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  1. yod dropper

    The Strange Death Of Europe...

    Got it but not started it yet. I have recently finished Rita Chin's 'The Crisis if Multiculturalism in Europe: A History', some might be disappointed by the content as it appeared rooted in non-partisan historical fact with little opinion or interpretation. If you ever come across any of the work by Theodore Dalrymple you may enjoy it.
  2. yod dropper


    Can't find all the detail but another group 'we' bred with or we became as a result of breeding with were the Denisovans from Siberia.
  3. yod dropper


    If I recall it right a little while back mapping showed that 'we' have genes from 4 species of 'human' in varying amounts which corresponded to broad geographic zones.
  4. yod dropper

    Handfasting Ceremony

  5. yod dropper

    Handfasting Ceremony

    You could level the same 'imaginary' argument at those who have these pagan ceremonies with their polytheistic beliefs in a number of deities what with spirits of the forest and that sort of thing. This is a great question for modern times and by following standard rules of etiquette you won't go far wrong. Other people may wear their thing, you wear yours but do it with respect for the occasion.
  6. yod dropper

    The illuminati

    Exactly, I rather enjoyed the film. I get your scepticism of the state Rewulf. I think it's quite healthy to have this stance within a healthy democracy but I must confess I find Hamster's apparent expectation and excitement of a conspiracy at many a turn rather different but accept that's how some people think. It all makes the world somewhat richer.
  7. yod dropper

    Laser printer

    Many years ago I bought a Brother HL5140 (discontinued), did quite a lot of work on it and it's still going strong.
  8. yod dropper

    The illuminati

    It's not the memes so much as the documentaries that win me over. I saw one recently where somebody built a bunker because he feared alien attack and people thought he was crazy but then they actually attacked. There's loads of clips of this sort of thing on the internet. And on Film4.
  9. yod dropper

    When will these burglars learn!

    Angela Rayner MP & Grandmother at 37.
  10. yod dropper

    The illuminati

    Print media (part of MSM that we have all been brainwashed by) are regulated, internet media are not. One can say what they want, the other cannot - they are not held to the same journalistic standards. One is more credible than the other.
  11. yod dropper

    The illuminati

    I find the earlier types of thread slightly amusing, though I understand the scepticism the conspiracy stuff is something else. I have people fairly close to me, some very bright, who quote from the near propaganda 'news' sites that are mouthpieces for the cult of the new bearded leader and who are incapable of recognising them as such. It ought to be of concern as even his MPs are at it. Remember Emma Dent-Coad MP who claimed that the former Army Officer and helicopter pilot Prince Harry couldn't fly a helicopter? I believe she then later went on to say she'd heard it somewhere and was just repeating it. Unfortunately, that was also the line from David Lammy MP who made some incredible (now discredited) claims about the number of deaths at Grenfell, first the claim, then that he was just repeating what he'd heard. Brendan Cox (husband of Jo Cox MP) and formerly of Save the Children headed a campaign that the BBC said manipulated what were dubious statistics to start but many took it as gospel as it suited their agenda. Even Labour's latest antisemitism row has conspiracy running right through it with Jewish bankers at the centre of some shadowy web running the world. This is why I don't mind some scepticism but that is rather different to being selective with information to support what you want to believe and finding a conspiracy at every turn.
  12. yod dropper

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    A couple of weeks back I heard of an old lady nearby who had had some roofing work done. Except it was not done and water poured in and her neighbour's father (a proper builder) had to put it right. Now I'd guess they'll have taken a bundle of her and ruined her confidence and much more. About a week ago somebody came knocking on our door asking about cleaning gutters and who were doing some roofing work on the next road up. Then a few days back I saw where they were camped up. Now I 'know' who ripped off that lady and I 'know' where they are parked up but I can bet the police are unable to do anything. Now how many times will this be repeated and how many lives will be damaged before and if they ever end up in prison. Having heard some of the people on the radio today I can only assume they live in a different world to me. The likes of the Vincents leave a trail of destruction behind them and they won't stop because that is what they do.
  13. yod dropper

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    (Have amended this) They represent 1 in 20 of the adult prison population and more than that in youth detention centres. The rate of crime by head of population is astounding but then we know that , so far as we are allowed to 'know' things these days.
  14. yod dropper

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    Well it's official now but the crimes the family and his accomplice were involved in are classic G&T. He had a look (but not so much of his accomplice) and it's predictable by the offence whether you'll find all or some of, 'traveller' or 'caravan park' or 'no fixed abode' or 'organised crime gang' or some other giveaway in archived material. Locally I could even predict the surname(s) of those who are yet to be arrested for a latest run of crime in the east. Some years back I read a book of essays by Theodore Dalrymple. I leant out this book, the sort of book that the person with leftie-liberal views couldn't bear to read so they gave it back to me part read. One of the essays was about the how that when we fail to imprison people for their crimes we effectively imprison the victims and those around them. People become frightened to go out, lose their confidence, have to move house. He and his family have a prolonged, consistent history of crimes which break people and their families. Though I wouldn't wish these crimes on the less judgemental, the more liberal, the more tolerant, I do wonder how much they could take if they or their family were on the receiving end.
  15. yod dropper

    Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    Not just me who can recognise it then. There are a number of looks or face traits and he shares them.