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  1. The piston seal will need replacing. They are notorious for going to pieces in the cylinder.
  2. I did some work on a hatsan trigger. I added a longer m3 adjuster trigger. If I remember it was about 9mm long, though great each trigger individually. It helps with trigger release but not first stage travel.
  3. Could I have two please? Please advise how you want paying.
  4. Yes Please. PM me with postage costs and preferred payment
  5. Hi, I'll take the spring, if it's still available?
  6. A couple of things: Can you confirm the ret'? Is that scratching on the eyebell paintwork on your photo?
  7. Must admit I was confused, though I guessed they'd all gone. If you had any more available, please put me down for 2 (either forks or straights)
  8. Received today. Many thanks
  9. Capital Bee

    Smk synsg

    If you've already got it, it's worth a try (for £66). The synsg is a clone of the Diana 34, but you may find the finishing of parts inferior. Barrels can be a bit hit and miss (excuse the pun). I have an xs20 (a HW95 clone) and whilst it was a good rifle to shoot (I bought it pre-tuned from Lyn Lewington the V Mach technician), the barrel let it down on accuracy past 20yds. Being a clone, I purchased a .177 HW95 barrel and quite frankly you will struggle to differentiate firing cycle from my SFS tuned HW95 (also in .177). I also have an smk xs19 in the cabinet and with a welsh will tuning it's shoots very nicely (but needed a trigger upgrade from new, the Gamo 440 and it's clones are pretty notorious for this). I've consistently hit a 40mmx40mm knockdown with the '19 at 75yds at a spring air rifle 'bash', so not all barrels are bad - just some. Hope you have some success with it. If not, Edgar Bros are now Diana agents and you will get some keen pricing on a the full range, but if it's FAC you want, the mod 52 (now that will do 24fpe+) might be the answer.
  10. If any more are available I'd be interested.
  11. Yes please. Could you message me with how you want paying?
  12. To answer a couple of questions: LOP is 14.5" It's chambered 70mm (2.3/4") It's auto safety
  13. The original piston seal degrades with age and basically crumbles in the cylinder, hence no pressure. John Knibbs did the replacement for approx £15 +P&P. Breech seals are O rings, so are small money. If it is an original spring fitted, you will find probably the most preload on any sub12fpe springer, so a spring compressor is a must. It's relatively straight forward to strip down, but be careful when re-assembling as if you cross thread the bolt that holds the back block in place, you're in trouble (especially as the back block is alloy). They're smashing air rifles, I hope you get it back up and running and enjoy it.
  14. Not in any way, shape or form. You will find the closest rifle to the Hatsan is a Webley Stingray (I think).
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