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    I am a Marine Engineer working with the MOD in Devonport dockyard. Before this I was in the RN for 22yrs: 16yrs in Submarines. Originally from Liverpool but don`t hold this against me, wack! I hate footy, but I like a good game of cricket – Howzat! I hail form the deepest Devon these days my luvvers. My interests include coarse angling, model-making, wildfowling, and pigeon shooting, along with the odd rough shoot. Married, two grown-up daughters, one granddaughter – so far!

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  1. Hi NB i used to shoot on the Clyde down at Cardross, and between bowling and Dumbarton, hope this helps.
  2. Good Video and very well presented. Hope your season has good so far.🤪
  3. Bloody hell this lockdown is getting bad,😂I suppose the old ones are the best ones.😂🤣😂 I need a 🍺🍺🥃
  4. Things you get upto in this lockdown, I have been busy reloading for the 28g and needed some boxes so I raided the kitchen for cereal boxes and made some cartridge boxes. Stay safe and take care Guys and gals
  5. ClemFandango. Is correct you need to read the licence, and not put your own ideas on it. And if you do end up in court. They will prosecute to the letter of the Law. Your ideas do not matter. The Law is the Law. If you want to change it you need to petition the government.
  6. Good Day, I have an old side by side and the stock looks terrible dirty looking. Is there a way of cleaning this without stripping it, I just want to smarten it up a bit. I was thinking about just using hot soapy water. Then putting some wax on to polish it up a bit. just after your thoughts and experiences. many thanks and take care. Sundodger
  7. That is great bit of kit and looks very professional.😎
  8. thanks Dave i will bear this in mind for the coming season. steve
  9. That's sounds like a good idea Scouse, Maybe we should try and get WAGBI going again, when it all amalgamated into one organisation a lot of Wildfowlers did say it would be the down fall of Wildfowling in this country, it sounds like to me this is what is happening, just a matter of time getting there. Or maybe we should push BASC a bit harder. After all it is are money that pays there Wages.
  10. Further to my last, i have shot a few places around Scotland (Wildfowling) Clyde and Tay Montrose, just not in the Solway area, got the impression it was mobbed with shooters. Stay safe guys
  11. Thanks Shakin. will check the permit out. Thanks Dave whats the score at caerlaveroc. I thought it was a bird sanctuary?
  12. Sundodger


    Anyone shoot Wigtown bay. Just after some pointers, been on Google earth, and found crook of bradnoch and the bird hide and martyer Stake. But where can you shoot? Stay safe guys and Thankyou
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