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  1. Significant contributory factor in a suicide so yes.
  2. yod dropper

    Tony Abbot

    Ian McKellan and the other luvvies think he's unsuitable because of his opinions on other unrelated matters. I happen to care most about what he can add to any negotiation. I'd guess most people in the UK would want this too. Blair has got all of the apparently necessary values but then I remember how he folded like an overcooked noodle and gave much our rebate back to the EU for what? Nice one! Trump would be great but he holds all of the wrong opinions so somehow that would make him bad at the task of negotiating a good deal for the UK. So is it good negotiator with unacceptable op
  3. yod dropper

    Tony Abbot

    Who do you suggest then? Why is Tony Abbott so bad? (apart from his views that the luvvies find objectionable).
  4. It will only get worse and then there will be another kind of worse. Get a few more tens of thousands of homes built then we'll accelerate the loss of access to the increasingly crowded free open areas.
  5. I've a proper one but but you can also play about. You could cobble one together, either hot or cold or convertible. I saw the much moustachioed Strawbridge guide somebody through making one, basically a smoke (generating) box and a smoking area, to cold smoke this needs to be cooled. They'll be loads on youtube. You'll also want to learn about brining. I normally bbq over wood and fancying a change this week simply created a bit more smoke and a bit less intense heat and put an old incinerator lid over the top of my round cast iron bbq. The mackeral when cold were the best I've ever had
  6. I'll also take this as the sort of thing that shapes my view of the world. The problem being, when I say the BiL of a chap on PW said this or apparently or according to, some may take that as heresay might they not?
  7. I go on what senior police officers and politicians such as David Blunkett say on credible radio 4 news items. That's how I came to understand and form my my opinions around Page Hall Sheffield rather than trying to make events fit how I like to see the world in spite of the evidence. This is further supported by figures presented by Sir Trevor Phillips, former head of the Commission for Racial Equality who stated that 97% of pickpocketing on the underground is carried out by Roma. People in that area know what they see and experience.
  8. Don't think that's brown rot, sure that sort of mummifies the fruit.
  9. 202 plus family repatriation at a later date? So the actual total is?
  10. Get the fruit off early and disposed of to control the spread. We get it on out trees but it's manageable and we still get plenty of fruit.
  11. This is it. David Blunkett admitted there were 'challenges', there are two or three other places in the UK with the same challenges as acknowledged by senior police officers.
  12. Things that shape my view of the world. In case you thought you were being predjudiced, from a 2014 report: "The question ‘Do you consider yourself to be Gypsy, Romany or Traveller?’ was first introduced into Inspectorate surveys in 2009. In 2012–2013, 5% of prisoners responded ‘yes’ to this question" (So that's 1 in 20 of those in prison). "strikingly high in some prisons. In 2012–2013, 12% of prisoners at HMP Elmley, 11% at HMP Gloucester and 10% at HMP Winchester identified themselves as being Gypsy, Romany or Traveller" "in secure training centres (STCs) which hold young peo
  13. Manslaughter sentences are typically 2-10 years which as we know only half of that is behind bars. The alleged fourth one from the 'Caravan Site' (BBC), Jed Foster, appears to be suing Thames Valley Police. This is how I get to my worldview.
  14. I've got a feeling the early issue bonds are worth more than face value to collectors.
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