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  1. Westward

    Theresa May's speech today

  2. Westward

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Henry. As I said once before: Life's too short to argue with lefties, but just this once let me point out that Migration Watch data is from the Office of National Statistics.
  3. Westward

    Theresa May's speech today

    She's talked herself into a corner so all she can do is hope the other guy blinks first. Should have done it 2 years ago.
  4. Westward

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    There is of a big difference between racism and a general sense of loss through witnessing the erosion of a culture one has known since birth, due to an influx of large numbers of people with a completely different cultural and/or religious heritage. It's not about exact percentages or detailed stats and it's not about colour either. It's about funding and dealing with the pressures from a rapid increase in the population and the resulting vast increase in demand for all kinds of services and facilities often from people who are a net drain on the economy. Here in Britain we've accepted immigrants for hundreds of years, heck we're probably all descended from immigrants, but never in history have we had to accept the enormous numbers we've been coping with over the last 15 -20 years. I would take an educated guess that more people have migrated to this country in the last 10 years than over the whole of the previous 1,000 years. It's not about being anti foreigner, it's about both the numbers and that fact that so many immigrants have no wish to integrate. Instead they bring their own societal values and demand that we accept them and their culture and then expect all our societal values and culture be made available to them. In other words they are here purely for what they can get out of this country. The liberal elite and the champagne socialists like Blair or Corbyn or the BBC can bang on all they like about how wonderful it is that Britain today is a multicultural society, but what they ignore is that it's been forced on us, whether we wanted it or not, by successive governments and of course that great bastion of democracy (Not!) the EU.
  5. Westward

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Surprisingly there are many countries other than England where English, or a version of it, is a first language. I remember many years ago in a factory in Cumbernauld travelling 5 floors in a lift with 2 cleaners who talked to each other constantly the whole way and I didn't make out a single word of English.😛
  6. Westward

    Beretta white onyx

    All 686/687 and post 2000 682 variants use exactly the same action although some were assembled in the custom shop. There were so many Silver Pigeon versions up until the current SP-1 came out that it's hard to be specific, but in general the post 2004 SP sporters had the lighter Optima barrels but strangely, in the UK, the White Onyx sporter, like the game version, had Mobil barrels despite the fact that they fitted Optimas to the WO everywhere else in the world. Optima barrelled 6XX models had slightly different fitting forend wood but otherwise the stocks are readily interchangeable - should you feel the need to change. The White Onyx sporter didn't sell well because it came along at the same time as the original 686E (pre EVO) which had exactly the same paper specs as the WO and cost about the same but was built in the custom shop alongside the 682 Gold E. The White Onyx is a 686 Beretta. It has it's own unique styling but, as long as you compare sporters with sporters or game game with game, that's the only difference from contemporary Mobil barrelled 686 Silver Pigeons.
  7. Westward

    Greenstuff Pads

    Finally got around to fitting them a couple of weeks ago. The discs were in very good shape with minimal wear on the front ones and almost none on the rear, so I didn't replace them. The pads slotted in without problems and there was even a sachet of slider grease enclosed in the box. Nice touch! The pads have a special surface layer to condition the discs as part of the bedding in and after a couple of hundred miles gentle braking followed by a few heavier slow downs to finish off I'm left very pleased with how they perform. IDK if the ultimate stopping power is any better but the brakes certainly feel more linear and controlled. I do a lot of miles on country roads and you just never know what you might meet round the next bend...🚜
  8. What will she use it for... Field, clays or both?
  9. Westward

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Really? You sure you're not referring to Edinburgh? From 2001 to 2016 the UK population grew by around 4.5 million. Of this it has been calculated that 82% is due to migration and made up from a combination of: (1) a net migration figure of 58%, plus: (2) offspring born to migrants. Of course these are only the migrants we actually know about because they came here "legitimately". From my own observations I would suggest the likelihood that the majority are in and around London with a progressive reduction in numbers the further north you travel. My brother in law recently spent a week or so in Kingston Hospital (Surrey not Jamaica). Once inside the building it's hard to imagine that you're even in England, never mind a smart area of Surrey.
  10. Westward


