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  1. A mate of mine has had one for around 2 years now with no problems.
  2. Rabbit numbers have definitely increased around my permissions.
  3. Yes please. PM inbound.
  4. I could help if needed. Scottish Gamekeeper member and FAC holder. I have. 22 and .17 Hmr with mods.
  5. Browning Abolt complete set up for sale. Will Rfd.
  6. If you fancy a long drive to Scottish highlands I'm looking to sell my sako .270 with s&m scope and mod with sling. Also have other rifles for sale. Would swap for car or motorbike. Get in touch for more info.
  7. Pm Sent Mate I have 4 Rifles that im selling just now due to loosing permissions. .22 .17hmr .243 .270
  8. All sold. Thanks to everyone who enquired.
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