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  1. Bloodyell that is cheap if I didn't have one I would buy it, fantastic guns
  2. Tony at Happy Valley gun club Grazely should be able help
  3. Cockers have character, well that's a nice way to describe them
  4. My dog is fed raw and 10% of her diet is bones, she has fresh pork rib, lamb rib, and beef rib bones, whole rabbit and chicken , I never feed weight bearing bones from large mammal's these can cause broken teeth.
  5. It comes with experience providing you do a fair amount pigeon shooting, when I used to shoot a lot of pigeons my dogs learnt only to pick up live birds or warm birds, not something I really taught other than directing them to the bird I wanted collected, by the time the dogs had had a couple of seasons they just knew what to pick up no direction needed.
  6. I don't think they are aware they are even doing this so slaps on the nose will probably not work , agree with the others to much to soon especially the hide work, I did the same with a cocker many years ago, never cured and used to drive me mad pigeon and duck shooting. Walked up shooting or beating he was not to bad and I could live with it
  7. You have an active pup that is bored, As OP said mental stimulation is the best thing in this situation.
  8. Hi, Don't take the ball anymore for a while, only reintroduce when he is happy picking up the other objects
  9. Most Choc labs could do with a bit of springer in them, only joking
  10. Get your springer and tell your GF its a Brittany spaniel :lol:
  11. Me and the missus went to a school open night when my youngest was 6 and his teacher showed us a picture he had drawn it was in the what did you do at the weekend theme I nearly died there was 2 stick figures one with what looked like a gun ( ME) and hundreds of dead birds everywhere with red crayon blood everywhere it looked like the battle of the Somme.
  12. A year old and 3 pups you must be mad , best of luck hope all goes to plan, at least you will not be bored
  13. Sorry to hear this hopefully its a one off event
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