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  1. personally I would carry on as normal. you probably know how many shots you get from a full charge so a gauge on the gun isn't essential. if want a new gauge they are about £20.
  2. always go by the gauge on the bottle. I've had two gauges on guns fail-read empty all the time. Does the gun fire? what is the reading on the dial on the gun?
  3. I've got the other version with the 8 shot round magazine that uses 2x 12gram capsules. such good fun, love it!
  4. I used a few tins of huntsman and bsa excaliber back in the early 90's through my sharp innova. I remember taking a shoebox full of squirrels tails to the fishing shop to sell for fly making. those pellets did the job.
  5. I bought a new scorpion se about 2 months ago, the ultra se had too few shots for me personally. Mine is. 22 and is very impressive in accuracy and build. I'm not the best shot but was shooting bottle tops at 50 yards with the other day, when I had worked out the holdover. When I chronoed it there really isn't a power curve. Right from the off I get 70 full power consistant shots-17 fps maximum deviation. No need for a regulator. Mind you I also have an s410, there's nothing between them for me.
  6. stu64

    Bank holiday fun

    Waiting for masonry paint to arrive, otherwise a bit of gardening /sunbathing. Don't envy you tarring a roof in this weather. Or any weather come to that!
  7. stu64

    Random Finds.

    there's a surf board in the woods on my permission.
  8. stu64

    Why do ....?

    +1. Much better than doing a three point turn in the road these days I think.
  9. I use an online calculator, normally the one on the Cometa website. click on "formulas" on the homepage.
  10. Grace Slick was lovely
  11. welcome from a fellow oldie in Devon😊
  12. Some manufacturers and importers won't let retailers publish prices online, part of their supply agreement, but I Don't know why. They have their reasons. It's difficult to get particulate emission data for stoves even only 3 years old as the thing to publish then was efficiency ratings, mainly because that's what the public wanted. You could ask the manufacturer direct. People were always asking me the efficiency of one stove or another and I would reply by asking the moisture content of their firewood as the tests were done using x amount of hardwood at x amount moisture content, (and you can't burn water!!) so in the real world efficiency ratings are like car makers mpg claims! The stoves for sale now, new generation stuff, is the first step. In 2 or 3 years the emission regs will be tightened again and those stoves will be ultra cleanburning-with dry wood. They just won't work with unseasoned wood.
  13. I work in the stove industry and have done for 25 years, educating people that burning wet or unseasoned wood is a bad idea is an uphill struggle. we now burn kiln dried logs in the shop (10% moisture or less) and have proven that we burn less wood and get more heat than burning seasoned logs (15-20% moisture). the logs are kiln dried 5 miles away in kilns powered by solar panels-lots of solar panels. as usual in the press not all the facts are present. you will still be able to buy unseasoned wood in quantities of 3 cubic metres or more. no one will police what you burn anyway, so its kind of irrelevent. So a dry log will release more co2 into the amosphere and as it burns faster you will actually burn more of it during the day than you would a wet log .-I dont agree with this ultrastu. a dry log will not release more co2 than a log of higher moisture content, and as I previously said we use less kiln dried logs than we did seasoned logs. These measures being brought in are part of the 2022 SIA measures and have been in the pipeline for a while. the new stoves now release very few particulates, (soot basically) as particulate emission is the new demon. One british maufacturer of stoves has had to make their stoves less efficient to get them to pass the emissions test. you have to have a certain amount of air going into the stove to ensure complete combustion otherwise you get smoke and soot, but more air passing through the stove lessens efficiency. The new generation of stove won't work properly on iffy wood, but they are fantastic on properly dried wood. I could go on and on, but won't. People will always do their own thing and that's a good thing.
  14. have a look at these videos- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRflBLpG3eo and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DqlmF7tPlM I wish I could shoot like that with a pcp, never mind a recoiling gun! I have used an fac hw80 years ago- didn't tear itself apart and was as accurate as a 12ft lb gun.
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