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  1. A very rough guide is that each "inch of barrels" is about 35g so a 28 inch set would be 70g lighter at the end and you could remove 100g of wood from the stock to balance it out. Overall that might save you about 5% of the overall weight. Getting a field gun would be better, perhaps 15% lighter. Your better option would be look at something like an Ultralight which is designed ground up to be low weight whilst maintaining balance.
  2. Yes. I have a 28inch 12 guage which I use for 'teaching' right handers (my guns are lefties). It's been serviced up to a good state but shows its age - its a field gun which has spent plenty of time in the field. By all means try one but the barrels are light - they lack the mid rib of the better 686s. I would prefer 30 inch but the 28 inch set is great for newbies.
  3. I expect the actors are real but working on a green screen. The remainder of the image is CGI filled in after and as a result there are significant cost savings.
  4. That's the whole point of insurance - "it is fair to pay for cover that most members will never use" - it might be you who needs it but you hope it isn't. If the person making that statement made the decision therein lies a big problem.
  5. " . from a man who had been a translator at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials and, before that, part of the SOE in French speaking Belgium" - I'm sure he was great with the chat-up lines !!.
  6. And they should be the same if measured at the "breach" end - they should be different if measured at the "barrel" (colored band) end.
  7. I have a couple of pairs of equestrian gloves - Musto do some very thin ones with good grip - even in winter I hate thick gloves and these are bearable. https://www.hopevalleysaddlery.co.uk/musto-competition-gloves.html
  8. The rebate wasn't entirely a benevolent act by the insurers. Many businesses parked their fleets up on private land and took them off risk for a month or two during lockdown, saving a wedge of money. That option may have been available under the terms of private motors policies too - so the rebate was to dissuade you taking cars on an off risk or not renewing for a couple of months - a hassle for all but it might be worth the money for some.
  9. Blaser - Agree with you on everything you say other than the CPSA could, & I would suggest should, give some advice to the grounds - I would expect this type of risk advice if they are covered via a CPSA based liability insurance policy. It may have already been done in which case it would be helpful to know what it is - I suspect it would be pass any risk & liability to the license holder at all times - hence the guns in cars policy at some grounds.
  10. Its one of the areas I think the CPSA need to provide further guidance on. Guns in (locked) owners cars makes sense to me in terms of insurance and responsibility but the car park needs to be in a place that doesn't make a smash & grab an obvious easy option. I understand racks in clubhouses but it does mean a gun can be picked up and walked off with and it does place some responsibility on the club involved - whats convenient for us usually is for the thief. Being in the insurance (claims) business, I expect most (accessible to the public) clubs are shifting the responsibility to the gun
  11. Now the interesting thing about that article is the duct tape around the grip. I noticed Ben Husthwaite has done that in some of his videos and I wondered how long it would take to catch on !
  12. I emailed them this morning and told them how badly I thought they were dealing with this matter! I assume that's a joke ?
  13. I agree entirely that barrel length is not necessarily a reflection of weight but in the days before lighter barrels and barrel & stocks weights it often was. Many people talk about different guns and their handling characteristics but that means little without a reference point - the best being the balancing point forward or backward of the hinge. The other (major) factor is the front hand and its position on the forend. Somebody with a wider grip (hands further apart and front hand towards the end of the forend) will feel less barrel weight as more weight is held between the ha
  14. Its down to balance. The man on the Clapham omnibus wants the balance point at the hinge pin. O&U's have heavier receivers (and seem to get heavier) and thus barrel lengths became longer to even the weight out. This may change with the new balancing systems. Also light barrels are easy to start to swing and then harder to control and vice versa. Good shooters tend to be fitter and thus prefer the better control of a heavier barrel. High bird guns also have a long barrel for tight control - Multi choke guns usually carry extra weight in the chokes which can account for a further i
  15. Likely to be 'Invector Plus'. I think the Midas are 'Invector Plus' and should interchange. Yes - Shoot until you know its you and then you will know that any changes are really an excuse !!!
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