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  1. There's no such thing as police approved. There is a British Standard for gun cabinets which I believe is BS7668/92, but it's not even compulsory to have a cabinet at all, it just makes life easier to have what the police expect you to have. I've never been asked to prove my cabs meet any standards, the officer usually looks at it, gives it a couple of yanks to check it's fixed and that's it, job jobbed.
  2. They'll all have to do this or something similar. Can't be that hard in today's world to make the thing secure. I don't drive a high value prestige vehicle so I'm not especially worried, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Some car makers are looking into ways to automatically turn off the permanent signal when not needed but right now, the key constantly emits a weak radio signal and the car is always listening for it. When the key is within a metre or so of the car, they link up like a sort of Bluetooth pairing and the door buttons become active for locking/unlocking. The keyless system and the conventional remote lock/unlock using the fob buttons control the same set of door locks but operate independently of each other. As you mentioned, the fob buttons only transmit a radio sequence when the buttons are pressed. Auto locking is turned off on my car, tried it for a while, didn't like it. Sometimes I lock with the fob button, sometimes the door button but I can still unlock by either method whichever way it was locked.
  4. Just realised I've got a steel, lockable Avery key safe thingy which I could fit to the wall. Much easier than the gun safe. No idea what most of the keys in there actually fit anyway so a clear out wouldn't do any harm. p.s. BTW the keys to the gun safe are not kept in the key safe.
  5. I just tried that using an aluminium tin with a screw top. Holding the tin very close to the car I could still open the doors but not from a few inches away - and that's with a 14 month old battery. Clearly doesn't fully shield the signal so I suppose I'll have to pay up for a proper blocker.
  6. No. In fact it's exactly how mine works and just what the crims want. They use a signal relay box which detects the signal from the key fob in the house and boosts it so that the car thinks the key is in range. All the crim has to do then is press the button, open the door, start the engine and drive away. AFAIK the actual coding for the fob is held within the ECU, so again, with a suitable gizmo, the crims can instantly replicate the key fob. Bingo! After that it's straight into a shipping container and off to somewhere like Romania.
  7. My car has the dreaded keyless entry/start etc. which is a gift for the suitably equipped pro car thieves and whilst my car isn't likely to be high on their shopping list, it's still vulnerable to relay theft. So has anyone here made their own signal blocker? I was thinking of metal tin with a screw top or similar. Any DIY ideas welcomed.
  8. That has to beat working for living and - perish the thought - using their medical training to actually help the sick.
  9. Poll tax was certainly much fairer than taxing people simply on the relative value of their property. I'm not opposed to higher earners paying a higher rate of tax, I simply feel it's for HMRC to handle it nationally and that it's wrong at every level for local government to assess taxes using any observational assumption about wealth. The fact is a lot of people living in nicer or bigger homes got there by planning, budgeting and by being fiscally prudent, and compelling them to subsidise others, who in many cases have been less circumspect with their spending, is anathema to me.
  10. There aren't an older models of the F16 as it hasn't been around very long. The F3 has been around a while and yes the early ones had a few issues and updates but that was years ago. The only complaint I've heard about recent Blasers is with the finish. There's been some chatter about a change to the black finish being very fragile and prone to wear.
  11. When it comes to political argy-bargy, the "poor" are treated as an oppressed minority which is why no one makes any real attempt to eradicate benefits scroungers. The poll tax caused an outcry, principally from those who regarded themselves as "poor". At that time I was contracting for a local company working in the accounts department and one of the staff was railing against the poll tax so I asked her what the issue was. She said she was 23 and living at her parents council home with 2 adult brothers, all working. The previous year their rates had been £150 but now, with 5 adults in the house the total bill would be about £1500. So I mentioned to her that there is an old lady who lives alone in a bungalow next door to us who's been paying around £800 per year since ever. I was then informed by her that anyone who owned their own home deserved to pay the lion's share of the council rates. The poll tax was the only fair way to apply local taxation but with most councils dominated by the left and rent-a-mob in full cry it crashed and burned. The simple reality is: You can't educate pork!
  12. The 725 has the same pitting issues with the firing pins that they've always had with the older generation, but they've done nothing to fix it so I assume they've been in denial about it since the 70s. As for the weight, a mate's F16 sporter weighs 8lb 3oz so it's heavier than the 725 sporter and heavier than most Beretta 6xx series guns. The F16 game version is very light though, too light as a serious clays gun but great for carrying around. I would pick the F16 sporter over anything from Miroku/Browning and any of the Beretta 6xx series.
  13. Yep, I'm from W London and back when I was a kid we had real winter weather and unlike today, the entire population did not dissolve into panic over an inch of snow. The milk was the real stuff with cream at the top and often in winter it would freeze in the bottle and pop up the foil lid, exposing about an inch of cream. The blue tits loved it!
  14. Well it strikes me that there's no one anywhere who has much of a clue about how the infections will spread & develop or what action to take. Governments, whatever their stripe, have to rely on advice from people with appropriate expertise in order to make decisions but when the Chief Medical Officer says one thing and his deputy says another, it sounds like everyone's just groping. It's all very well reacting to an outbreak by locking down a city or a country but they will have to open the doors again sometime and what happens then?
  15. It became operational in January. The plant draws an enormous amount of electricity and had to have it's own supply from the substation at Ryeford, fed through Stonehouse and out towards M5 J12. To save money they laid underground cables along the roadside verge which caused havoc for months on a motorway access road. Whatever they say about filtration and clean burn etc I still feel sorry for the people living nearby. No doubt local property values have tanked. I don't know if it's a good thing or not. The district council is just about as honest as the average and probably just as steeped in hubris as most others so we'll never know the full facts about the comparative environmental impact.
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