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  1. dead ringer for mine, including the BSA sling, except mine is .22😁
  2. I bought one in .22 about a year ago, my favourite air rifle. very accurate and I get good amount of shots. I did do a shot count when it was new through a chrono and it was about what bsa said it would be. had a scorpion se before that and it would run out of air as I do a lot of plinking after a hunt. Never had regulator issues, but the owner of the gunshop I bought it from said he's had a couple with excess lube in the reg that goes sticky with time and needed a clean, job done and the problem didn't come back. The bolt pull is very light compared to my s410f probably because its regulated and doesn't need such a heavy hammer spring. My air arms is faultless but if I could only have one air rifle it would be the r10se.
  3. very inconsistant round in my experience. quite a few are obviously supersonic and go off with a loud crack while others barely make a pop and land 4" low at 40 yards. now use eley club as they are cheaper and far more accurate and consistant and also subsonic. I don't need hollow point.
  4. Hi I've got one, bought new about 3 years ago. mine was a bit down on power from new, something to watch for. They upgraded the gauge on the front from smaller diameter thread to a much larger one as they were prone to leaking, mine was done under warranty. It is heavy, took mine out sunday for a walk around and got through over 100 pellets plinking at the end of the day. Mine has a huma reg in it, you do get more shots per charge. Its certainly not a bsa or air arms in quality and you can get some good second hand stuff for the price of a new webley. I suppose it all depends on the price of the one he's seen.
  5. I bought a new one last year and don't regret it. I got interested in a cz457 synthetic but the gap around the barrel/stock is simply horrendous. Then i saw the tbolt, very nice magazine, lovely walnut stock and straight pull did it for me. the trigger is very crisp but quite heavy. very accurate with eley ammo and built by miroku. pay your money and make your choice!
  6. https://www.bluefoxglade.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=79_80_178_180&product_id=3277 something like this
  7. Blimey I paid £575 last year for a second hand marocchi 99 which has been faultless. That sounds like a really good buy.
  8. Speaking personally, to get the best out of my spring gun I have to hold it as loosely as possible with my front hand just in front of the trigger guard but not gripping the stock,cheek very lightly on the stock and the gentlest of pulls on the pistol grip back into my shoulder. I can then hit empty shotgun shells at 50 yards when I get my eye in. Holding a springer tight and trying to control the recoil will be detrimental to accuracy.
  9. Teague extended 1/4 choke, benelli crio. Used briefly on a premium plus. £30 posted or £25 collected from North Devon.
  10. If you watch the credits to the end it says "James bond will return"....
  11. I love grey laminate stocks, my r10se is grey laminate and its used a lot. I prefer bolts to side levers though
  12. I've been selling woodburners for over 25 years now and in your situation you can have both-sort of. find a two door stove (new ones are very rare now, mostly single door) you can have the doors open to sit by the stove and shut the doors up when you are not in the room. stoves are about 80% efficient and open fires about 10%, but open fires keep drawing air from the room when its not lit potentially sending nice warm air up the flue. I personally don't think open fires fit with modern life. I grew up with open fires as a kid, hopeless at heating a room effectively.
  13. I own 2, my 2007 model passed its mot last Wednesday never been welded. My 2012 model is exceptionally clean throughout. Judge individual cars on their condition.
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