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  1. Potter64

    Molly 2010-2019

    Out tomorrow beating so that going to be different, thanks to all who have taken the time to post its only been a couple of days but it's getting easier.. Don't think to much now about the night it happened more the memories we shared DAZZA9t9 that's one nice looking pup enjoy the time you have together and see if you can stop it putting its tongue out at you😝
  2. Potter64

    Molly 2010-2019

    Thanks for all your kind words. The thing that bugs me the most is not knowing what it was she had really only Been in three places beating rest of her exercise had been in the village on the lead. so my main concern was friends dogs if it is something in any of those areas then there dogs are at risk . I know they had sprayed the rape recently but for what I don't know it may. Something Be harmless. thanks guzzicat i think that's what I miss most at the moment is she was such character . I'm not new to this I know how it works I had three dogs but have lost the two older ones over the last couple of years I was not expecting Molly to go, I may leave it a while but I am sure there will be another cocker along.
  3. Potter64

    Molly 2010-2019

    Thanks I'm doing ok it's just finding two slippers side by side that's taking some getting used to one would normally be in the porch other under a bush in rear garden somewhere
  4. Potter64

    Molly 2010-2019

    You may be right J dog I may be way off you can google too much I suppose, but it was the orange poo that seemed to fit she's gone had I known the ending that was coming which was not very nice I would have put her to sleep that morning.
  5. Potter64

    Molly 2010-2019

    Lost my best mate New Year's Day so it's with a sad heart that I am writing this just to warn anyone on here who's dog falls ill. From what I have learned since it appears to be some kind of pesticide/ insecticide that did the deed that she has either licked off herself or digested she may have even drank from a puddle I don't know how it's go into her. It started with diarrhoea and sickness her poo been ( orange) the vet diagnosed gastroenteritis and treated her for this.A few hours later she passed away I still feel that I let her down when she needed me but hope that fades with time but I will cherish the time I had with her RIP Molly. anyway enjoy what's left of the season and happy new year to all
  6. Potter64

    unexplained wealth order

    When they get to the bottom of this maybe they will have time to look at the caravan clubs earnings.
  7. Potter64

    Metal fabricators

    Why don't you get some 30 X 30 X 3 angle between posts,drill holes every 300 mm sit your trellis into it one third of way from bottom and top paint it black you won't see it
  8. Potter64


    Wasn't after shooting just noticed while passing someone who shoots the land may not have seen em
  9. Potter64


    Any of you guys shoot land round the base at Caledonia. There’s a couple of rape fields opposite the base one runs back to the main road that were absolutely covered in pigeons today and I mean covered.
  10. Potter64

    Log Horse

    Type in log holder on you tube, the red one at the top half an hour to make and works a treat . Will hold a 300 mm log 3000 mm long and is a comfortable height to work
  11. Potter64

    Mundford Norfolk

    Is it available on catchup, joking apart not a bad place to stop nice food good beer Will stop again if I'm passing now I know some of the local sayings
  12. Potter64

    Mundford Norfolk

    Just checking out the menu not seen road kill on before Not really in to cricket
  13. Potter64

    Mundford Norfolk

    Dam I'm going to stand out like a sore thumb, will have to get room service or bat it out till breakfast.
  14. Potter64

    Mundford Norfolk

    Well your very lucky to have a village pub that knows how to keep a good pint, will see if the foods as good later
  15. Potter64

    Mundford Norfolk

    See what the ladies are like after a few pints, will try and get one on my expenses