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  1. My brother had a similar fault with a range rover, and after a long time investigating and lots of money spent it turned out that the remote control for his new central heating was "waking up" the alarm/locking system and the car was waiting for the remote signal to be unlocked. the cure was to park it the other way round on the drive-no more flat battery.
  2. why not look at something altogether better second hand? maybe a weihrauch or air arms, something you may use at home as well? you may get the airgun bug!
  3. I like experimenting and trying different ammo, its an interesting part of shooting for me. so I've just ordered 100 slugs to put through my 12ftlb s410f. the weight and lower speed will be offset a bit by the high b.c. I'm hoping for better resistance to side winds. I did see a video ages ago where jsb were at a show and mentioned slugs made of tin. A 4.5mm slug around 9 or 10 grains would be very interesting for 12ftlb guns
  4. Try proteksupplies.co.uk (phone number on website) they have loads of webley pistols for sale and repro pistol boxes and new wood grips. I think they know a lot about webley pistols.
  5. better prices the more you buy. £178 for a thousand fibre olympic blues
  6. 15% off all cartridges at mole valley now. just picked up 4 slabs of olympic blue
  7. I hate to say the old line "every barrel is different" but I proved it to myself. my scorpion se prefered jsb and would not group at all with field target trophy. my r10se shoots field target trophy best of all. both .22
  8. I live on the edge of Exmoor national park, about as rural as it gets, jobs are not particularly well paid, and travelling to work is inevitable. A lot of youngsters buy a car they have saved hard for, sometimes no more than a grand or so, and then have to run it. I really can see problems for the lower paid people, young and old, in the future. I looked on auto trader and the cheapest electric car was £4500 and quite old, with a range of 60 miles quoted. The battery life expectancy of an old car is worrying to say the least. "Transport poverty"?
  9. Also, wish I only paid 12p per unit for electricity. mines been 14 or 15p for ages.
  10. I don't know much about electric cars but did hear somewhere batteries last 6/7 years? at a replacement cost of 5k-6k? some manufacturers "rent" you the batteries at a monthly cost. this obviously adds to the running costs considerably. I certainly can't afford a new electric car and wouldn't want a second hand one just to worry about a big battery replacement bill either. I can see late model petrol and diesel car prices going up as we near the time.
  11. That looks so much fun! I've watched a couple videos on that gun and often thought it would be ideal on squirrels. You don't see many secondhand about. A little bit jealous here.
  12. I understand what you are saying, but my point is teague's choke measurements don't agree with what teague themselves put on their website. Teague use 18.5mm as their reference/starting point and each goes down 5 thou. I'm not particularly bothered that they don't tally up, I just thought teague would be more accurate thats all.
  13. The barrel is stamped 18.5mm and this is the figure quoted on teagues website for that gun, used as their reference. according to teagues own choke chart each choke reduces diameter by a further 5 thou. It maybe that the chokes I have are mis-labelled-who knows. As I say, when the skeet choke arrives I'll measure that just to see.
  14. absolutely agree with you. I'll see what the new skeet choke measures up at to see if teague are consistent.
  15. I'm going to try to keep this short. I bought a secondhand marocchi from a dealer and with it came two new teague chokes- quarter and half.( it uses classic doubles chokes). it also had original full and cylinder chokes.I wanted either another quarter or skeet choke so I thought i would measure the original cylinder choke to make sure it was cylinder. Barrels are stamped 18.5 which is 0.728", the choke measured at 0.729 so good enough for me. Then i thought i would measure the teague chokes-don't know why- but the half measured 0.704 and the quarter measured 0.714. Going by teagues choke chart
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