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  1. Westward

    14 million in poverty

    Whereas there's no one in this country apart from the homeless, anywhere close to living in the kind of poverty experienced by countless millions of rural Chinese.
  2. Westward

    14 million in poverty

    "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of the miseries". Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
  3. Westward

    14 million in poverty

    But do you know of any country where socialism has worked?
  4. Westward

    14 million in poverty

    But it's not easy to fix is it? I do not believe the education system is heavily flawed or heavily skewed toward the middle classes. What I do think is that the problem lies fairly and squarely in the mindset of young people, their parents and often their grandparents, all of whom typically hail from certain areas that exist in most towns and cities, that education is not vitally important.
  5. Westward

    14 million in poverty

    Do you mean fat cats like say R Branson. Britain's favourite entrepreneur who cosied up the Blair and Co? Anyone know where he got the name Virgin from? Think tax havens...
  6. Westward

    14 million in poverty

    And that is a point well worth making. Almost everyone in this country has the opportunity to get an education, despite what the political opportunists claim, and for those who don't do well at school there are apprenticeships, training places and any number of employers offering opportunities to have a decent job. I personally know 2 brothers who were given places on a 6 month trial at Delphi, offered to a few young people for whom the education system didn't work out. One of them has realised how important the opportunity is and will be placed on their apprenticeship scheme but unfortunately his brother who turned up late and showed little interest is now on the dole, working for cash with his mother's boyfriend and smoking weed. One brother is destined to have a proper salary and a decent life, the other will most probably end up bumping along and drifting from one poorly paid job to the next. More pertinently, the loser brother and any dependents he might acquire in life will undoubtedly be included in the poverty stats without it being in any sense the fault of government nor will it be something the government can fix. Is it the case that poorer people generally have a lower standard of education because they're poorer (as the socialists are always claiming) or are they poorer because they have a lower standard of education? I know what I think...
  7. Westward

    Mini One

    I'd run just about any other small car rather than a Mini (except a Fiat Panda of course!). Very few Mini owners buy another one 2nd time around.
  8. Westward

    Budget tires

    Hankook is one of about 3 South Korean made tyres. I've been running on Nexen tyres - which are also S Korean - in 215/45 x18 for about 7 months. Cost about 50-65% of the big name brands and so far seem very good. Ride is better than the Proxies that were there before and grip/wear seem about the same.
  9. Westward

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    I went from a Miroku to a Beretta, then added another Beretta and then another. A few years ago after trying several CGs in various configurations, I dumped the Berettas and bought a CG Challenger. There are still a few people around who think CGs are just tarted up Rizzinis but they aren't. They are thoroughly sorted guns, well built, beautifully fitted and finished and really nice to shoot - and there are some high mileage ones out there still being shot week in week out at registered sporting.
  10. Westward

    They shall not grow old

    Brilliant film. I was half expecting it to be as biased and misleading as the ridiculously inaccurate "100 days to victory" which the BBC showed a couple of weeks ago, but instead it was well balanced and objective. Very graphic in places but that's no bad thing IMO. One thing that struck me was that there was little or no moaning from the men about their officers & NCOs or their situation apart from complaining that during their "rest" periods they had to do labouring tasks most of the time and got very little rest.
  11. Westward

    They shall not grow old

    I agree with your point that officers had a relatively far higher casualty rate than enlisted men. The number of brigadiers generals killed was, IIRC, 87. But i have to point out that the "lions led by donkeys" quote is actually attributed to a discussion between Lundendorff and Hoffman in 1916. It was the heavily biased "historian" Alan Clark who brought it into later parlance when he set out to blame the generals, especially Haig, for - as he saw it - unnecessarily sacrificing 100s of thousands of lives. The reality is that once the german spring offensive had been halted in August 1918, primarily by the 5th army, Haig was the right general at the right time to launch the counter offensive using the 4th & 5th armies. From 1916 on Haig had been instrumental in utilising new methods and revised tactics which enabled him to beat the far larger german forces by fighting a mobile campaign which allowed the germans no respite from virtually continuous assaults. A tactic which not only prevented the germans from creating effective defensive positions but also disrupted their ability to maintain essential war supplies. For those truth seekers out there I strongly recommend reading "Mud, Blood and Poppycock" by Gordon Corrigan. It comprehensively refutes the popular held beliefs and the propaganda from assorted sources from war poets to historians that WWI was all about 100s of thousands of naive volunteers being slaughtered in a futile cause, whilst stupid and uncaring officers sat safely in their chateaux, miles behind the lines, smoking and drinking brandy.
  12. Westward

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    If only Corbyn could be as respectful... It beggars belief when you think that the majority of the casualties would have been Labour supporters yet this sack of **** turns up in an anorak whilst wearing what appear to be someone else's trousers, his tie not straight, no visible poppy and he couldn't even be bothered to clean his shoes.
  13. Westward

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    I'm not sure it's as simple as laziness, I'd say it's a lack of work ethic rippling down the generations and leaving people mired in a cycle of low expectations thanks to poor or absent role models and a lack of understanding within the household that education matters. Compared with 40 or 50 years ago we've evolved a stratum of society who have no visible signs of ambition or any apparent desire to progress to anything better in life if it takes effort or commitment. The areas of the country which used to be called 'working class' are largely populated by people who don't feel very inclined to do much working if they can get enough stuff whilst parked on the sofa watching trash TV. Those who wish to get on in life are a different breed and I know plenty - including my sons - who put in long hours and give up Sundays etc. to get to the airport so as to be at work 1st thing Monday in another country. I also know too many single parents who minimise their working hours in order to get maximum benefits and plenty of time off to go away for weekends with the "partner" who parks the car round the corner most nights so no one can prove they're co-habiting.
  14. Westward

    VW Golf rant

    And that's really the foul stinking smoke that older diesels pump out. Bad stuff that's known to contribute to a range of nasty medical conditions.
  15. Westward

    Grenfell Tower Bonfire Video

    There is a glimmer of hope that it may be dawning on the police that they've neglected what the public (whom they're supposed to serve!) wants of them and focussed too much on pleasing Guardian readers. https://news.sky.com/story/senior-police-officer-investigate-burglaries-and-violent-crime-not-misogyny-11541512