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  1. yod dropper

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I heard Soubry saying because Brexit wouldn't get through the parliament the only way to resolve it was through a second vote. If the result were the same I don't see why parliament would be any more likely to vote the result through. I'd love to see this simple question put to any of the people backing it because it just falls apart. I can't believe this so called People's Vote is given any credence whatsoever.
  2. yod dropper

    Not walking on lead

    Well, 48 hrs later I've broken it. The garden, what's in it and what I do in it are more interesting than what's normally on the road. As treats weren't enough incentive, she had to go on a lead to her meals, she quite forgot herself. I then chose when the schoolchildren were going past and luckily some dogs so that was more interesting than out the back. Had her up and down the road twice now though she still sits down when she either isn't sure or really wants to see something so I'm exercising patience with her for now rather than forcing it. Now working on getting her moving on command both off and on the lead. My brother's BT is here for a few days soon so I'll expect some decent progress then.
  3. yod dropper

    Not walking on lead

    I've now had my border terrier a month and she's 15 weeks old. I'd say she's shown some caution but not timidity, is active and inquisitive. She seems to be receptive to training and I've some decent recall with her. Usually, she will follow me about the garden. She trusts me and wears a collar with no problems and will move about with a lead attached. She's not frightened of people, traffic, other dogs or bikes. I've had her on a lead on the road outside the house and she happily followed another dog and also ran up the road to meet a family member. However, most of the time she sits, sometimes stands and refuses to walk. With some effort I can occasionally get her to take a few steps. Nearly all of the online advice is about dogs pulling rather than not moving. Before this gets too ingrained, PW, any ideas?
  4. yod dropper

    Waste of tax payers money Eugenie wedding petition

    Crown Estates income to the exchequer: > £300M pa. Civil List to the Royal Family: c. £30M pa. 'Republic' don't like this sort of fact.
  5. yod dropper

    Myxi in hares

    Okay article on the radio this morning. Seems like the first cases were in Spain and first reported one in the UK was Norfolk/ Suffolk border (?) and in fact it turns out are spread all the way up to Scotland. Not yet confirmed as Myxi but looking like it.
  6. yod dropper


    Just measured it, fully 8' round. We've been here 30 years and it was large then. We've some very busy squirrels and I pull up endless seedlings and have recently taken out a couple of saplings to about 15'. I haven't seen one viable nut this year, a poor crop to start, some squirrel activity and lots of shrivelled fruit inside the shell, don't know what that's to do with. I find it's a sporadic cropper and seems to have tailed off more recently so if yours are anything like mine make hay. Really glad your long term vision has paid off and nature gets some reward as well.
  7. yod dropper


    A few years back we had such a heavy crop a large branch came off the tree taking down another branch. Of the remainder I collected over 5 stone and dried them as best I could which I then sold to a farm shop. He said he bought them on the taste, the only others he had and I've seen elsewhere are the inferior Californian ones. A lot this year are empty and the squirrels have had most of the rest. Like a lot of the best food, it's difficult if not impossible for most people to get hold of unless you do it yourself or know somebody who does. Enjoy your treat.
  8. yod dropper

    National Insurance contributions

    I've a feeling the difference between the 35 and 44 year contributions are to do with spousal benefits.
  9. yod dropper

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    Exactly, they won't be tailored to what we want. Even in the EU there's no free market in services which I believe we're the second largest provider of in the world - even our own trade area doesn't favour us. In the Victorian era Little Englanders were those who didn't think we could successfully project our power, that we were rather small and weak and who were in fact rather inward looking. Now of course changing semantics gives it another meaning, often used as an insult dished out by some Remainers. The irony is that they themselves would have been the Little Englanders in Victorian times. What I fear is that we leave the EU, Corbyn's Labour comes to power and the economy crashes. Just as it's been argued that we didn't in fact vote to leave, it's then successfully argued that it was Brexit and not their policies that were to blame and we re-join the EU.
  10. yod dropper

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    A tenuous link. If anything the commentary about Corbyn's rise is that this is the follow on from the financial crisis and ensuing spending cuts. A vote for Blair was a vote for Brexit though. Without trying to take us to the heart of Europe and opening up our borders to the new entrants and the mass migration that followed I doubt the referendum would have been won, let alone taken place; one of his best achievements even if it was an unintended consequence.
  11. yod dropper

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    Makes a change to climate change getting the blame.
  12. yod dropper

    Labour's new policy

    Some of the theory seems well meaning but in practice? Well Amazon doesn't pay dividends so they won't get them, Unilever has moved its registered HQ abroad (a Brexit thing?) and I'm sure many may follow suit if Labour get in to avoid what is effectively a 10% increase in corporation tax and a hostile business environment. The net effect could well be a smaller tax take. There was also talk of not reimbursing companies when nationalised (a bit tin-pot regimish, also very much like not implementing referendum results). Mr McDonnell is an 'unashamed Marxist' who wishes to 'transform the economy by overthrowing Capitalism' so expect more of it. I've previously highlighted the background of some of the key people behind Labour so expect more of this sort of thing. One of them believes the 'deep state' (remember that thread?) is behind the anti-semitism claims and it could also be against their future foreign policy. Meanwhile a Union boss said that Israel orchestrated the anti-semitism row. MP deselection thresholds have been lowered, committee, rather than the Labour deputy would be in charge if Mr Corbyn were incapacitated. Members are being told to 'leave if they're not with the program'. The tone of the whole thing is worrying. Index linked final salary pensions have never looked so attractive.
  13. yod dropper

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    Housing can be more expensive than it appears with large variations depending on location. I think we're bottom third wages, top third house prices in the country. Lots of large scale house building going on and the roads are getting a bit clogged up and it will only get worse. Same with the beaches and other free and paid spaces. I know some other parts of the country have had the same but some haven't. You could say you're an hour travelling before you're on your way to anywhere. Crime is pretty low and we've had a good succession of Chief Constables who tend to stamp on things early. Drug gangs typically come up from London to the city and the market towns, as summer comes and people get their caravans out we get that as well but it's not so bad the rest of the year. Most secondary schools aren't up to much. The city itself is one of the best I've been to, the market towns vary somewhat. Some decent opportunities for various activities in fishing and shooting. Plenty of breweries and freehouses if that floats your boat. In my opinion it's lost its character and it could be any number of places about the country now, in truth at times I barely recognise it. This isn't to say I wouldn't recommend it, I guess a lot depends on what you're used to. Deep down I'm bonded to it though so I can't leave (again).
  14. yod dropper


    It was either Venezuela or Bolivia (a similar regime) that ignored the results of a referendum they held as it didn't give the 'right' result. Oh these corrupt tinpot nations and their arrogant undemocratic actions!
  15. yod dropper


    The leader of Walsall council has been made to apologise after his comments about lawlessness. We know he's broadly right but you can't really say what's true anymore without getting into trouble.