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  1. have a look at these videos- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRflBLpG3eo and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DqlmF7tPlM I wish I could shoot like that with a pcp, never mind a recoiling gun! I have used an fac hw80 years ago- didn't tear itself apart and was as accurate as a 12ft lb gun.
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    There is a vid on YouTube just called predator pellets by critter glitter airguns, he shot 2 squirrels and retrieved the pellets. Very good expansion.
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    Polymag has red plastic/polymer insert, metal mag insert looks like brass.
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    Hi figgy I wasn't too sure about the soap either, I couldn't think of an alternative, not sure if I want to retrieve a pellet out of roadkill!
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    Made by jsb for predator International who are American distribution company. Labelled as predator polymag or metal mag. I get mine from voymir. Com
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    not sure what you're getting at? my post was just to show my personal experience with these pellets, and that they do what they say they will do.
  7. Lots of talk about the hades pellet and in particular people wanting them in .177 mainly to see if they offer any expansion. I've just tested polymag and metal mag in my .177 AAs410 and was impressed. shooting a 25mm spinner at 50 yards every shot was a hit with both pellets, and point of aim was no different to 8.4g jsb pellets. shot a bar of soap at 25 yards and dug out the pellet and measured it- what was 4.5mm had expanded to 5.5mm- 20% expansion. does anyone else like them/use them?
  8. for me a cheap rangefinder is excellent, i paid £45 for mine off amazon. I'm not very good at estimating ranges anymore (age?) and find it essential now in woodland (most of my shooting)
  9. love my hatsan but my benelli is so reliable and easy to clean compared to a gas operated gun. £400 would get you a used benelli or franchi affinity which is inertia I think. https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/benelli/semi-auto/12-gauge/premium-plus-191018133804012
  10. A while ago a put a jsb 8.44 beside an air arms both standing on end. the air arms was slightly taller.
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    Self employed

    I looked into going self employed very recently, and it appears on the government website that you don't have to register as self employed until the october of the second year of being self employed, in your case you be retired then.......
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    p**sed myself laughing! proper redneck!
  13. I work in retail and understand the implications of putting down a deposit, but the point is the verbal agreement would have to be honoured on their part before I paid the rest of the money. The car was a good price (checking against nationwide prices) so I was always going to buy that one.
  14. I wouldn't part with the money until the car was ready and sorted. I bought a used car from the local village garage, I wanted a new mot, service ,underseal and some minor scratches filled and painted. they agreed to all of this in the asking price. I said I would pay a deposit and they declined saying I could pay in full when its ready, two weeks later the car was ready, everything I asked for was done and I paid. Old school service. they even fixed an air con fault 4 months after purchase for free, even though it came with 3 months warranty.
  15. Light cylinder? why not ask Teague?
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