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  1. New unworn Army issue, size 12M, goretex lined, vibram sole, no box. £50 and £5 postage or pickup from near Norwich.
  2. They sell it in Roys and you can get pigeon and mallard and other stuff. If it's from Blake's it will be superb as their beef is truly some of the best I've ever eaten, next time I'm over there...
  3. His approval rating is less than half that of Trump much to the disgust of the progressives.
  4. I was delighted to hear Alistair Campbell say that May's deal was not really Brexit and not what was voted for in stark contrast to the provocative comments I continually read on here. We knew what we meant, pseudo-mind-readers who say they know what other people think or thought are often disingenuous or just charlatans.
  5. Oh you leavers! You fail to understand the degree of sense of both moral and intellectual superiority of some of the remain camp. Some of them even know more about what you wanted than you did. Did you ever think you'd be taken seriously?
  6. For those who can remember the remain camp campaign truths about the economic shocks, were these based on us being out of the EU like most countries in the world or partly in the EU like a handful?
  7. Under May's deal the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will remain in control of the agreement and large areas of EU law directly effective in the UK. The ECJ will remain as the final arbiter of the agreement and of the EU laws the UK will be subject to. So not leaving the EU then.
  8. How would your dog have voted? 1.Your dog would rather be (a) out, (b) in. 2. When receiving expert advice, your dog (a) can still have a mind of its own, (b) will always do what it's told. 3. Your dog has (a) some territorial restrictions for its own good and the good of others, (b) complete freedom of movement and accepts all annoying interlopers. 4. Your dog is (a) curious about the world outside its territory, (b) think that its territory is the safest place to stay. 5. Your dog is (a) confident in its own abilities, (b) needs the support of other dogs. 6. When commanded 'leave', your dog (a) knows what leave means and does it, (b) ignores it and at best half does it. 7. When given a command, your dog (a) remembers and understands the contract, (b) interprets it to suit its own agenda. 8. Your dog (a) doesn't like it if you give other dogs its fishy supper, (b) is happy that you give other dogs eat its fishy supper. 9. Your dog (a) knows what it wants, (b) think it knows what other dogs want. 10. Your dog is coloured (a) red, wheaten and blue, (b) blue with yellow stars. Mainly (a)s: leave the EU. Mainly (b)s, remain in the EU.
  9. I seem to recall I had the fuel line in the tank come off once on my Husky .
  10. The staff at the BBC use this language as they are mainly concerned about easy access to their holiday homes in Tuscany, the uninterrupted supply of Quinoa and the continuation of the Erasmus program for their children.
  11. Whatever works and satisfies all parties.
  12. For some while I've had more respect and time for those MPs who did not vote for the referendum or to invoke article 50 than this bunch of deplorables.
  13. Peak pruning time as well Hamster. We pay for ours and worth the money as I can't compost or burn everything. Usually miss one around Christmas time but otherwise okay. I get your soft corruption but it may be the council and the provider have come to an arrangement.
  14. A problem indeed. For me leaving the EU is the political issue, has been for about 15 years and I don't really care much beyond that. A lot of those who don't normally vote turned out and made themselves heard and I fear they won't vote again. I can't wait to hear the irony of politicians saying they need to engage more with the public or other such nonsense - the damage currently being done to our political system is immense and I don't think our political masters either realise or care. Parliament is not representative of the country on this matter and the most Eurosceptic party of them all has reneged on their manifesto. UKIP (or a reincarnation) are far from finished. If I can find out I think I'll vote by each candidate's view on Brexit but that probably means I'll be spoiling my paper rather than not voting as it's an active way of showing my views. It may be possible a new leader will set out a clear position and is somebody who I think is good to their word. We may also get some novelty candidates such as the anarchist who stood a little while back. My MP in his fairly safe seat has pretty much the antithesis of my political outlook but the main opposition party will not be able to take me for granted as I no longer trust them.
  15. yod dropper

    Upstart Crow.

    Think I missed the first as I thought it would irritate me but watched it after that and is now something I look out for. I've only the loosest knowledge of Shakespeare but enough to get the humour. Quacks was in a similar vein where some loose knowledge of Victorian medicine didn't go amiss. Don't mind David Mitchell having enjoyed much of the excellent Peep Show.
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