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  1. I am not a bunny hugger and undertake pest control with shotgun and air rifle. I would think from your "educational"reply that you follow the hounds. Indeed the fox is shot by the huntsman, after they have chased it miles. If an animal needs putting down in the wild just shoot it, I do. I don't chase it all over the place first. What was the point in taking the fox cub back to the kennels? It was kept in a horsebox then carried out by the scruff. I don't think it was frightened either.
  2. On tv news this week was secret filming of a bloke working in hound kennels that took a live fox cub into the kennels and threw it to the hounds. then some time later he retrieved it and chucked it in the wheelie bin. Found guilty of cruelty to animals but No prison sentence and wasn't banned from keeping animals. I don't care if you are for or against hunting with hounds, this is just wrong. There is nothing that can justify this.
  3. This isn't very far from me. Hopefully someone else ( who has nothing to do with torridge council) will put on another new years eve firework display.
  4. I really enjoy my shooting.... but not that much!!!
  5. Flambards have a very good ww2 exhibition, Cornwall had close links with the S. O. E. Some unique exhibits there.
  6. If I was a pensioner I would refuse to pay it. When they put me inside for refusal to pay I would get free tv like all the other inmates.......Most of these pensioners have paid there dues and some now struggle to pay for food and heat.
  7. Sounds ideal to me. Is it a private sale or from a dealer? My local gunshop gives warranty even on cheap guns, but even if its private £200 for an over/under is a bargain. I would have thought you would get your money back at re sale. Has your lad shot very much? if not maybe a cheap Franchi semi will get him hooked without dreading recoil.
  8. I bought two panorama scopes for air rifles because of reviews and comments like these. 👍
  9. I had an over/under with a similar problem, turned out to be slightly bent firing pin. replaced both pins and springs myself (£20) and the gun was like new. Some guns are really easy to inspect the firing pins, don't know about your Beretta.
  10. I use fibre wad in my hatsan with no problems. don't know why fibre would make a difference really.
  11. stu64

    ear defenders

    I've had mine four years now and paid £47 then from Amazon. Worth every penny. I saw in a clay magazine recently what looked like howard leight with a browning sticker on for £128!!!!
  12. That is cool. It looks like 6 hours work if you know what i mean.
  13. stu64

    B2 refurb

    if there is no joy with a screwdriver after warming it up, I would drill the head of the screw off ( cross head screws are easy as the drill bit self-centres) then slide the washer/piston head off leaving the screw threads to be held in a vice, you can then unscrew the piston body from the screw. in theory anyway.... don't know why my pc didn't load your post and pics of your success, please ignore my advice!!
  14. Its not just pump shotguns, there is a lot of snobbery in our sport (I've been subjected to it myself), there are people who look down on old guns, cheaper guns, semi auto's and side by sides on a clay ground. god help you if you've got an old cheap side by side! Instead of a friendly "hello" or nod it's not uncommon to hear nasty comments aimed at us lesser mortals who cannot afford the latest and greatest clay killing over/under. (I do own a nice o/u ) More than once my hatsan s/a has kicked the *** of guns costing more than 10 times the price. Personally I'm more interested when somebody has something unusual.
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