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  1. 2 with the Ultimate Sporter, I presume martinj shot those 4 rats and didn't just happen upon them and laid his gun next to them claiming them. Total 75
  2. Do you fill off a dive cylinder bud? If so it may need refilling
  3. Ttfjlc

    Bc testing

    All very interesting stuff, I can tell more and more you were the kid to sit next to at school
  4. 4 storms in 4 weekends is just cruel, hope you got out
  5. In all fairness you have commented on a near decade old thread
  6. I'm amazed if no one has snapped this opportunity up, just waiting to see if someone offers the same down here in South Lincs
  7. , Mice did it like bis mags before the tune? When I owned a hw100 I had the reg worked on and jsb heavies went from hero to zero
  8. Ttfjlc


    29 days and counting when my account will be closed forever unless I decide to email them again if I change my mind hmmm.... No thanks, gutted as well as I'd been browsing for FAC air rifles the day of the ban and found several listings to help pass the time.
  9. Ttfjlc

    Pard nv008

    Evening, I have the 008 and it's a great bit of kit, daylight mode is more than adequate for most needs and I know you can buy 3D printed sun shades as well.
  10. Unlucky mate just as you were getting underway with the testing, I would joke and say get an air arms but I cursed those as well.
  11. Ttfjlc

    New tool

    Please do it was meant that way, 'boffin' sprung to mind once I'd posted
  12. Ttfjlc

    New tool

    I'm no air rifle expert but in my experience @Ultrastu is one of the best air rifle nerds on here, @LampwickI can imagine you were grinning from ear to ear when the gun was finally in your possession, if you haven't already seen it look at Giles' video about the power plenum on YouTube, he loves it.
  13. If lead does get banned I'm hoping JSB have it covered
  14. Never thought I'd see the day when @bruno22rf was happy with an R10 @Mice! Nice looking gun, you would of got great advice from those 3, my mate has 2 mk1s and he loves them.
  15. Well done pal, look forward to the report
  16. When I owned a hw100 a lot of people rated a company called 'hw100tuning' for all their needs.
  17. I have been fitting meters for over a decade now so kinda know what I'm doing, one thing that clearly stands out is the older generation are far more careful and considerate when it comes to energy consumption. Trust me when I say it's quite amazing just how many folk out there who are completely oblivious to what things cost and how they work, during a monitor demo the most common thing I hear is, "oh, didn't realise it used that much." Are smart meters compulsory? No Are they free? No, paid for via bills Meter readers out of a job? A: Meters are legally required to be checked once every 2 years, including smart meters. B: Not everyone wants a smart meter so readers are pretty safe for a few years. Does the monitor/SED/IHD save you money? Well now, on my demos I simply point out it will make you fully aware of where the money is going, depending on the customer's lifestyle they may save nothing or save a small fortune. I really must stress this, if you have an older property please be aware that rules do change so therefore if you have a long suffering fitter like me turn up and tell you something isn't right, don't think we're trying to sell you something with a scare story and remember we're audited hence would get a telling off for not informing you.
  18. 5 last night with the Ultimate Sporter. Total 189
  19. Seen this on social media in a couple of places now, I'd be very interested to see the fake certificate to see how genuine it looked.
  20. Hi, cleaned the barrel to ensure any oil or grease was removed, something to note the 2 stand out brand's are both made by JSB. I spent ages trying to see how to tag Bruno then along comes Mice to show me how It really is a great gun mate, technically I can curse any gun brand, if a particular model suffered a 1 in 10,000 glitch I'd be willing to bet that's the one I'd buy! My friend spelled it out, it was a so and so experience with a happy ending, 3 month old 2nd hand gun, 60 mile round trip to get the gun, wouldn't index and could barely close the side lever, another 60 mile round trip 2 days later to return gun, off to Air Arms it went, many days pass so I contact Air Arms direct, receive an apology as chap was on holiday and it hadn't been touched for 11 days, just a 'can't believe my luck' type of thing but Air Arms then to their credit turned it around in no time. To answer your question about easily replaceable yes it is, invoice states time taken to fix indexing issue and replace breach seal was 15 minutes.
  21. Cheers mate, yes all those pellets were already in my possession thanks to the hw100 being super pellet fussy.
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