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  1. The project I spoke of was set up by and run by Poles and acknowledges this cultural practice of taking fish to eat. That's a fair indicator I'd say seeing as though it's Poles saying it themselves.
  2. I just believe what environment agency officers find which then gets reported in the local press.
  3. Labour and game birds

    Political parties are essentially coalitions. In Labour's coalition is one faction which would see our activities seriously curtailed or outright banned.
  4. You can't win or even say the truth. Compare from the 2009 Oxford Mail article: "Polish embassy spokesman Robert Szaniawski said: “This is clearly very racist and implies that we are some sort of uncivilised race that doesn’t know how to behave. By no means do Poles take or eat any more fish than the British.” ...to the quote I posted from the Polish inspired and run 'Building Bridges' project: "...and the inclusion of certain former Eastern Bloc countries in the European Union, many people from those places have come to live or work in England. In countries such as Poland and Lithuania, angling is extremely popular – but the culture there revolves around fishing for the pot,"
  5. I’ve heard it all now.

    I find this genuinely quite worrying, it's corrosive and accumulative and it appears to be going only one way. It will get worse. All I can hope for this source of propaganda is that the BBC realises it has lost its way in much the same way as they did with Gardeners World. However, I think this is extremely unlikely. They need somebody like Robin Page behind it though it will never happen. Dropped by the BBC and now by The Telegraph. “Most countryside imitations in the media are sanitized and soaked in saccharine and saccharine is an artificial sweetener. “I sought no favours and described things as they are, including sharp teeth and claws. I felt that I was giving a voice to Britain's most endangered minority in multi-cultural Britain – traditional country people".
  6. Countryfile Mountain hares

    Like so many things grouse shooting is being attacked under the guise of other issues and eventually the weak point will be found and the activity curtailed.
  7. Home Brewing

    I've had some brews that have taken a long time to mature so don't despair straight away if it hasn't gone right. I find mine normally take several weeks to be ready, much more than they say and I had one which I was drinking up out of the way and then at somewhere over 12 months old it turned so bootiful I didn't want to finish it, savouring and cherishing my diminishing stock.
  8. Lily Allen at it again

    A true exponent of Cultural Marxism. You may dismiss her but she is influential and this type of ideology is much more mainstream than you'd think.
  9. Enoch Powell - What a Gentleman

    He was also right on other things. Truth and fact are like Kryptonite to some people. The fact is the EU was always a political project for ever closer union and the peoples of Europe have been lied to for years about this. I can't see how this bodes well for the long term, whether you think this is a good thing or not.
  10. New l200 or Navara

    I believe the Nissan has different suspension which is supposed to improve the ride somewhat, don't know if others are following yet. Don't forget to factor in your adblue though it may be marginal.
  11. National insurance after early retirement

    The question is how many years you need for your full state pension and it does vary. I need 35.
  12. Smart motorways

    On the variable speed limits: I remember seeing and working out the cause of the wave effect caused when somebody would brake. It was later found through modelling and formal observation that this wave effect could travel back several miles which is what caused the apparently random stop/ start, brake/ acceleration we used to experience all the time. Remember that?
  13. IVY

    Ivy will kill trees including by crowding them out. Healthy plants need light and air and space and ivy denies this. In time only the extremities will support any leaves and that which plants need and this is not enough to sustain the tree. It will then die. It's been from the wildlife perspective that I've heard that ivy doesn't kill and I believe because of how good ivy is for wildlife. True, but so is the deep and featured naked bark of trees such as oak which houses many insects that many small birds then feed on. I've heard within this argument that the trees that die were weak anyway but it seems odd how ivy almost exclusively seems to grow up trees that will become weak many years in the future. We've just lost a mature hawthorn to ivy, by the time I got round to killing off the ivy it was irrevocably weakened and never recovered being strangled by the suffocating cloak of dead stems. Next time anybody is out in the country check out the oaks with a few leaves at the tips and think how that is supposed to sustain the tree.
  14. Holidays recommendations

    Had a long weekend in Lisbon several years back, was well worth it.
  15. Bitcoin- buy now?

    I reckon there's still plenty of money to be made but I'm staying out of it, I should have got involved years back when I first encountered it. I did hear recently that there are 1300 crypto-currencies and that some have much more stability built in than others which should make them more attractive in the long term but the truth is at the moment it's all about exposure. Some of these others have gone up 10,000% in a year. I'd be wanting to look at the lifecycle of a bubble graphs to make some wild stab in the dark guess as to where we are. AVB also once commented on a theory about something squared(?), I think on the growth of such things. Interestingly on this program they were talking about the mining power requirements being increasingly unsustainable, I'm sure they said the mining on Bitcoin was equivalent to the power requirements of Denmark.