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  1. Zen internet seem to regularly top the polls for value and they answer the phone with a techie who's first language is English. I made one call early on which answered a query but otherwise I haven't needed to contact them. I changed to them from the PO last year and no regrets. They don't do any of the sales tricks the big names play over low cost fibre etc with their cunning 18 month contracts. Zen simply charge £29.99/ month including line rental for standard fibre (40Mbit download which is plenty enough for me) and they guarantee to never increase the price. How good is that? They do apply call charges if you make calls on the landline though but we make calls with mobiles in our house.
  2. I had a Mazda CX-5 when my 3 was in for service. For the life of me I can't see the point. It's based on the 3 platform so there's no more usable space either inside or in the boot. All it's got is a bit more headroom and ground clearance. So you pay a £5K premium over the great handling 3 for a flabby SUV with no more space and no more gadgets. Why?
  3. Westward

    1917 film

    The infantry carried the bolt action short magazine Lee-Enfield and the standard issue clip held 5 rounds. I'm not a rifle man but I believe it could also take a 10 round clip.
  4. I knew John Batley around 25 years ago when he lived near Painswick with his family. My youngest was school pals with his child. At the time he was having a cottage conversion done out at Much Markle and we helped them move house. There were several extra bedrooms in the house as he was planning to host pigeon shooting weekends. I don't know if it worked out as we didn't stay in touch, but years later I learned he was chairman of the Gun Trade Association and AFAIK he still is.
  5. I wonder how many of today's drivers and magazine road testers understand how to use the gearbox to drive a n/a engine properly. If you grow up with diesels and turbos, a n/a engine can seem lifeless and sluggish if you're used to a car that can pull from 1,000 rpm in 4th gear. It's so much more engaging to actually drive the car rather than just operate it.
  6. Westward

    Tv programs

    Whereas I think the opposite. Keeler was told about the program before she died and apparently requested that it didn't portray her as a victim - which it doesn't. I remember the news coverage at the time and the press didn't describe her back then as a prostitute or call girl, all the nasty assumptions and Keeler hate came much later. Yes she was a silly young scrubber, dazzled by the attention she got from a range of men varying from peers of the realm at one end all the way to drug smoking bottom feeders. But she wasn't a prostitute and hopefully the program will leave the viewers clear about that.
  7. I couldn't agree more but this is someone who gets his clothes from charity shops and boot sales and hardly ever turns on the heating except when someone visits - and even then it's only on in the sitting room. In his case it's not so much thick as he's a talented man. 40 years earning a fortune at the BBC designing special effects for shows like Dr Who. It's probably a sort of OCD as he'd rather put up with discomfort and inconvenience than write a cheque. I'm not sure if he even has any cards as I've never seen his wallet, in fact I'm not sure if he even has a wallet.
  8. My B-I-L is a bit eccentric, especially when it comes to spending money. He has very deep pockets and very, very short arms. He stayed for a week over Christmas and went home to his £1.5 million pound home near Hampton Court with exactly the same amount of money he arrived with. The Prairie recently picked up an unrepairable windscreen chip. It took a week for Autoglass to find a replacement as there were only 4 left in the country. They even suggested it might not be economically sensible to fork out for a new windscreen on a 31 year old car but he insisted. It needs a new exhaust but there's no one still making them so his garage keep patching it up. The rubber door seals have gone hard and rain gets in so the footwells are always soaking wet. There's probably more but I haven't looked very closely at the thing. He's a low mileage driver who spends hundreds of pound every year getting it bodged up and of course £240 ish on road tax when it only worth scrap value, yet he won't entertain a more modern car until it either dies or fails MOT.
  9. Yep. When they came up with the bonkers idea of little or no tax on low emissions cars it was obvious there'd come a time when the total tax raised would start falling. Consequently the whole mad scheme is gradually reverting. For example my 15 plate 2 litre petrol car is still only £30 p.a. but if it was a 2019 build the tax would be £140. Who on earth comes up with these crazy systems? My slightly "touched" brother in law, despite being by far the wealthiest person in the family, drives a clapped out and leaking1988 Nissan Prairie, for which privilege he pays more road tax each year than the car is worth but still much less than a typical modern SUV, despite emitting more pollutants than all the other cars in his road added together.
  10. We don't want them here now thanks but it's irrelevant anyway as the Wicked Witch of the West is bound to force Harry to move to Kalifornistan as soon as his green card comes through.
  11. I don't understand your point here. The Westminster parliament comprises elected representatives from the whole UK. As with everywhere else in the UK, the number of members from Scotland is more or less in proportion to the population. Quite how that is perceived as a foreign government is beyond me. Many years ago I lived in Scotland for a couple of years and even then the level of ignorance about (and disinterest in) any other region of the UK and the ingrained parochial attitude - particularly toward Westminster - was really quite stunning. There was an ever present undercurrent of a kind of collective paranoia that Scotland was always handed the dirty end of the stick. No one that I spoke to could ever produce any actual examples but it's being regurgitated now with the ludicrous comments about Westminster being a "foreign government". When the referendum was coming up in 2014, I saw that paranoia taken to a whole new level of raw hostility. One commentator was even claiming that London and the south east were channelling away the national wealth to enrich themselves at Scotland's expense. How ignorant can people really be? The reality is pretty much the opposite; it's actually London's wealth generation that supports the rest of the UK. At about 10% of the population, Greater London is roughly the same size as Scotland, yet is responsible for about 30% of GDP. London is in fact the only region of the UK that contributes more to the economy than it receives back in public spending. The truth of the matter is that Scotland does a lot better out of being in the UK than the UK does from having Scotland in it.
  12. An elected parliament in Westminster comprising many Scottish MPs and a recent government dominated by Scots, including the Prime Minister, is hardly comparable with an unelected bureaucracy made up of numerous nationalities and based in a foreign country.
  13. The SNP was created in the 1950s to campaign for independence; a sort of early template for UKIP and, like UKIP, it's a 1 trick pony. What wee Crankie doesn't get (or doesn't want get) is that the SNP gets lots of additional votes because it's left wing experiments enable it to commandeer votes that used to go to Labour, but it doesn't mean that most Scots want independence.
  14. Great news! Now lets scrap Barnett formula which is heavily weighted to favour Scotland and set up fair and equable system for the UK wide disbursement of public spending.
  15. The ultra high compression non turbo 2ltr Skyactiv petrol engine in my Mazda is rated at 120bhp in every market including America where the standard fuel is 87 octane. BBR who tune Mazdas, dyno tested the engine with 99 octane at 138bhp. Believe me the difference is noticeable in both performance and mpg. I can get over 55 mpg with careful driving.
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