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  1. Thanks @oldypigeonpoppermust admit I'm swaying towards the Ultra due to the compactness of it, my standing shots might improve then
  2. Honestly mate if you shot with a 10 bore for a few hours the Ultra would look like this,
  3. , I've got a car repair bill heading my way soon then I'll see what is left, I really like the look of those Ultras, a handy little gun to have to go wondering around the woods plus it would be easier for my youngest to shoot with. I bet next time you go you have your shotgun certificate in your back pocket.
  4. Nice gun mate, I've been toying with the idea of getting one of these or an S200, the limited shot count on both doesn't bother me going on the lack of pests on my perms
  5. Lovely looking place to be
  6. No, to make sure they pay
  7. Thanks @JDog much appreciated, I'll be honest due to my faults as a trainer combined with Ronnie's drive it has proven to be at times 'too hot to handle'. With the onset of old age he has slowed down to the point where I know he doesn't have too many shoot days left. I'll admit to being sorely tempted by those lab X's posted on here recently, fate however put a stop to that with a pending car repair bill
  8. Thanks @oldypigeonpopperI joined a more dedicated air rifle forum to learn a bit quicker, still came on here to browse and see what was going on.
  9. Evening all, on Saturday we had what could possibly be our last shoot in the wood this season. This was only the 2nd shoot, the 1st resulted in a total bag of 2 pheasants and 2 squirrels, not great for a walk one stand one syndicate but it was a washout that day so we hoped there'd be a few more birds around on Saturday. The record for this shoot stood at 54 achieved last season, we had no idea that we'd end up on Saturday with 70! Everything just fell into place, the beating line had more strength in numbers and was more organized, better shooting from the guns and most pleasing for me was no lost birds thanks to good dog work. This brings me to my picture, Ronnie is now 12 years old and still has the drive to go all day, age is certainly catching up with him but to see him still flushing out birds as well as retrieving unseen birds shot was a joy I know I won't see for much longer. This partridge flew high over the firs and is up to now my shot of the season, made all the more special by Ronnie retrieving yet another blind. I must admit to not posting on here very much recently due to lack of shooting and getting more into my air rifles, Saturday proved to be a reminder it's simply not all about the shooting, cheers.
  10. I've heard Jdog this is the way, although I've witnessed thermal being used but thats just cheating 😁
  11. @Balotelli the remedies you suggest would come at a great cost indeed and a lot of patience would have to be demonstrated by the applicants, I've heard on the grapevine best way to demonstrate this patience is to go searching for pigeons
  12. He said he's had some funny looks at shows when folk go to pay for a leather slip only to be told to go try it first. He's a Lancastrian like yourself mate, clearly a trusting bunch πŸ˜‰
  13. Evening, I would just like to say what a pleasure it was to deal with Phil from Ogden's Shooting Supplies, I called yesterday to enquire about a new shotgun slip for my Dad for a Christmas present. Phil is a very pleasant guy to talk to, knows his stuff and even explained the reason why he posts his stuff out BEFORE you pay. I was amazed to walk in the house this evening and find it had already been delivered, the quality of the Windsor slip is fantastic and I was soon bank transferring the money across, highly recommended.
  14. That is one mightily impressive bag, I bet you were over the moon
  15. Check out the airgun forum pal, lots of info on there
  16. That is one nicely baited hook you have there
  17. Recently watched match of the day mate so it was on my mind πŸ˜‚, what they do for a penalty nowadays is quite something, I reckon if that Police Officer sneezed he would of still gone over
  18. Am I the only one who has watched this video and seen some idiot fall to the floor quicker & easier than a Premier League footballer? On the plus side it stopped him making that awful racket
  19. Contrary to some ill-informed old guy's belief that roaming around is the idiot way of doing it my lad's best tally for an hour's work was 26 .
  20. Ttfjlc


    I would look into it sooner rather than later as I believe to some degree certain pensions aren't worth bothering with. I joined my company's pension scheme at 30, I pay in 6% company 12% and I'm due to get just shy of Β£5K a year 'if' I retire at 65, talking to a customer a few months ago about pensions, he worked for BAE for 8 years in the 90s, non-contributory scheme lump sum and gets just shy of Β£5k a year πŸ™„.
  21. Ttfjlc

    Smart Meter

    I like the SMETS2 assets now they've sped up the installation/scheming side of it as it has less impact on a customer's time especially when a lot of my customers are trying to work from home. You're right about the electronics, when you consider the number of assets out there law of averages dictates theres bound to be a few issues here and there. Maybe if all the companies had got together then things might of been different, however some suppliers went forward with their plans while others held back to see how it played out. Believe this or not but there were/are some seriously clever people working on the technology, problem is they could never predict every possible outcome, even when the latest smart meters came out we were told we'd still see issues, for example when trials were run by teams in certain areas around the country the computer system could cope easily, when systems went fully mainstream and you have a 1000 technicians trying to scheme assets glitches become inevitable but they DO learn from them quickly. What would you of insisted they do to test every single person's property? That would be some task to carry out and could of resulted in bills being even higher, one good example is a customer's smart meter worked fine in the winter (when it was installed) yet come spring it kept glitching, turned out a pretty big tree helped disrupt the signal when it was in leaf. πŸ‘
  22. Ttfjlc

    Smart Meter

    Energy companies really don't help themselves at times with their call centre tactics, easiest Pro's are automatic meter readings, possibly cheaper bills and if you are suffering with high bills the SED/PPMID really does show you where the money is going. Cons vary from iffy signals, occasional software glitches, green flashing lights (yes I really did attend a job for that). Of course there are the scare stories about meters having the built in function to be cut off hence pay your bills otherwise someone will hover their finger over the 'off' buttonπŸ™„ . Truth is I've attended far more emergency call out jobs where it turns out the customer's equipment is faulty rather than our metering equipment, even when it is our equipment its a classic meter which has lost its display. Of course the easy way to save money on tariffs is to make sure the local 'well respected electrician' hasn't removed the time clock hence losing your E7/E10 in the process 🀣. A cutout fuse rated at 80A will run slightly higher, if people do become concerned about maxing out their fuse rating they can always contact their relevant DNO about upgrading to 3 phase. πŸ‘
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