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  1. probably pay for Khans 24/ 7 body guards, and the massive spending on nonsense he has authorised since he was voted in
  2. Hi All, I decided to strip this rifle down years ago to renew seals etc, and guess what lost the bolt and securing screw, any pointers to purchase replacement? oh and of course the seal kit!!! TIA
  3. As we all know there are some real BASC **** lickers on this forum, they know who they are, don't be swayed by their bias opinions, make your own mind up about Basc whether they truly represent the fieldsports community or accept members money to fuel their own ideologies whist on a nice wage and pension, having been betrayed once over the unproven reasons for the ban on lead in wildfowling, 20 years on we find another very similar scenario, No "judas john Swift " this time as he heads up the "LAG" !!!!!! but like minded Swift disciples, if you belong to one of these traitorous organisations to receive insurance cover whilst participating in your chosen past time, there are two options available, C3 country cover insurance, and the Scottish Gamekeepers Association who vigorously oppose the lead ban voluntary or not, and both Half the fees of the organisations that amazingly amalgamated on this latest ban yet could not on the General Licence fiasco months earlier, stay safe and happy hunting !!!!
  4. Here's a cryptic clue For you; Former BASC director john Swifts nickname, 8 letters...……... A_SEH_LE
  5. ……..and can vouch for the devastating use Fandango puts his 4 bore to on the foreshore at Geese ,stone dead at ranges a 12 or 10 bore could only dream of
  6. Sorry tried to post Ian Summerells video on the lead ban, well worth a look its on the tube under the heading "Ian looks at the history of banning Lead for shooting", a must watch
  7. Absolutely correct Bishop, the pogo stick skybusting numbers gang will finish wildfowling , and the bulk sat back and did nothing to stop it.
  8. Hi all, can anyone confirm or deny that BASC and CA have consented to a voluntary Lead ban from 2024, despite "No scientific evidence " as to the effects of lead shot, in fact a new report states that the rusting of steel shot in water is a far greater threat to marine life, anyone who does Facebook have a look at "Save our lead shot" group, Ian Summerell who started the group is a very well informed man , There are big rumours that certain people running Basc and the C A are our enemy within, and if you think this is not possible cast your mind back to a certain John Swift, the crock of **** who is heading the campaign to totally ban lead shot, Basc has recently removed its logo from the Lead ammunition group webpage, could this be for fear of upsetting its members and to distance itself from L.A.G but it is still involved at the L.A.G meetings, are we as Basc members contributing financially to our own downfall ?
  9. If the double 4 was an E.M.Reilly I know where it is , it could be or sale at 15k, from memory its a converted pin fire and weighs about 20lb
  10. is there another way then??
  11. I have a #3 that is Teague multi choked and steel shot proof, could be for sale , how would you price that in vgc?
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