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  1. Another Nose in the Trough!

    Living the 'Life of Riley' at the tax payers expense ? Its a hard life..
  2. 'Walk in my shadow'.

    Free played my local youth club many moons ago .Cost about five bob( 25p) to get in .Jethro Tull played the local blues club for the outrageous sum of ten bob.Attended the Lead Zeppelin reunion concert a few years ago and it cost me £145 .How times have changed .
  3. Field Magazine

    Apologies.Must be worth £76 plus postage or buyer collects.Plenty of reading on a cold winters evening.
  4. Field Magazine

    76 Copies from April 2012 to July 2017.Fantastic read covers all aspects of field sports.Offers?
  5. Going rate per acre for shooting rights

    Thanks Graham for the info.We currently run a similar set up and have done for many years.However an additional 400 hundred acres on a neighbouring farm has been offered to us and not wishing to offend the farmer wanted some idea of the going rate.Giad to hear that you get on so well with your farmer.
  6. rabbits

    I would imagine that whoever farms the estate would want rabbit numbers controlled.If you have a buzzard problem leaving a few dead rabbits out on the field could help to reduce the number of poults taken.
  7. Any one out there who may know the going rate for shooting rights in Essex.? I Know it varies according to the land with higher rates for plenty of woodland ,ponds etc but a rough idea would help.
  8. Duck Toller retriever

    Had many happy years fowling with my Toller. Bold swimmer bred for North American winters very gentle kind dogs great with children.Helen has had many years experience with the breed and I'm sure will be able to advise you as to their suitability.I must say that I have never regretted getting mine but as she is coming up to twelve she is now taking it easy.
  9. Cambridgeshire Field Sports Association

    Have sent pm.
  10. Theydon Bois

    Nearest clay shoot every other Sunday at Thornwood which is just outside Epping.Clays Clay Club at Eastwick ( also shooting Sunday's) or Essex Shooting Ground ( excellent set up ) at Fyfield nr. Ongar shooting Wednesday to Saturday.Best gun shop Eastern Sporting at Great Baddow M25 A12. Bit further out but well worth the extra few miles for their outstanding service.Nearest Gunsmiths Roding Armoury at Abridge or Mays of London Buckhurst Hill .
  11. Oldest pigeon shooting club in England

    Well Nemosear if you regularly view this forum you will know that the usual response to how do I get into pigeon shooting is "knock on a few doors".However in this crowded county of ours it's almost impossible as every inch of land is shot by someone.There are a few clubs about but sadly getting fewer as the years go by and farms change hands and the shooting rights sold off.You could try beating on a shoot and get to know the keeper as that often leads to a bit of pigeon shooting.If you live in the country try asking in the local village pub.We are lucky to have numerous wildfowling clubs in Essex and most ( Canvey, Colchester and Blackwater to name a few) offer good pigeon shooting.Its out there you just need to make the effort. Good luck.
  12. Opening the pop holes?

    One way pop holes work well. The birds glide out of the from the trees where they roost but find their way back or are walked back by whoever is carrying out the daily check.Works well on our shoot.Sorry to hear you lost your birds .We lost a complete pen full a couple of years ago as did our neighbour.
  13. My own club The Gunners Pigeon Shooting Club ( based in Essex) was founded in 1954. One of the original members, now in his eighties and our president ,still shoots.In those early days you turned up at the local NFU office and were given a map and a chit.The chit was taken to the police station and exchanged for a slab of cartridgesand off you went.Not much chance of those days coming back but then we don't have the post war food shortages either.Anyone know of an older club?
  14. Try Colchester Wildfowlers.Pigeon shooting all over North East Essex with wildfowling thrown in.Excellent club and reasonable subs.
  15. Peg Numbers

    They went down a treat yesterday.Well done baker boy.