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    I am a Marine Engineer working with the MOD in Devonport dockyard. Before this I was in the RN for 22yrs: 16yrs in Submarines. Originally from Liverpool but don`t hold this against me, wack! I hate footy, but I like a good game of cricket – Howzat! I hail form the deepest Devon these days my luvvers. My interests include coarse angling, model-making, wildfowling, and pigeon shooting, along with the odd rough shoot. Married, two grown-up daughters, one granddaughter – so far!

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  1. Hi Ratty are you still after a 2 7/8 chambered ten. I have one that I am  going to sell. It's a bit heavy for me these days. I had. Triple heart bypass last April, and I finding my ten a bit heavy to carry around the marsh.


    1. Get down there 2/3 hrs before high tide, set up a hide and put some decoys out, just wait and see what happens, or go down there for morning or evening flight. You need to put some hrs in to find the flight lines and roosting areas.
    2. Thanks guys the maxim powder loads look good I will give them a try. 👍
    3. Get a heating Engineer to have a look👍
    4. Does any one have a 12 Gauge reloading fibre load for pigeon shooting 32/34 grams. 👍
    5. Hello Bishop. Ballistic Products do a book for reloading 10g The Mighty 10 Gauge it has al the information you need for reloading with proven recipes. all the best
    6. h I Bruno 22rf, thanks for the advice, had my Op on cthe 6 th April, and I am into my seventh week of recovery, I had. Couple of hiccups in the first couple of weeks but all is going very well. And hopefully I will be back in the field when the season gets going. At moment I am waiting on the phyio people to get in touch. The staff in the Hospital where second to none. A great bunch of gals and guys. Sundodger
    7. Sundodger


      Al pheasants should be shot all year round, they are a blooody nuisance to the native wild life. They will eat just about anything from newts frogs 🐸 lizards and young snakes.
    8. Yeah he was in some really good films. RIP.
    9. Sundodger


      I have got some neoprene gloves but they do not keep my little pinkies warm. I am off to Aldi. Tightchoke, where did you get the flying gloves from.
    10. Hi Samboy I hope things have improved a little since your last post. I am waiting to have my blood pump done, it looks like it will be a triple, Question :- once it is all done and healed up, how long will it be before you can go shooting again. best regards
    11. Sundodger


      This must be one of the hardest things to find, a decent pair of gloves to keep your little pinkies warm. It is not a big ask but try and find some?
    12. I think there is a pigeon shooting club in Scarborough if that any good.
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