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    The leader of Walsall council has been made to apologise after his comments about lawlessness. We know he's broadly right but you can't really say what's true anymore without getting into trouble.
  2. yod dropper

    Sarah Champion

    People say we're losing our free speech, which is of course refuted by the very same people who in practice are restricting it. Unfortunately we've gone beyond the situation where you can't say things without consequences to where you can't hold certain views and even now we're even moving to where you can't defend yourself either.
  3. yod dropper

    Sarah Champion

    The former Labour MP Ann Cryer had a hard time and was told to shut up when she raised the issue many years back. The 'anti-racist' Hope not Hate helped silence the situation.
  4. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    It's said we get the politicians we deserve. Both of the major parties are going against their manifestos. We often hear how politicians don't do what they promise to do and yet a sizeable chunk of the electorate are not only happy for them to do this but are actively encouraging them to do so. I guess we'll collectively lose the moral right to hold them to their promises.
  5. yod dropper

    Driving in Norfolk.

    My father used it as a belt to tie up his coat. I've still got a shovel in the shed mended with the stuff. And my grandfather wove a cat bed out of it. The car was also missing a front light, a wing and had a flat tyre. I'd guess they were not from Norfolk, or the UK but I bet they felt right at home.
  6. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I'm an ardent Brexiteer but I've a great deal of sympathy for Jaymo's last couple of posts. I guess we all express ourselves differently.
  7. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    To me eye you're being deliberately provocative Oowee which I find a little disappointing.
  8. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I'd say he's just making a statement of fact, Obama was making a statement of intent.
  9. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Obama's comment on a trade deal was threatening in nature. There was no reason for us to be at the back of the queue, back then Trump said we would be at the front. Trump's recent comment on a trade deal was factual in nature. Even journalists and Trump-detractors acknowledge this. So it can't be this, it must have been the Johnson comment you were referring to. Even then he said he wasn't pitting one against another.
  10. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    During the referendum it was absolutely clear that we were voting to be free on matters of trade deals, borders and laws. Fox, Grayling, Johnson and Gove repeated and repeated this mantra. Their opposite numbers made it clear that we would be voting to leave the single market. I've been following the post Chequers events quite closely. I've barely come across a journalist who hasn't exposed that the white paper will not deliver on what we were told we were voting for. Neither will it deliver on the Conservative manifesto nor the current Labour position deliver on theirs. Now whether you think we should have voted to leave or not, or that we would be better off half in half out it's not difficult to see the democratic deficit and imagine some of the issues that this will present in the near term and in the future. Politicians cannot offer us a choice then refuse it, ask for our votes then renege on their promises without there being consequences.
  11. yod dropper

    Hissy Fit

    You had a fine day for it. I looked over most of the other fields Tuesday but the rape hadn't been cut.
  12. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    We have a great deal of soft power around the world, a moral authority. This is surely being diminished as large numbers of influential people seek to overturn the result of a vote because they didn't agree with the result. I believe it was in the chaotic pseudo-democratic Venezuela where the President overturned the result of a referendum and you could pick one of several sub-Saharan countries where the President ignores the election results and chooses to cling on to power. Rightly, we bring some pressure to bear on these countries. These actions are not that far removed, at the least in attitude to the likes of Blair, Clegg and many more. This is far more serious than I think has been acknowledged. It makes us hypocrites.
  13. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I am absolutely staggered that so many of our MPs are happy to reverse the result of the referendum, let alone water it down. If this were happening in any number of countries around the world we (and the EU) would be crying foul about autocratic, undemocratic regimes - and we have done in the past. That there isn't genuine public outrage is unbelievable.
  14. yod dropper

    Worlds Tiniest Masterpieces

    Yes. Brilliant. Almost unbelievable.
  15. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Did we really think the Establishment would actually allow us to leave the EU? The EU has been consistent in what we can expect so it should come as no surprise that we won't get a dream deal, Oowee and Jaymo have been consistent on this throughout. The EU's number one priority is the integrity of the European project and any deal that threatens that politically cannot be accepted. However, had we set on a course of honouring the referendum and actually leaving then this shouldn't really have been as much of a problem. Unfortunately, parliament is not representative of the electorate with at least 3:1 having wished to stay in the EU, it was always unlikely they would put our wishes ahead of theirs. Our case and bargaining position has been undermined from those within including politicians briefing against the UK in Brussels. It looks as if the Prime Minister has based her calculations on a fear of a Corbyn government but I'd question if they've properly considered if Labour know this and he steps down to be replaced with somebody more electable. I feel as if she is taking the electorate for granted and as fools. It appears very much like both the Conservatives and Labour have reneged on their mainfesto promises about leaving the EU. In future, unless we do actually leave, my voting will be based solely on the candidates views on membership of the EU, if needs be I will spoil my ballot paper.