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  1. Tollerman

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Rewulf.Sorry this refers to the other girl ( one of the three) who may or may not be alive .My sentiment remains the same don't let them back where ever they originated from.
  2. Tollerman

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Interesting to read that her family come to the UK as refugees from Ethiopia .We house them educate them ,feed them ,give them all manner of benefits and this is how they repay us.We have been too soft for too long.About time we changed our immigration laws and stopped the apparent flood of illegal migrants ,bogus asylum and the like.Would someone in the government please grow some balls.
  3. Tollerman

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    The fact that she 'doesn't regret it' says it all .Allowing this malcontent back into the UK would be a great mistake .Doubtless she will qualify for benefits as soon as she steps foot on UK soil ,will be given a flat for her and the soon to be born baby .
  4. Tollerman

    The Field Magazine

    Finally after eight weeks they have informed me that that although their computer showed back issues available they actually had none in stock.Five Phone calls over that period each time promised a copy would be sent immediately.Very poor customer service .
  5. Tollerman

    The Field Magazine

    Had the January and February editions since.Really strange as they say they have copies of the December magazine in stock.Last time I spoke to them they promised to send another copy in a plain brown envelope in case an 'anti' was intercepting it.
  6. Tollerman

    The Field Magazine

    My daughter takes out a subscription to the Field ,on my behalf,at Christmas.Has done for a number of years without a problem.However the December edition failed to arrive.Despite four phone calls to customer care and each time a promise to send a replacement ( third time special delivery,fourth time plain brown envelope) it has not arrived.Anyone else had a problem with this magazine?
  7. Tollerman

    101 woes

    Yes with regards to notifying the police ( I shoot rabbits at various council owned locations and am required to do so) I can be hanging on for ages to get through to control .Thirty minutes seems about the norm ten on a good day.
  8. Tollerman

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    Not the monster as presented by the popular press.The law should apply equally to all citizens of the U.K. without fear or favour.
  9. Tollerman


    On our shoot Woodcock are left until the first shoot after the November full moon.Its then down to the individual gun if they want to shoot them.Some do some don't but all we ask is that only safe shots be taken.Having said that there were a number of them flushed on our last shoot in our Christmas Tree plantation.
  10. Tollerman

    BREXIT - merged threads

    What we should have when this all started up was to return them immediately to France.Once we allowed the first lot in the word got back back home "jump on a lorry and your in ".Now we are talking hundred of thousands of people from Africa ,Asia and the Middle East all wanting to come to Europe and many having the eyes on our very generous benefits system.Most want to go to London and given that native Londoners find it almost impossible to find housing why are we giving the little public housing available to the newly arrived migrants ?Common sense has gone out of the window to be replaced by the politics of let's not upset minority groups or we won't get their vote.
  11. Tollerman

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Illegal immigrants are now referred to as migrants .During the last few days several boat loads of Iranian ' migrants ' have arrived/ been rescued on the south coast .Stolen boats have been used but I'm sure these poor souls will not suffer the full force of the law .Control our borders after Brexit you must be having a laugh? Once in there is little chance of sending them back as the have the get out of jail card called 'human rights'.You can lie about your age ,race ,sexual orientation and just about anything else and still get away with it.
  12. Tollerman

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    Daughter and son in law know the young chap who was shot .Seems he was a really nice guy.I was unable to offer them any logical explanation as to how he came to be shot .He was a keen cyclist and at this time of the year the slopes are open for a limited time to mountain bikers .Wearing bright cycling gear it seems incredible he was shot.
  13. Tollerman

    Essex variation

    Praise where it's due back within a week.Excellent service.
  14. Tollerman

    An open letter to Hannah Blythyn

    Well done Ian.
  15. Tollerman

    Price per acre

    Depends on location and availability .Anywhere near a city is going to cost more that a remoter area.Plenty of woods ,ponds and cover will cost a great deal more that huge fields with little or no hedges.So could be £1 per acre or £20 .