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  1. In these modern days with common sense standing on its head it's nice to see that some traditions remain.A driven day is something special .A little piece of an England that is slowly disappearing .Shirt and tie, waxed cotton or tweed sxs or o/u .Long may it remain.
  2. Hi,


    I don't seem to be able to reply on the thread regarding beating, West Essex (I'll try and get hold of admin to see what I'm doing wrong), in the meantime, Yes, I'm self employed so can do weekdays with a little notice. My son works Mon-Fri but I can work both dogs no problem.

    1. Plenty in Essex.After a poor start numbers are really picking up.
    2. As stated here many times before keep knocking on doors also consider beating on a local shoot.Make as many contacts as possible and keep your ears open.Best of luck..
    3. Nice gun. Got one myself great for walk ups and early season shooting.
    4. According to today's Sunday People labour will give everyone not working a £100 a week wage in addition to their benifits with extra cash for each child.Apparently they tried it in Finland .Great insentive to go out to work.I wonder who's going to pay for it all.Have they found the 'money tree'?
    5. Yes and yes.Have also in my capacity as club chairman been nagging away at my members to do the same .Hopefully they have complied.Numbers do matter.
    6. Today's Telegraph reports that it looks like pigeon will be placed on the quarry list as a compromise allowing us once again to shoot them legally.
    7. This is only the start of the 'Wild Justice ' campaign .Bit by bit they will eat away at our sport until nothing is left and that really is their agenda.What I want to know is are our organisations ,BASC, NGO ,CA etc, supporting the ' Countryside Rally ' on the 29th of June and if not why.We can just sit on our backsides and hope it will go away or stand up and be counted.The choice is ours !
    8. A very impressive communication.Lets hope they react to it.Well done that man.
    9. NGO have found major flaws with the new Crow control licence and deem it ' not fit for purpose '.Another quick bodge up by NE.
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