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  1. Yes Please pm on Way.
  2. Rabbit numbers have definitely increased around my permissions.
  3. Yes please pm on way.
  4. tomquin

    Camo net

    PM inbound.
  5. Yes please. PM inbound.
  6. Yes please PM inbound.
  7. I could help if needed. Scottish Gamekeeper member and FAC holder. I have. 22 and .17 Hmr with mods.
  8. Browning Abolt complete set up for sale. Will Rfd.
  9. If you fancy a long drive to Scottish highlands I'm looking to sell my sako .270 with s&m scope and mod with sling. Also have other rifles for sale. Would swap for car or motorbike. Get in touch for more info.
  10. Pm Sent Mate I have 4 Rifles that im selling just now due to loosing permissions. .22 .17hmr .243 .270
  11. All sold. Thanks to everyone who enquired.
  12. Well if he is give me a shout. I can't think who it's.
  13. I Have 10 bore reloading gear im looking to sell. the gear includes a sm 84 press,Scales,roll turnover tool, powder trickler 6 tubs of powder,approx 1500 empty cases and wads and half a pale full of number 3 lead shot and around 100 primers. Plus loads of data sheets. Message me for pics by whats app or email. Im looking for £500 for everything. Not looking to split at the moment I would rather sell as job lot.
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