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  1. 2hrs 15 wash 3hrs 15 north wales If you 'live in the midlands you have to travel
  2. I have shot both upper and lower moors on Raby , it's the same beaters -pickers up working both and you see quite a few of these dogs, They are wired hair pointers - Labradors cross, Ian Alexandra the keeper on the lower moor has one it worked well, he said they breed the cross as its the perfect dog for the moor and will go all day.
  3. I shot a Widgeon on the wash a few years ago with the same thing , it didn't look like a old injury and in perfect health . The mate who I was with also has one leg so there was some Micky taking and we named the duck after him presented it to him.
  4. Yes it is addictive ! I went for a small day last year , I've been another small day this year a walked up day and a day after ptarmigan going after grouse again Thursday. It's the next best thing to fowling! The walked up day was quiet hard going in the waist high patches of heather that wanted to hang on to you. I spent my allocated money I normally spend on partridge and pheasant on grouse and it is so much more fun being on the moor after wild birds. You will love it!
  5. Biddy

    Golden plover.

    I saw a flock of about ten two weeks ago in Teesdale on the moor.
  6. Not going to argue with you, you always know best. Top key board warrior.
  7. Lot of rubbish being spouted on here by people reading **** news papers, Newcastle fans don't expect the team to play like Barcelona every week (as mentioned in the sun) they expect there to try to win and were cheered off recently for spirited loss. Mike Ashley's interest free lone fails to mention the millions of pounds of advertising he gets for free . The club transfer policy has been to buy cheap young foreign players keep them a couple seasons and sell them on ,this isn't a disillusional statement it is a fact the club haven't tried to hide. The MD Charnley appointed mclaren at the st
  8. Pardew would have kept them up! Palace have won one match in the last 18 , he would be sacked if they weren't in the final.
  9. Walk round the syndicate shoot Saturday 14 killed
  10. Good to see you again yesterday Dwayne, I thought that it was better this year too , interesting topics. Very brave lady from natural England returning again and putting her self in the firing line on the topic of wildfowling consents, you had to have some sympathy for her although, I didn't agree with her. Didn't bag anything in WHT auction but made a couple people dig deep into their pockets.
  11. Biddy

    8 bore

    Any one have 8bore cartridge resizing tool they not using and are willing to sell? Regards Biddy
  12. We have had Ravens on our shoot and around where I live in Leamington for about 3 years and numbers increasing, never saw them around here before that!
  13. No the stamp you buy for your permitt is from the WHT (Wildlife and habitat trust) where all the money raised goes into conservation and loans to help clubs purchase marsh land. Not connected to the WWT.
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