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  1. Tollerman

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    Daughter and son in law know the young chap who was shot .Seems he was a really nice guy.I was unable to offer them any logical explanation as to how he came to be shot .He was a keen cyclist and at this time of the year the slopes are open for a limited time to mountain bikers .Wearing bright cycling gear it seems incredible he was shot.
  2. Tollerman

    Essex variation

    Praise where it's due back within a week.Excellent service.
  3. Tollerman

    An open letter to Hannah Blythyn

    Well done Ian.
  4. Tollerman

    Price per acre

    Depends on location and availability .Anywhere near a city is going to cost more that a remoter area.Plenty of woods ,ponds and cover will cost a great deal more that huge fields with little or no hedges.So could be £1 per acre or £20 .
  5. Tollerman

    Can I count this as a kill?

    Thought you would like that Tightchoke .Along similar lines some years ago taking a couple of potential new guns around the shoot came across a still warm Canada without a mark on it.Handed it one of the guys who seemed extremely grateful and blow me down fifty yards on was another one.A power line crossed the field we were in and I can only assume the two birds had flown into it bringing them down.Two birds no shots and two two happy visitors going home with a dinner each.
  6. Tollerman

    Can I count this as a kill?

    This summer at a pals place ,who was having rabbit problems, shot two with one .22 bullet.First through the head second the chest.Pure fluke but pal now thinks I'm some sort of hot shot.Don't think I'm likely to live up to his expectations.
  7. Tollerman

    Rabbits in decline

    Numbers down in my part of Essex.Bags way down from ten years ago when twenty to thirty in a couple of hours was the norm.
  8. Tollerman


    Spreading out from London to west Essex.Coming the other way the Red Kite.
  9. Tollerman

    .22 Hornet

    Thanks for letting me know.Yes it's a fair old drive unfortunately which seems to be the case ( South Wales, Durham etc.).Most nearer ones not screw cut or out of my price range.Just want one for the odd fox that turns up around the pens.Out of interest what price would you ask for the rifle ,scope and mod ?
  10. Tollerman

    .22 Hornet

    May have to think again about calibre as screw cut hornets seem few and far between .
  11. Tollerman

    Spalding and district wildfowlers association

    Eley Wildfowlers , Cambrigeshire Field Sports Assoc,Fenland Wildfowlers all have shooting on the washes.
  12. Tollerman

    .22 Hornet

    Looking for as crew cut hornet within a reasonable drive from Essex.Most advertised seem to be at the extremes of the U.K. Not interested in transfer to RFD due to cost incurred if gun found to be unacceptable.Modest full kit would be preferable .Thanks.
  13. Tollerman

    22 Hornet

    I'm still looking for a hornet ( screw cut) within a reasonable drive from Essex.Unfortunately most seem to be a good few hours drive away and a long way to go for something that may not be suitable .
  14. Tollerman

    I’m going nuts

    Bit late now ( team tractor) was some thirty years ago but an experience I will never forget .
  15. Tollerman

    I’m going nuts

    Know the feeling .Just got in from the clinic and sat down ( gently) when my three year old daughter decided to fling herself at me .How I managed not to utter a foul oath I don't know.