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  1. To an extent I don't begrudge it either. What I do begrudge is when a single mother appears on TV, squealing about "Benefit Cuts" whilst having at least 10 piercings on her face and ears, undoubtedly paid for by Joe Soap the taxpayer one way or another, and at the same time rendering her virtually unemployable.
  2. The government should never have been so stupid as to dish out out the extra £20 at a time when everyone was spending less due to lockdown. Stunt politics at it's very worst IMO. It was always inevitable that when it came time to withdraw it the leftie media would be all over it, calling it a benefit cut and wheeling out an endless succession of single mothers, all claiming to be in dire financial straits.
  3. Products such as Teague titanium etc have rendered Mullers pretty pointless as their main USP was their weight advantage and that's disappeared. Teagues don't split either, not even in Berettas, so consequently there's no worthwhile market for them and therefore no one wants to distribute them. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a Muller choke in a gun.
  4. If you're looking at used 690s check the ejector type. Newer ones have conventional ejectors with normal reliability whereas older ones have the selectable extract/eject type and sooner or later they always give trouble unless you service them regularly.
  5. It's entirely normal to see double when an object such as a gun barrel (or a finger) is close to the eyes, but it's not normal to try to be aware of the gun/bead in your peripheral vision. Your eyes will always "see" the gun as it's a 3' chunk of steel right out in front - so stop trying to see the gun and soon your brain will sort it out so that you become aware of the gun and where it's pointing without it interfering with your view of the target. The point is that it's mistake to assume the gun is in your peripheral vision because it isn't, and since vision happens in the brain - eyes are just optical transducers - objects that are not the subject of focus are only partially visible unless you refocus on them. That holds true whether in the full or peripheral field of view. Peripheral vision is there to detect and assess movement, central vision provides colour and detail data for the brain to process.
  6. Drink Coca-Cola! Who would do that?
  7. From my own experience and that of both my son and brother in law, you get very good treatment from a main dealer, plus things like extended warranty, nav upgrades and a fully prepped and valeted car. My son was only one buying finance but in all our cases the pricing was just as good as typical internet listings and the cars had all been supplied new and serviced by the selling dealer. The main dealers were Mazda, Volvo and Nissan so I can't comment on the likes of Ford etc.
  8. If the business model is similar to the likes of Evans Halshaw they'll apply little to no mark up on the vehicle and derive their profits from selling the finance package. If that's the case they make it obvious that they do not like cash buyers and if you don't want finance you'll get better treated at a main dealer.
  9. The old chestnut of "It should shoot where you look" is just another shotgun myth that won't die. A shotgun, as opposed to a rifle, shoots where you point it and to be able to point it well the rib should be below the line of sight and within reason, it doesn't matter by how much as the brain can compensate. Lots of sporting shooters use trap guns for that exact reason and similarly, Guerinis are becoming ever more popular as they are higher in the stock than Beretta or Miroku sporters. Watch some top sporting shooters in action and see where their eye is relative to the rib. Virtually all are pointing the gun exactly the same way as they would point with a finger, in other words with the line of sight above the rib (or finger).
  10. Well... Not to put too finer point on it, few nations are more accomplished at stabbing their "allies" in the back than France
  11. I can't help but wonder what will happen a few years down the road when 80 or 90% of the cars are electric and we've killed off all the fossil fuel powered generation and we get a day like yesterday. For those who missed it there was little or no wind anywhere in the country, hence the wind turbines generating what the eco warriors etc. claim to be endless free energy, were unable to produce any electricity at all. Luckily we still have some coal and gas powered generation capability which was started up to save the day, albeit at a cost of over £20 million to the National Grid in startup and balancing costs.
  12. And then there's the E10 petrol cock up by the EU who we assume are about 10,000 times smarter than the loony greens. The 10% Bio fuel component is mostly refined from palm oil, the cultivation of which is responsible for the devastation of one of the world's greatest rainforests and home to everyone's favourite primate the orangutan.
  13. Perhaps we should stop talking about NI as if it's a special fund used to pay for things like social care. In reality it's just tax and it goes into the same piggy bank as all the myriad other ways the government uses to pick our pockets.
  14. I think you mean 95% of journeys rather than drivers and FWIW I agree, but I stand by my comments in earlier threads that the 2030 ban is unachievable and will slip to at least 2040. I've no idea how many households have to park on the street or in designated parking areas but it's a lot and charging points on street lights at 50 yard intervals is no solution. Last week, Mrs W and I drove to visit our new granddaughter. There is no charging facility within miles of where they live and they have no on property parking. The round trip, including diversions due to the current craze for road closures and roadworks, was over 250 miles. I've sent Boris a text asking him to explain how or when it's possible to make the trip in a Nissan Leaf but he hasn't answered yet.
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