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  1. grrclark is correct. You are not entitled to see them. The ref can and often will refuse a request to see the pair if you've had an adequate opportunity to see them being shot. As a ref myself and also a shooter I will be lenient sometimes if there's a benefit in seeing the whole flight of the clay instead of just the up to the breakpoint. But that's where there's a difference between a ref and a scorer. Having said that I've seen numerous occasions where shooters have requested to see the pair and a young inexperienced scorer just goes along with it.
  2. There's a fixer in our town who'll remove a clamp with an angle grinder in about 4 minutes. DVLA had clamped a car down the lane which belonged to a local lad. That afternoon the clamp was lying in the road and the lad was handing over some cash to the fixer. He drove off smirking and reappeared next day with an old Transit instead which was also not taxed. There must be 10s and 10s of thousands of untaxed vehicles thanks to the crazy abolition of the tax disk. The risk of being caught must be miniscule.
  3. As above. If there are people shooting when you arrive at the stand it's your reponsibility to observe the targets. Same if you're with an informal squad and the stands have refs in place. If you're in a formal squad with a ref then the 1st person up can see a pair. (You're allowed to see 2 pairs if it's a simo pair stand).
  4. I also know quite a bit about childhood trauma thanks very much and there weren't any do-gooders around though back then. Yet here I am, clean record, never been involved with drugs or crime, I've never abused my children or anyone else's, never been violent, never been treated for mental health, had a decent career and have 3 successful grown up sons. As my wife frequently says about some of the kids having babies that my daughter in law supports in her job: "They should be sterilised right now before they go one to have more burdens on the taxpayer."
  5. Unfortunately and despite the Marxist inequality mantras of our socialist friends and the champagne socialists of Camden Town etc., dishing out more money and better housing usually doesn't produce positive results. You cannot build a house from the top down as the saying goes, but until the socialists come to realise that fact, they and their supporters will always attempt to solve every social problem by throwing money at it rather than addressing the real underlying causes. Don't attempt to lecture me about poverty. I've already got the T shirt.
  6. Oh dear. Playing the tired old "Poverty" card again. Nobody alive today in this country is living in real, unavoidable, inescapable poverty. Everyone has access to education which is the only reliable magic bullet to escaping from poverty. Feral children are not born, they're the product of useless parents (or parent more likely) who don't bring them up properly and don't care a hoot whether the children go to school or not and don't care where they go, who they're with or how late they stay out . Children who are raised in a proper home with proper standards, proper controls with boundaries and who are supported to progress at school and through FE do not carry knives and do not murder people. Instead they become proper citizens contributing to society and leading fruitful lives. This is true even for children raised in families living in abject poverty. My wife and my brothers-in-law are living proof of this. You'll never convince me that poverty automatically leads to poor life opportunities and crime. It's lousy, disinterested, selfish and uncaring parents that result in young people growing up with little education, little prospect of gainful employment - much less a career - and who, all too often, end up under the radar and involved with street gangs, drugs or other sub cultures. Frequently having children of their own to guarantee the continuation of the underclass down through the generations.
  7. I've no idea what the steel industry code is for the Excelsior steel but it's used on all the Beretta factory shotguns. They use the really fancy Boehler Antinit on the posh custom shop guns. I doubt if those guns have forged barrels, they likely have bored barrels like proper guns.
  8. I'm all for the police removing "offensive weapons" and taking action against those found in possession. However, my problem with the above is that a kid from the 'Hood' is going to be carrying a real weapon not a mini toolkit suitable for something like adjusting a hedgetrimmer. The really sad part is that the only outcome from their "weapons sweep" was to boast about taking someone's toolkit off the streets. Do they not realise that he's probably replaced his tools already. Regents Park Police need a good kick up the jacksie for this tomfoolery and be instructed to go and find some genuine weapons before acting like some bimbo from a reality TV show.
  9. Just for the record, "Steelium" is Beretta's newish buzzword for the process of cold hammer forging. The material is the same old Excelsior HSA steel they've used for yonks.
  10. If it takes Mobil chokes it's not overbored. Optima choke guns are overbored but not by a lot and the Beretta I had with them worked okay with fibres. Coley Gold Cup are available in fibre but I don't know the pricing. Mark Hazell in Wotton-u-edge sometimes has deals on Hull. Could be worth a look. As for the ground, it's an acquired taste as many of the permanent stands are in the woods or close to the banks and feel quite claustrophobic compared with most clay grounds. I used to shoot there every Thursday evening but with all the heavy investment that went in the prices went up a lot so I hardly ever shoot there now.
  11. As you're only in Bristol why not just rock up to Ian Coley's near Cheltenham and buy a thousand of their own brand Gold Cup shells. A high standard, full size, full weight package, made by Eley and not a by any stretch a budget product. They work well, look good and cost £195 in plastic and at that price I can't see the point in buying budget stuff from JC. Not sure about the price for fibres as I hardly ever shoot anywhere with wad restrictions. Plastic is smoother to shoot, usually cheaper, causes less leading in the bores and is the preferred choice of almost everyone shooting registered events.
  12. There are additives which condition the seals for hydraulic tappets. I can't recall the brand name but google will know and they do work. Old and tired seals don't hold the pressure well enough and you get the familiar sowing machine sound from the tappets. For general cleansing of the engine and restoring performance I've used BG44K many times and it's the best £20 tune up around.
  13. The ATA SP is a Beretta clone. The action is 90% Beretta like and very different from the Italian standard "Rizzini" type. The Supersport looks to have the same action but slightly different cosmetics. Where does it say it has a drop trigger?
  14. Me too. Never felt the least need to use anything else for years and years.
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