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  1. Tollerman

    I’m going nuts

    Bit late now ( team tractor) was some thirty years ago but an experience I will never forget .
  2. Tollerman

    I’m going nuts

    Know the feeling .Just got in from the clinic and sat down ( gently) when my three year old daughter decided to fling herself at me .How I managed not to utter a foul oath I don't know.
  3. Tollerman

    opt out organ donation

    Our last act of atonement before we meet the 'Big Guy'.
  4. Tollerman


    Make sure they put you out .Having it done under local anaesthetic ( some thirty years ago) was something I would not recommend .No one told me they injected straight into your testicles with a seemingly huge needle.While performing the operation the doctor asked my opinion of the miners strike ( taking place at that time) with my balls in his hand I remained strictly neutral.
  5. Tollerman

    Apaches overhead!

    Training exercise as Trump is soon to visit our shores ?When Obama flew into Stansted there was a great deal of military activity over Essex.
  6. Tollerman


    The Spanish Holocaust by Paul Preston.Always been fascinated by the Spanish Civil War since learning that one of my old teachers took an active role . Unfortunately on the nationalist side.
  7. Tollerman

    Clay ground fall out

    Reminds me of an incident a few years ago on a Sunday morning clay shoot.A woman came into the shoot with a bleeding hand .She had been in the commercial yard next door showing her new car to a friend and been shot by some idiot .The organisers response ' didn't think anyone would be there on a Sunday'. No initial apology it was as though it was her fault for being there! Strangely enough the shoot is still going although I never went there again.
  8. Tollerman

    The best 4x4 by far

    New Jimny out early 2019. Pictures just released and looking good.With a new more economic engine can see this little beauty selling very well indeed.Apparently to come on sale at £13000 for the basic model.
  9. Tollerman

    Gun Licence (10s) - 1964

    I remember in the early 60's my pal swapping an air rifle with the school caretaker for an old hammer gun.As we walked backed to his house we passed our maths teacher and he never gave us a second glance.I was holding the barrel and my pal the stock the idea being that neither of us had a complete gun so we weren't braking the law.Every kid had a catapult or a gat air pistol and it all seemed so normal then.
  10. Tollerman

    beating suffolk /norfolk

    A visit to your local gun dealer is worth a visit .They should be aware of what's going on thereabouts ?
  11. Tollerman

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    The woman is definitely passed her sell by date.
  12. Tollerman

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    No not a police state but one where the existing laws are actually enforced and appropriate sentences handed down .
  13. Tollerman

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    When the punishment fits the crime perhaps thinks may get better. Society makes excuses for just about any anti -social or criminal behaviour .I just read today's Daily Mail story about the Lancashire brewery taken over and trashed by ' travellers ' and just could not understand how it was allow to happen .Beyond belief !
  14. Tollerman

    Visiting Ypres, advice needed

    Hard to imagine that the town was reduced to rubble.The main square looks pretty much as it did it 1914. So much to see and a very sobering experience .Have visited half a dozen times and still find new sites to visit.Ordinance all over the place with farmers leaving shells and bombs at the road side for collection by the army.Every child should visit and see the horrors of war displayed at sites and museums .The courage of those who endured the carnage is beyond belief .
  15. Tollerman

    Renewal referee

    A fellow club/syndicate member is ideal.They have a good idea of your character and can reciprocate when the time comes.