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  1. Don't forget your agency worker regulations on top of minimum wage so what's that, another 12%?
  2. I would have thought somebody on here would have been involved in this to give you a decent answer? Anyway, I seem to recall reading that is best or was it necessary(?) to start them young. Two years old springs to mind so I'd look that up to see if it's a consideration. I believe you'd then need to consider the experience of the bitch, at least one of them needs to know what they're doing.
  3. Have done for years, Shiitake and Oyster varieties are easiest. Well worth it and you'll be able to grow what you can't buy - dinner plate sized oysters and with a little skill you'll be able to grow low temperature shiitake versions with a flavour that will blow away anything you've previously had. You can get really decent yields as well. PM me for a few extra details and a bit of guidance and then I can signpost you to my spawn supplier and his continually upgraded growing guides. I'll add some real world experience and other methods.
  4. From Farming Today within the last year or so, I believe it's something like 15,000 sheep per year are killed in this country plus of course maiming of horses and cattle.
  5. A Bittern is a rare thing indeed and a real treat. I've been mainly enjoying the skylarks. They're doing well on some fields near mine but I fear some dog walkers don't help.
  6. More decent guidance and food for thought from PW, thanks.
  7. Some very useful responses PW, thanks, there're some areas I'll look into further.
  8. I'm investigating knocking down the house and applying to build perhaps 4-7 suitable homes though ideally not for an immediate sale. With good access and nearby development precedents having been set planning permission is a distinct possibility and should be financially viable. There are multiple neighbours and several non-protected trees will need to be removed. Despite considerable time spent on search engines they're not yielding anything of much use, so..... My question is how to go about doing this. Direct to the council planning? Architect and then local council planning? Architect throughout? Developer led? Any experiences or advice welcome. Depending on how this goes I may be after recommendations.
  9. That's not very liberal of you. Saw it on local news where they skirted round the obvious but having a free mind and the ability to think for myself I was on it in a millisecond. Some stabbings there a few years ago. I like looking at the mug shots to maintain my visual alert system. It's surprising how you can get a feel for the look and even family traits.
  10. I believe Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor is after Mr Morgan now. Another fine example of cancel culture spawned from the ideology of the left.
  11. I hear Mr Neil is keen to speak to Mr Morgan. I knew good would come of this.
  12. More nasty bullying from this collective of the left and so-called liberals. Do they fear the truth much like Mr Beresford did with Piers Morgan?
  13. The triumph of feeling over fact and another victory for the Cultural Marxists. At least the BBC were the first that I saw to air the facts that Morgan presented. Even so, I can't wait for GB News to launch.
  14. Luckily, in the build up to all this, small local stories that I didn't hear nationally, reinforced the hypocrisy that was being claimed at a national level. At the same time they preached about climate change yet took a private jet, explaining it was for security reasons, the Queen took a public train from London to King's Lynn and William and Kate took a charter flight with I think Flybe from Norwich to Aberdeen(?), of course the good people of Norwich didn't bat an eyelid at seeing them in the small local airport or on the aeroplane. I'd expect much more hypocrisy yet.
  15. Two more fine examples adding to the theory of the 'oppressed millionaire'.
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