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  1. When I started installing stoves and flues my boss at the time had a saying that I still use- "I'll do it the lazy way and do it right first time". I no longer undertake installation work but recommend installers I trust, and I don't recommend anyone I wouldn't have in my house. All the guys I recommend want to do a good job, when they finish they want to leave the house and not hear from you again (in a nice sense) they don't want phone calls from unhappy customers. Hopefully you can find an installer like that near you.
  2. Just want to put my tuppence worth in here.I have worked in the stove/solid fuel industry for over 25 years and would like to help and give some free advice. Yes you can fit it yourself but it MUST be signed off by a competent person. (legal requirement). This normally means you get your local building inspector around to do this. Where i live they charge £270 for a 10 minute visit! the material cost for relining a chimney would be approx £500 without insulating the new liner-not mandatory to insulate but best practice. this keeps the flue warm and stops condensation in the new liner, which wi
  3. have to agree with this part about r+d, I think aa need a buddy bottle type gun in the line up and a bullpup thats more streamline than the galahad-maybe more like an fx wildcat-it just looks right. by the way, I am an air arms owner and fan. they did a survey around christmas time about what people want in a gun, but instead of saying "what do you want in a gun?" they asked specific questions that didn't really work.
  4. Also, being a new bsa with a hammer forged barrel I would definitely clean the barrel. loads of horrible black stuff normally comes out of a new bsa barrel.
  5. If I read this right its a brand new gun with new scope? No disrespect intended but I think its more likely the shooter than the gun. my own experience with a break barrel spring gun is that the tighter you hold it the worse the group gets. I couldn't hit a cows a** with a shovel until i adopted a completely different style of shooting. the best way I can describe it is to imagine the whole gun is covered in dogs carp. you really dont want to touch it right? So, let the foreend rest on your front hand-do not hold it or grip it, try not to let your face rest on the gun, barely touch it if possi
  6. I was having this problem this morning then found this online, it worked for me https://www.msn.com/en-in/money/topstories/some-android-apps-crashing-on-your-smartphone-google-to-release-a-fix-soon/ar-BB1eRNCm
  7. I have side lever and bolt action pcp's and much prefer the bolt, easier to reach the bolt than the sidelever when looking through the scope.
  8. Taken from Gamebore website, on the super steel page- Standard Steel Standard Steel ammunition can be used in any shotgun (other than Damascus/twist barrelled guns), in good order bearing any London or Birmingham proof symbols 1954 onwards. For pre 1954 shotguns guidance will be needed from the British Proof Authority. The shotgun must be chambered for the case length of the ammunition as a minimum. Longer chamber lengths can be used with shorter ammunition. *High Performance High Performance Steel ammunition can only be used in shotguns bearing a CIP Fleur de Lys proof mark. CI
  9. Loads of sellers on ebay doing sample packs
  10. Just can't see it working anyway. Look at how much rat bait is used, but there's still a lot of rats about. Where I shoot there is adjoining woodland that isn't managed, squirrels breed there and come into my permission. I guess where woodland is managed more and there are more workers about the feeders will be filled regularly. Most woods are not like that around here.
  11. Mine was doing the same thing, the problem with mine was the ejector claw was rounded on the end from new and was slipping off the cartridge rim. I filed it sharp-not removing too much metal- and its been trouble free since.
  12. My brother had a similar fault with a range rover, and after a long time investigating and lots of money spent it turned out that the remote control for his new central heating was "waking up" the alarm/locking system and the car was waiting for the remote signal to be unlocked. the cure was to park it the other way round on the drive-no more flat battery.
  13. why not look at something altogether better second hand? maybe a weihrauch or air arms, something you may use at home as well? you may get the airgun bug!
  14. I like experimenting and trying different ammo, its an interesting part of shooting for me. so I've just ordered 100 slugs to put through my 12ftlb s410f. the weight and lower speed will be offset a bit by the high b.c. I'm hoping for better resistance to side winds. I did see a video ages ago where jsb were at a show and mentioned slugs made of tin. A 4.5mm slug around 9 or 10 grains would be very interesting for 12ftlb guns
  15. Try proteksupplies.co.uk (phone number on website) they have loads of webley pistols for sale and repro pistol boxes and new wood grips. I think they know a lot about webley pistols.
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