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  1. I watched David Blunkett last night from when he was Home Secretary back when you have said we had 'sensible government' and he spoke of the 'tens of millions' who wished to come to the UK and the 'impossible situation' Priti Patel is in. At least the man has pragmatism and empathy.
  2. Here's a 60% statistic. When those twenty odd people drowned this year the French authorities said 60% of them had been living in Belgium for several (8?) years. Economic migrants, not refugees.
  3. At first glance I have a sound reply to these points. I used to respect the intellectual rigour and experience you had on a number of matters but I'm sorry, it now just seems, er, less so. Of course, some people are more affected by these events than others.....
  4. Another 444 crossed yesterday plus family repatriations to follow. Our compassion may be limitless but our capacity is not.
  5. For every 100,000 arrivals, by whichever route, living at the same household density as the current population, would require one house to be built every 12 minutes for a year. That's about 125 every day. Net immigration is down to about 250,000 per year, so that's over 300 per day we need to build just for immigration let alone our own domestic demand. This is one part of the supply and demand issue, the current imbalance of demand does the majority no favours. If it were ever possible, the scale of supply would do no favours for the environment or the quality of life for the majority, of course for those wealthy enough to buy their space it's less of an issue.
  6. 2020: 8,400 crossings 2021: 28,000 crossings 2022: 10,000 so far (twice as many as this time last year). Draw your own conclusions for 2023 and beyond. Then of course add in family repatriations resulting from successful claims.
  7. Mate took out a 9:1 bet last year on a 2022 election based on a conversation with a credible source.
  8. Well it's known the Roma run Clan pyramids which is what I'd guess is going on with these fancy cars picking up the sellers. They also traffic and run teams of (their own) child beggars. They are also responsible for 97% of pickpocketing on the underground. It's not all bad, some of them are very accomplished on the accordion.
  9. Several Roma here selling them and I suspect elsewhere by the sounds of it. I didn't realise we were short of people selling the Big Issue filling jobs our own citizens won't do. Benefits will top up their earnings by many thousands of pounds a year. A sweet little number compared to their alternatives.
  10. Don't forget your agency worker regulations on top of minimum wage so what's that, another 12%?
  11. I would have thought somebody on here would have been involved in this to give you a decent answer? Anyway, I seem to recall reading that is best or was it necessary(?) to start them young. Two years old springs to mind so I'd look that up to see if it's a consideration. I believe you'd then need to consider the experience of the bitch, at least one of them needs to know what they're doing.
  12. Have done for years, Shiitake and Oyster varieties are easiest. Well worth it and you'll be able to grow what you can't buy - dinner plate sized oysters and with a little skill you'll be able to grow low temperature shiitake versions with a flavour that will blow away anything you've previously had. You can get really decent yields as well. PM me for a few extra details and a bit of guidance and then I can signpost you to my spawn supplier and his continually upgraded growing guides. I'll add some real world experience and other methods.
  13. From Farming Today within the last year or so, I believe it's something like 15,000 sheep per year are killed in this country plus of course maiming of horses and cattle.
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