    Coincidentally we've just been to Sainsbury's and I was wrong, there are 3 huge unavoidable puddles, the biggest of which is spread right across the front of the trolley park. With my wife recovery from recent surgery I took the shopping through the checkout. When I got there the assistant was deep in conversation with the previous punter so I started to place my shopping on the conveyor. She finally acknowledged my presence then, to my annoyance, began to rearrange the positioning of my shopping instead of starting to run it through. In fact she waited until I'd emptied my trolley, then pulled out a bottle of water from under the till and started to drink it. With my wife less than 100% I decided not say anything to the assistant, but my wife who goes there regularly could see that I was seething and later she explained that everyone knows what an old cow that particular assistant is and that's why there was no queue at her checkout. I can't be bothered to complain to the manager who probably won't do anything positive like send the woman for retraining because the new Aldi will be about 300 yards from Sainsbury's and I'll let nature and the laws of commerce do what they do to poorly run businesses.
  11. Westward


    I can't believe anyone enjoys the experience of supermarket shopping. I know I don't and the quicker we can get out again the better. Many of the staff in Tesco locally have worked there for years and are so bored stiff they wouldn't move fast if a bomb went off, but it's often the side issues that irritate. Sure aisle blocked by cages, poor stock management and no sign ever of a store manager keeping an eye on things like they do in Waitrose are all annoying but in our Tesco the car park is a disgrace. The store opened about 31 years ago and the car park is on a very slight gradient. When the store is busy it's often the case that the only spaces left to park are near the bottom. To the best of my knowledge, whilst they may occasionally sweep the pedestrian pathways, the car park has never been thoroughly cleaned and in consequence all the dust and fallen leaves accumulate at the bottom every time it rains. They also didn't allow for drainage so on a day like today, when it get busy, people will have to park in 2 inches of slurry. The local Sainsbury's isn't much better because on wet days the people who are sensible enough to park well away from the madhouse which is the main parking area, are confronted with a huge puddle which they have to walk through since there's no dry way around it. Our 2 big local stores need to shape up and copy the approach of Aldi & Lidl which is not simply to sell at better prices, but to properly manage their businesses. Otherwise they will get eaten alive when Aldi comes to town later this year..
  12. Westward


    There's a long history to agricultural subsidies. When I was a little kid the prices of things like potatoes, eggs and milk tended to vary with the seasons. Supply and demand and all that. So the government created "Marketing Boards", the point of which was to to stabilise shop prices for these foods by guaranteeing farm gate prices. In other words selective subsidies. The Egg Marketing Board for example bought all the eggs produced, graded them, stamped them with a "lion" mark and sold them on to the shops at predetermined prices. Potatoes and milk were handled similarly. Gradually though, the government worked out that all that was really needed was to give farmers money according to what they produced. Every country in the western world subsidises agriculture because it would be political suicide to let food prices reach their natural level.
  13. Westward

    The "Find Maddy Fund"

    It strikes me that it must be incredibly difficult to conceal a body permanently in unfamiliar surroundings and hide what you've done from your friends with whom you're holidaying. The idea that the McCanns were responsibility for the presumed death their own daughter and disposal of her body seems pretty far fetched and I just don't buy it. But I do think they must carry a massive burden of guilt over leaving the children unattended and only checking on them periodically. It seems the initial police operation relating to the crime scene was hopelessly incompetent and the local cops must know this. IMO lashing out at the McCanns was a form of blame transference because the huge media coverage meant they had to be seen to be doing something other than running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It's all desperately sad but there are other equally sad cases that don't get the same level of attention. Perhaps that's why there's a degree of anti the McCanns attitude out there.
  14. Westward


    I'll be interested to see if Jack's applies the Aldi/Lidl business model of minimal staff who actually work as opposed to the mainstream supermarkets where the staff attitude seems very casual most of the time. I wouldn't think the typical checkout staff at Tesco, Sainsbury's etc. would last 5 minutes in Aldi or Lidl so we'll have to wait and see how they get on with Jack's. We've started looking at Aldi because they're building one in our town which already has Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury and Co-op and the suggestion that their products are junky hasn't been our experience. If you shop selectively and take the trouble to find out how to spend less for the same quality purchases you can cut the weekly bill by quite a lot. Houmous is a case in point and is literally half the price yet indistinguishable from Tesco's offering.
  15. Westward

    Tesla one year on

    As one of the vast majority who wouldn't spend 80K on any vehicle for my personal transport, I'm left wondering where it's all going. Top Gear keep reviewing electric supercars with 10 zillion horsepower and acceleration that flattens your eyeballs but I don't judge a car on whether or not it's faster round the nurburgring than a Lamborghini. I'm more interested in a car that's not only nice to drive but also has the practicality for daily use, the ready availability of fuel and the usual home comforts we expect with modern cars. Until battery technology exists to increase the range to at least 500 miles and overcome the performance degradation that occurs every charge cycle - something we all recognise with our phones - and stop pretending that electricity is "clean energy", I will continue to avoid electric cars.