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  1. Thanks for people's input. I've got an FX Maverick sniper in .25... eek. No idea about what to set the regs at etc so will be a learning curve to say the least as I've never had the ability to tune a gun before. Might have to start a new thread on the Maverick if I run into problems 🤔😕
  2. Thanks for the input I'll make some enquiries Thanks Villaman, did your crown take much tuning to get it accurate at that sort of range?
  3. Thanks for the reply Stu. I shoot a Daystate .22 currently at 30fpe which grouped well at 100 until it broke. Also took out many a bunny 80-100 with consistency (100 at the very top of what I would be prepared to take) so assuming the right set up, I still think .22 is on the table. Daystate is however a long gun so will want shorter, and certainly will not go another daystate because of the electrical issues I've had and the astronomical weight times on repairs (and price for that matter) Have you used either of the above guns ? F
  4. So... I'm in thr market for a FAC do it all airrifle. Short gun (bullpup style) ideal as I'll be in and out of cars, trucks etc. I'd like a gun that will shoot bunnies to 100 yards I think I've narrowed my search down to what appears to be 2 guns as the title describes. Anyone have any experience with either or both? Is the FX worth 2 Krals? I've never had an unregulated gun so I would be worried about the power curve of thr Kral but according to some reviews, they seem to have done a good job at minimising it. People seem to rave about FXs in general but I've never had the chance to shoot one Any help appreciated F
  5. Thanks for your input 2 of the scopes are side paralax, the other front ring. The Nikon Monarch is a brilliant scope and made to very high standards, and the error still occurs on this scope (front AO) ? Optisan obviously less so well made but still decent quality and this is one of the two side paralax adjustable scopes. In your opinion then, it not to do with a non centered mount from Pard to scope?
  6. I'm after some help from someone more intelligent than me!! I've been using my Pard nv007 on a combination of 3 scopes. All rifles are spot on without the pard fitted and in normal daylight, with the Pard fitted, everything works as it should. The headache arrives when I switch the Pard over to night mode and use IR illumination. As soon as I do this, my POI shifts a long way on all scopes. The air rifle is least affected, moving POI about an inch high and right. The other two (.17hmr and .220 swift are affected much more. (A foot or more at 100 yards both up and left) Now, the only thing I change on the scope is the paralax between day and night as because of IR wavelengths differing from normal light, the Paralax on the scope has to be set alot closer to get a clear image. (Focus on Pard always set to focus on crosshair.) Why is the POI changing!!! Is a mounting issue combined with IR illumination causing paralax error? I've tried re-mounting to no avail. Any help appreciated! Jamie
  7. Very crudely (VERY) the attached photo resembles the shape of the stock. Wouldn't a pad such as Pachmyr simply touch top and bottom but leave a gap in the middle due to the shape? I cant see how a cobbler with a wheel would be able to get it to fit? Im probably missing something!
  8. Just bought a Miroku MK70 couple of weeks ago having never even picked up a Miroku or Browning (Was always under the illustion that beretta was the way to go!) and wow, what can i say! Shoulders lovely, and such a quality action. Dont know why ive never come across them before. Only issue is that it came with a hard plastic butt pad, and with testing pigeons, I've been firing 32gs at them, and i was black and blue. I have since slipped on a temporary recoil pad and was absolutely fine so my question is, does anyone do recoil pads for Mirokus off the shelf as it were? it has a concave shape to the stock butt end so normal grind to fit pads wont work. Im trying to avoid going to a gunsmwith as ive been quoted £150. Of course if it gets to it ill just have to fork out. Let me know any suggestions Ferreter (Jamie)
  9. +1 LED Lenser every day of the week. Yes you could buy cheap, and then keep buying cheap, or buy one of these and have a quality bit of kit for 5 plus years.
  10. Anybody got any they don't want/need?
  11. So sorry Simon, one of the most important bits of information i missed! Its .17HMR. Ive edited the Title now... DOH
  12. Now got a 455 and they don't fit anymore! Both are 10 Shot
  13. ferreter10

    Range Finder

    Anyone upgraded rangefinders recently and has an old one laying around they would consider selling? Thanks Ferreter
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys. Took to my RFD this morning. Someone called it earlier, sticky hammer indeed. Also a small burr on inside of chamber causing pellet Mark's...? No idea how that happened. All sorted now after a good clean and file. Let's hope I can get some better groups now! Ferreter
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