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  1. Tollerman

    An "offer" from Belgium

    I'm sure guest workers ( seasonal fruit and veg pickers) exsisted before the Common market / EU .Remember the French onion sellers a common sight on the south coast .Don't think they had any trouble getting over here.If Europeans ( or indeed anyone else)wish to come over to the UK to work ,as long as they are essential ,I can't see a problem .However if they wish to settle that's another matter.Year by year the green spaces between our towns and cities are being eroded in order to house the growing population . If we don't do something soon to curtail immigration regardless of where they come from we will see a rapidly decreasing standard of life .The relentless building of new houses in my part of Essex is becoming a nightmare with land ,some of which I once shot over ,vanishing at a frightening rate. Having often driven across Northern Ireland to the northern counties of the Republic over the last forty years I certainly would hate to see a 'Hard Border' with the return of sandbagged check points and soldiers armed with machine guns manning them.Life has dramatically improved for all the people on both sides of the border and long may it continue.
  2. Tollerman

    House of Lords

    They have been talking about reforming the House of Lords for years and it's about time something was done .Have signed the petition in the hope of change.
  3. Tollerman


    Baikal 544 sxs £49 from Mays of London in 1976. Currently using an AYA no.4 in 16 bore from most of my game shooting.Nice guns and never had a problem with double triggers.
  4. Tollerman

    Hide your Golliwogs!

    It's a PC world I'm afraid with common sense being as rare as hens teeth.
  5. Tollerman

    pigeon shooting

    Try Cambridgeshire Fieldsports assoc.They have pigeon shooting and a couple of washes for wildfowling.Very reasonable subs and BASC affiliated.
  6. I do hope that "strike an agreement " doesn't mean that there will be a charge but BASC will do a deal about how much!
  7. Tollerman

    Another Nose in the Trough!

    Living the 'Life of Riley' at the tax payers expense ? Its a hard life..
  8. Tollerman

    'Walk in my shadow'.

    Free played my local youth club many moons ago .Cost about five bob( 25p) to get in .Jethro Tull played the local blues club for the outrageous sum of ten bob.Attended the Lead Zeppelin reunion concert a few years ago and it cost me £145 .How times have changed .
  9. Tollerman

    Field Magazine

    Apologies.Must be worth £76 plus postage or buyer collects.Plenty of reading on a cold winters evening.
  10. Tollerman

    Field Magazine

    76 Copies from April 2012 to July 2017.Fantastic read covers all aspects of field sports.Offers?
  11. Tollerman

    Going rate per acre for shooting rights

    Thanks Graham for the info.We currently run a similar set up and have done for many years.However an additional 400 hundred acres on a neighbouring farm has been offered to us and not wishing to offend the farmer wanted some idea of the going rate.Giad to hear that you get on so well with your farmer.
  12. Tollerman


    I would imagine that whoever farms the estate would want rabbit numbers controlled.If you have a buzzard problem leaving a few dead rabbits out on the field could help to reduce the number of poults taken.
  13. Any one out there who may know the going rate for shooting rights in Essex.? I Know it varies according to the land with higher rates for plenty of woodland ,ponds etc but a rough idea would help.
  14. Tollerman

    Duck Toller retriever

    Had many happy years fowling with my Toller. Bold swimmer bred for North American winters very gentle kind dogs great with children.Helen has had many years experience with the breed and I'm sure will be able to advise you as to their suitability.I must say that I have never regretted getting mine but as she is coming up to twelve she is now taking it easy.
  15. Tollerman

    Cambridgeshire Field Sports Association

    Have sent pm.