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  1. think it was westcountry guns from wiveliscombe in somerset.worth a phone call maybe.
  2. Blaming brexit for driver shortages is inaccurate, according to Euronews on sky tv. The driver shortage is europe wide as drivers leave the job due to poor conditions, poor money and virtual exploitation.
  3. Just to give some balance, and all the respondents aren't 55 year old white males, I signed in as a 40 year old jamaican/carribean female.
  4. https://www.jfjwoodflooring.co.uk/about-jfj-wood-flooring local to me, I've bought from them, good reputation.
  5. firstly I wouldn't respond to his texts or calls, but more importantly, is there actually anything wrong with the van? it sounds to me like he's a chancer who is after money back. whats to say there is anything wrong with the van? you haven't said you have seen it since selling it. it starts off with the turbo then its the clutch as well? whats the chances of that happening? my son bought a car and the seller accused him of paying for the car with £3000 cash that the seller had left in the car during the test drive. 10 out of 10 for trying!!
  6. Sorry I've just seen this. I bought my 2.4 five door from the local garage, when I asked about a diesel model they said they have never sold one and never would-its a french engine (can't remember the manufacturer) and not too reliable. My son is mechanic and mot tester at the garage and I have dealt with them for many years, the owner is a dead straight bloke. I have had zero issues or problems with my cars. I bought the 3 door privately as it was cheap and I thought i could make a bit of money on it. Problem is I like it too much to sell it right now. I paid £2100 for the 3 door 1.6, 2007 with 82k miles. very nice condition.
  7. 3door petrol grand vitara. Don't buy a diesel. I have a 5 door 2.4 petrol 2012 and 3 door 1.6 petrol 2007.great cars.
  8. I regularly use a semi auto at clay shoots and use the orange "Benelli" breech lock. when the gun is out of the slip I carry it with the muzzle pointing skyward and the breech facing forward so people can see the flag. I am not comfortable around people with lazy safety habits.
  9. 👍😁 Hello Dean
  10. 4 years ago last april our local postie drove into my old xtrail head on and wrote it off on a single carraigeway back road. at the time i was on my way home from clay shooting and had my shotgun and half a slab of cartridges in the car. Admiral insurance never asked me about the contents of the car, and after a haggle about value they paid me for the written off car. If I was transporting class A drugs I could see they may not want to insure me, or if I was people trafficking, or anything else illegal. quote-" They said they are willing to insure me if I remove the lock box from the car, also they said if a ammo was found in the car after an accident they wouldn't pay out. " My car was recovered to the local garage and then I emptied all my personal stuff out before it was taken away by the insurance a few days later, they wouldn't know what had been in the car at the time of the accident anyway.
  11. and scuba tanks for filling pcp's. how long before we can't transport our own guns?
  12. I bought 3 extended chokes for my Fausti from Mandels chokes, http://www.shotgunchokes.co.uk/shop/product-info.php?prodname=Fausti-single-chokes&id=30480 had mine about 4 years now, no problems.
  13. I've only seen 2 being used, a friend of mine bought one but got rid- couldn't stand the recoil. I saw him shooting it and declined having a go with it. the other was a guy at a farm clay shoot- again the recoil was punishing.
  14. 3rd generation suzuki grand vitara. I like them so much I've got 2!!
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