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  1. My local church tower is 120 feet high-40 yards. seagulls and pigeons look pretty damned small sat up there. I think some people get feet and yards mixed up....😄
  2. stu64


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shp3Kd_HGEU quite entertaining
  3. I had an ATA, bought it new, it was faultless and i only sold it because it wasn't getting much use (traded it back against an air rifle actually) I sometimes wish i had kept it, mine was the lightweight alloy action version with 26" barrels. a lovely gun for mooching around with. Mine came with a posh suede and velvet case-do they still supply them?
  4. I'm not sure who draws the lines and where they are drawn anymore, the left is now pretty much centre and if you are just right of centre you're in danger of being labelled a racist/nazi/etc.
  5. 32p non members, not sure for members.
  6. stu64

    Sat Navs

    if you use google maps on your phone or tablet you can download large ares of map and not rely on phone signal. It also updates that download automatically. My misses does just that (community nurse). personally I use an app called co pilot. uk/ireland map is downloaded to device and updated for free. it cost me £20 a few years ago and costs nothing for upgrades. i've moved it to a newer phone for free as well. They do apple and android versions.
  7. Pattern the gun and see where it shoots.With my Fausti I see little rib, with my Benelli premium plus I have see a lot of rib to get it to pattern on target. Each gun is different.
  8. stu64

    17 hmr cleaning rods

    http://www.molevalleyfarmers.com/mvf/store/products/tetra-gun-valupro-iii-17-portable-rifle-cleaning-rod pretty good value
  9. had a similar problem with an astra, a product called cataclean worked for a couple years but in the end it was a new egr valve that cured it.
  10. I charge to 190 to get higher shot count and the fps actually rises as the pressure drops, until about 175bar where the fps levels out, much as you would expect-the famous pcp power curve. the 30fps spread has no real effect on accuracy for plinking.
  11. I agree about the tighter fps comment you made-I put a huma regulator in my webley raider 12 and get a spread of 20fps. my cheap cometa fenix 400 has a spread of 8fps. I've seen several videos of regulated pcp rifles and the fps spread isn't as tight as I thought it would be. On the other hand my aa s410f isn't regulated, has a spread of about 30fps from 190 bar to about 130 bar but outshoots me all day long.
  12. stu64

    RWS Supermag

    I have had several head shot squirrels still being alive when retrieved, I'm not convinced its the best way to shoot them. Chest shots seem to drop them equally as well as head shots.
  13. stu64

    Sub 12 or fa

    a small green beer bottle is an impressive shot for a 12ft lb gun but is it accurate enough for hunting? make you own mind up.
  14. have a quote from fischer then price up the equivalent aeroflow radiators. 😉
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