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  1. Knife blanks

    Try Dorset woodland blades on the web... duncan has a good range...
  2. Lefty’s needed

    Being a lefty has never been an issue... Unless you are shooting targets with a sling where your right arm is locked up operating a right handed bolt can actually seen more natural. From a bipod it keeps your left hand stable on the trigger... with the benefit of not really breaking your position... I currently have a lefty hmr and it always seems weird and more difficult to see into the breech A long time ago I shot .22 target and the club had a rifle converted for leftys with a welded steel cocking handle extension which looped over the top of the rifle.... inelegant but functional As for SA80.... just had to learn to shoot off the wrong shoulder.... I would in future go with a right handed... easier resale and once the bolt is closed theyre all basically the same
  3. Leupold Scopes (Mk4)

    Put the mpi on the top of the dot?
  4. Mr and mrs box set

    The West wing
  5. Fessing up !

    Dent the tin and boil until bulging Put on gloves and pierce with little tin opener , spraying boiling fat around harbour area... open both ends then push out... Lovely
  6. Armed police office shoots himself!

    Arv courses now nine weeks... Not all shooting is static. I for one engaged in drills moving up and down the range including stoppage drills where a second officer would be stood over your head whilst you were kneeling. As for driving courses.... 5 week standard and four week advanced... A week for Tpac..... As for nds.... and loosing things. Shouldnt happen but it does... officers are human. The same could be said of any industry.... the doctor or nurse with a needle stick injury. The engineer or farmer trapped in machinery. The pilot with a missed item on a checklist. The postman mis delivering the wrong mail. The shop assistant giving the wrong change. All different in terms of scale but each a momentary lapse in concentration/ distraction... Police officers are not robots
  7. Snap Caps

    Snap Caps are a device by which the manufacturer separates the unenlightened from their cash. Not required with modern guns...
  8. Traser watches ?.

    I've got one.... Expensive but bomb proof.... I would rather a nicer automatic than a quartz watch though as per some of the recent threads..... Silicone straps are good if you can get one of the soft ones....
  9. Snapped screw in scope mount

    Try a small rubber band flat into slot and with pressure might provide the purchase you need
  10. Acid attacks contingency

    It's not as simple.... a jiff lemon bottle filled with bleach was not found to be a s5 firearm.... judgement by means of stated case... Clearly an offensive weapon though made intended or adapted for causing injury. However s29 of the offences against the person act 1861 Throwing noxious or corrosive liquid does return a max life sentence
  11. Election Results SLOWLY coming In

    My pre brexit predictions 1 trump to win 2 brexit 3 boris as prime minister 4 ww3 After today 3 is looking likely..... we're doomed
  12. Bye bye Human Rights?

    That was actually the regulation of investagtory powers act or RIPA... designed to put safeguards in place around surveillance and intrusion The ability of councils to conduct such surveillance has since been curtailed
  13. Doctors Surgery receptionists

    Just having a log on does not make you authorised to view all data.Each and every access of data must be for a specific purpose..... she cannot go on a fishing expedition to look up medical notes for no good reason. https://ico.org.uk/action-weve-taken/enforcement/sally-anne-day/ Some examples taken from the information commissioner website
  14. Doctors Surgery receptionists

    Section 1 of computer misuse act1990 Unauthorised access to data.... Naughty naughty