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  1. Capital Bee


    I had the LGV Master Pro. Best shooting rifle out of the box, I've had. A bit weighty, but well balanced. Mine was .177" cal and from memory, it wasn't pellet fussy, performing equally well on most popular premier brands (H&N / JSB)
  2. It's a common problem with the FWB Sports. The piston seal material decays and crumbles to cheese like consistency. It will need a strip down and the piston debris will need to be thoroughly cleaned from the cylinder and piston and a new seal fitted. Seals are still available from spares stockists such as Chambers or John Knibbs. The Sports do require a bit of care to disassemble without losing parts and potentially injuring yourself into the bargain, so as suggested previously, if you're not comfortable stripping down air rifles, leave it to someone else.
  3. Capital Bee


    I've a 1966 HW35 I renovated and have on open sights. It's a nice mid-weight springer capable of legal limit power levels. It depends on what you want really, the HW99 is a nice lightweight and the HW77 is quite a beast to lug around by comparison. I'd not bother with the HW30 as it's best efforts will only give you about 8ft/lbs (can you stalk to sub 20yds on a rabbit?). You won't go wrong with any of the above. I just wish I had the eyesight I had in my younger days as the best I do now is 6 yds bell target.
  4. Hi, is that the price each or for the pair?
  5. As above, it's for a project, so as long as it's in one piece and crack free, I'd be interested
  6. I've dropped you a message as I'm interested in purchasing this.
  7. The piston seal will need replacing. They are notorious for going to pieces in the cylinder.
  8. I did some work on a hatsan trigger. I added a longer m3 adjuster trigger. If I remember it was about 9mm long, though great each trigger individually. It helps with trigger release but not first stage travel.
  9. Could I have two please? Please advise how you want paying.
  10. Yes Please. PM me with postage costs and preferred payment
  11. Hi, I'll take the spring, if it's still available?
  12. A couple of things: Can you confirm the ret'? Is that scratching on the eyebell paintwork on your photo?
  13. Must admit I was confused, though I guessed they'd all gone. If you had any more available, please put me down for 2 (either forks or straights)
  14. Received today. Many thanks
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