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  1. I've got a feeling the early issue bonds are worth more than face value to collectors.
  2. yod dropper

    Lawn Care

    Check out the lawnsmith website.
  3. This one is still firmly and unarguably an agricultural show with the circus attached. Extensive and prestigious livestock judging, masses of large scale agricultural stands and plenty of scope for proper business networking. That said, even the circus element is everything you'll find at a game fair so putting the two together is pretty good value; I doubt if you could do the show properly in a single day. It's the game fairs I find thin and expensive.
  4. There was a good interview on Farming Today on radio 4 Monday morning with a chap from the GWCT and I think somebody from roughly the other side, well worth a listen. I have a bit of an insight into broader matters and it's only going one way.
  5. Mother said it could depend on when the machine came round and that it did also get done in the winter.
  6. From 'All our working lives' (1986). Len Sharman from Leiston who said he was neither very big nor very strong said that at 55 he carried 135 of these 18 stone sacks of wheat in a days work at troshin time and he went home very tired.
  7. I think I've found mine, Wood Blewit, right at the early stage with the bulbous stem.
  8. Tried, best off with the description.
  9. We''ve lots this year but this one interests me, have seen it previously but ignored it. Found in the woodland garden amongst the litter. It looks as far as I can see almost exactly like Boletus Edulis being the Penny Bun etc. but has gills rather than pores. Have knocked a small one out the ground but doubt I can get any decent sort of photo. I've been looking and looking but I can't find any decent guide as to what it is.
  10. New unworn Army issue, size 12M, goretex lined, vibram sole, no box. £50 and £5 postage or pickup from near Norwich.
  11. They sell it in Roys and you can get pigeon and mallard and other stuff. If it's from Blake's it will be superb as their beef is truly some of the best I've ever eaten, next time I'm over there...
  12. His approval rating is less than half that of Trump much to the disgust of the progressives.
  13. I was delighted to hear Alistair Campbell say that May's deal was not really Brexit and not what was voted for in stark contrast to the provocative comments I continually read on here. We knew what we meant, pseudo-mind-readers who say they know what other people think or thought are often disingenuous or just charlatans.
  14. Oh you leavers! You fail to understand the degree of sense of both moral and intellectual superiority of some of the remain camp. Some of them even know more about what you wanted than you did. Did you ever think you'd be taken seriously?
  15. For those who can remember the remain camp campaign truths about the economic shocks, were these based on us being out of the EU like most countries in the world or partly in the EU like a handful?
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