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    ATA bronze

    How true. And it hurts more when the gun costs more. I would also be wary buying well known brands second hand. sometimes the owner/dealer is glad to get rid of it. A guy at my local clay shoot bought a second hand caeser guerini-lovely gun and a fair bit of money even second hand. But it loved to double discharge which they couldn't sort so he got rid. Nothing is perfect hey.
  2. stu64

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    Yes I did have a faulty one. Just posting my experience with a mount master.
  3. stu64

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    I have a nikko mount master 4-12x50 AO IR, bought it new and from day one the point of impact moves as you turn the magnification ring. Use it for pinking in the garden now. Replaced it with a hawke panorama, but even a hawke vantage I feel would be better than a mount master.
  4. stu64

    ATA bronze

    Just to put my penny's worth in, I bought an ATA lightweight 12g brand new, loved the gun and its reliability was faultless. I did very little hunting with it so sold it back to the original dealer who gave me a very fair price for it. I would buy another but it would be steel action-a little heavier so more of an all rounder and suitable for clays.
  5. stu64

    Winter tyres, even on 4WD vehicles.

    Just seen this post (a bit late!) I've been an advocate of winter tyres for years, and the its all in the name. They are not just for snow, they offer superior traction to hard compound tyres when the temperature drops below 7 degrees centigrade-pretty common in the uk after September/october. Living on Exmoor we get our fair share of the white stuff, but far more common is white frost and good old ice-winter tyres are extremely common here on 4x4's and cars. Even on a wet winter road if its below 7 degrees you get better traction and shorter braking distances.
  6. stu64

    One eyed wonders

    I know two people who genuinely think that front fog lamps are daytime running lights. Had quite an argument with one about it!
  7. stu64


    I think you misunderstood my remark about having my cheek against the stock or the gun isn't mounted properly, I was responding to ginger cats comment about face slap. Of course you mount the gun against your cheek. I agree that Gun fit is very important, but I have shot 3 guns with pretty much identical stock dimensions, drop at comb and drop at heel the same on 3 guns. Comb/cheek alignment and pressure all the same. The guns are mounted the same. 2 are fine and one isn't. The only difference is gun weight.
  8. stu64


    Perhaps slap is the wrong word, face is definitely nicely planted against the stock, exactly the same as my main clay gun. I also had a cheap bettinsoli for a couple years, generic stock measurements, never had face pain/slap/knock/bruising. I find it nearly impossible to shoot unless my face is against the stock- the gun just isn't mounted right.
  9. stu64


    My 12g ATA with 26" barrels and alloy action kicked hard with 28 gram clay loads, and hurt my face. the gun was something like 6.5lbs. i could shoot well with it- 46/50 at the clay ground. I thought gun fit was pretty good, length of pull, drop at comb and heel were pretty much the same as my main gun. I removed the butt pad to find a large void in the timber- the stock had been lightened. I know a heavier gun kicks less-I normally shoot a sporter weighing 8.5lbs- so i tried filling the stock void with nuts and bolts. It was a good sized void and i managed to get in enough scrap to take the gun up to 7.25lbs. this made a big difference to the felt recoil and lessened the slap in the face significantly.( it also upset the balance of the gun, no surprise.) So- same gun, same cartridge, same shooter but making the gun heavier lessened recoil, and in this debate-less face slap. If the gun could have been made up to 8lbs maybe I would have felt no face slap and negligable recoil?
  10. stu64


    I know that feeling! i had an ATA alloy receiver 12g with 26" barrels. lovely gun that balanced well and was easy to carry. great for a walkabout where I might get a dozen shots. I took it clay shooting and just managed to finish the 50 clays- bruised shoulder and cheek only using 28gram load. loved the gun but traded it in. I wonder if the dealer still has it........
  11. stu64

    Any thoughts?

    I've just bought a brand new cometa 400s on a whim and because it was on clearance-£135. still getting used to a springer again. nice weight at under 7lbs, pretty good build quality too. steady at 10.5 ft lbs right now. accuracy is good enough for 25m hunting, probably more if it wasn't me pulling the trigger! gotta say its better than i expected it to be. Glad i bought a springer again, didn't know how much I missed it.
  12. stu64

    Cheap pcp hand pumps

    i bought the very same-£38 from ebay. works well, but when i stripped my gun to replace a seal there was a lot of moisture in the main reservoir. no corrosion though because the cylinder was coated with silicon oil. I charged the gun with a dive bottle after the rebuild built the seal still leaked, so after stripping again i found moisture in the gun again -very surprised after filling from a new dive bottle. A bit of googling revealed from scuba diving sites that condensation happens inside a diving bottle when its filled and apparently theres not a lot can be done about it-hence the inspections of diving bottles. Compressed air is, or gets warm. Warm air meets cold metal = condensation. this happens to the dive bottle when it is filled at your local shop, and to your gun when you fill it from the diving bottle. I now wait for the replies saying moisture traps, filtered air etc. but as far as i could find out its not something that can be completely avoided. (my pump has a moisture trap) Back to the original question- in my experience they are a good buy but the slower you pump the cooler the air stays so keeping condensation to a minimum. (look a the webley accupump-looks the same just with webley branded on it and its about £100 more!!) you pay your money and take your choice!
  13. stu64

    Air Gun Rifle charger

    I saw a video from lane regulators on you tube, showing an overcharged rifle reservoir that had blown the seals out- the end of reservoir had kind of trumpeted out slightly. gun was useless but didnt explode. In One of Steve Shally's videos (AEAC channel on you tube) he tried overcharging a rifle a couple of times I think he said, again- it blew the seals out but no other damage. I would imagine precharged guns are designed to fail as safely as possible, but I expect there is someone out there who knows someone that had a gun explode.
  14. stu64

    New fixed choke over and unders.

    Fausti make fixed choke guns, really nice too. I use a multi choked Fausti pro comp for clays- a 50th birthday present from my wife. needless to say I would never change it. Have a look at Fausti UK website. Tony Laughton I think- nice chap.
  15. stu64

    We Buy Any Car . Con

    My son is a mechanic, mot tester and dabbles in car sales. he had a nice 2012 corsa to sell, but no interest from buyers. trade price was £3900. we buy any car offered £4000 over the phone, and when he took it to them for inspection they paid him £4000. he didn't make any money, but didn't lose any either. you can always walk away and not deal with them if you feel they don't offer enough for your pride and joy