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  1. I got an A612 a few weeks ago a its never missed a beat, really good guns for the money,
  2. Are you letting the bolt close as you pull the barrel? Don't think the barrel will move unless the bolt it forward on these guns,
  3. Some good clips on dismantling on YouTube, Jim.
  4. Otters are responsible for clearing goose and duck roosts around parts of Scotland, nothing nice about otters!
  5. Hi, anyone got any Invector chokes for sale, flush or extended,
  6. Anyone had this problem, our Audi A3 wouldn't start the other morning, seams the instrument cluster is faulty which effects the immobiliser, instrument cluster now has to come out and sent away to be repaired, anyone had this problem?
  7. Hi, the gun is a Lincoln fixed 1/4. 1/2 chokes, cartridges were factory clever mirage 24gram #3, , Jim.
  8. Had to give one two shots😉
  9. Took my 16g for a change, 24 grams #3 steel used,
  10. I had my first shot with TSS last week on a very high flighting pink , it just smashed it, load was 1oz # 7 1/2 so loaded up another 10, Jim.
  11. I was told by the researchers who were studying rice breast not to eat them and don't feed them to dogs, Jim.
  12. So if I have sky but don't watch live programs on BBC (which I don't ) are you saying I don't need a TVL ? Jim.
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