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    Sub 12 or fa

    a small green beer bottle is an impressive shot for a 12ft lb gun but is it accurate enough for hunting? make you own mind up.
  2. have a quote from fischer then price up the equivalent aeroflow radiators. 😉
  3. My misses never moans about the money i spend on shooting- only moans a little bit about the time i'm out shooting. She used to go to a gun club when she was a teenager, she has shot things I've never even seen- .44 magnum, 1911 .45acp, loads of fullbore rifles, black powder stuff. She's not interested now though.
  4. don't take my misses with you to the gunshop- i went to pick up my o/u from repair and while waiting i was looking through the gun racks and spotted a nice benelli premium plus with lovely walnut stock and forearm. after a short conversation with the salesman my misses pipes up with " aren't you going to buy it then?" yep, I bought it.
  5. I sell woodburners and electric radiators and the ones we sell are very popular. no they are not cheap but are a viable option against wet central heating. very small installation cost and no servicing. I have one customer (a farmer) who had some for himself, then some for his daughters house then some for the village hall. https://www.electrorad.co.uk/aeroflow-radiators have a look and see what you think.
  6. I've heard a few negative comments mainly about price and technology in the new defender, and not being available as a van/truck. I certainly couldn't afford one but everything is on lease now-tractors, combines, etc, and they are or will be available as vans and trucks, and have you seen the technology in a modern tractor? it makes a lot of cars seem under equipped. My son used to work on self propelled sprayers (bateman) and they have had gps steering, self levelling suspension, and self levelling spray booms for years.
  7. stu64


    ludicrous case of the tail wagging the dog. the prime minister is being prevented from doing his job (implementing the result of a democratically held referendum) by those not in power.
  8. I had a 2100 as a teenager, loved it. I'm keeping an eye out for another one. compared to the break barrels of the day it was very accurate.
  9. hi scully someone has just listed one in other sales
  10. always wore german para boots, very comfy and extremely hard wearing. they were made by haix 😊
  11. really really hard to choose but- 1. comfortably numb Pink Floyd 2. rain song Led Zeppelin 3.born on the bayou Creedence clearwater revival 4.learning to fly Pink Floyd 5. all along the watchtower Jimi hendrix version.
  12. Hi Scully, would your friend let you try her d rail before you bought one? not sure what this d rail thing is tbh. presumably its a hi viz bead you only see with your right eye?
  13. stu64


    It must be plain to everyone by now that Europe won't give a deal that doesn't involve the Irish backdoor. Even then, what deal would it be? In the eyes of Europe, we can't be seen to be better off out of the E.U.- that would be a disaster for Brussels. I think if Boris agreed to the irish backstop they would come up with something else that he couldn't agree to just to make sure we don't get a deal. Time for talking is done.
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