisation and one which, during my lifetime, has transformed itself from a national broadcaster of quality and impartiality into a purveyor of junk TV shows, left wing propaganda and dumbed down content, presented by the likes of Packham and Heap, aimed at either children or grownups who don't have adult brains. (e.g. Countryfile). I am about t
  3. Westward


    The topic is the BBC specifically, but I'm not kidding myself about other TV stations. Channel 4 with their "Right On" PC agenda and sickeningly left wing metropolitan liberal news presenters and correspondents is, if anything, more biased than the BBC. ITV news is marginally better but hardly even handed and the awful unfunny little twerp Tom Bradby who usually presents it has to be the most irritating person on TV. Most evenings in our house someone asks: "Anything on TV tonight"? and the answer is almost always: "Nope, just the usual mix of soaps, trashy reality stuff and rubbish game
  4. Westward


    I have no wish to fund an organisation that does a better job of being the official opposition than the Kier Smarmer's Labour crowd. News is news, opinion and propaganda is something else entirely, especially when it's as blatant as sneering at the Union Flag, but the BBC appears to not realise this! Roll on Andrew Neil's new channel.
  5. He probably get off lightly claiming to have had a "difficult" childhood.
  6. Don't hold your breath. The eye watering arrogance of the PCCs and Chief Officers by which they perceive themselves as better placed to decide how they should operate than the people they are tasked with serving absolutely beggars belief!
  7. Now that the police have decide that law breakers are low priority, apart that is from people "transgressing" the lockdown rules, the yobs are having a field day. Until someone, i.e. the Home Secretary, instructs the police to do what the public expects of them, law and order will continue to deteriorate. Their self appointed mission to "Protect the public" is, by definition, unachievable from behind a computer screen, and until such time as they stop being a virtual police force and return to being visible on the streets, things will never improve.
  8. Possibly the same chip as Malibu Meg.
  9. How does one pronounce the title Ms if talking on the phone one of the new age women who think the title Mrs defines them in some obscure sense? Trust me, life is too short to stuff a mushroom.
  10. Westward


    Make sure you use plastic spacers under the sleepers or the sleepers will rot out long before the decking. Ask me how I know.😁
  11. I know how it works, but there are ways to avoid losing your house in such a situation. Everyone setting up in business needs to consider carefully whether they need liability and/or consequential loss insurance.
  12. As I said above, more often than not it's the secured preferential creditors such as banks who will only accept your house as full security that can shut you down and make you homeless. Failing to have adequate liability insurance is a different subject and the directors can be and often are, sued personally even if it's Ltd company.
  13. Your home is only at risk if it's used to guarantee a loan. A Ltd company only limits liability to commercial creditors but banks are preferential creditors and you can still lose your home. Remember that banks will happily lend you an umbrella when the sun's shining but they usually want it back when it rains. If your business is primarily trading your time and knowhow rather than trading in goods then sole trader makes sense until you get into higher rate tax. At that point talk to a tax accountant about the pros and cons of going Ltd.
  14. I must be a philistine but I just don't get paying that kind of money a for mid range gun with added bling. I'd rather have a pre loved SO5.
  15. aka the Gordon Brown method!
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