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  1. Try AV11LLA Black Lamborghini 2017
  2. This doesn’t look as bad from the angle the picture was take but believe me no normal person would have set off
  3. It will get easier mate he looked a big old boy.
  4. Just done my renewal, received a letter from gp saying they wanted £40 to Sign and I needed to contact them to pay. So I thought I would just leave it and see what happened, it's not a huge amount but they didn't get paid for the first letter they sent and it wouldn't have taken much longer to reply direct to police. Received cert through post this week this is with north Yorks so why should it be any different for other forces . Hope you get sorted Mikky
  5. It was on A19 near Durham this morning
  6. The stack does go up the corner of the bathroom into the loft and to the ridge of roof the diameter of the pipe (4") just makes it a bit tight to get the units in. I just thought if I could half the pipe diameter but still allowing it to draw air and still vent I might get away with it I have found some offset reducers that I could fit leaving what's in the loft 4" and reduce it to 2" in the bathroom itself I can give it a go and see if it's ok I can always reinstate back to original. Good idea the anti Syphon on the sink that will help
  7. Thanks for the replies will have to see how much room is in the toilet unit
  8. Its the diameter of the pipe in the bathroom that I want to reduce I just thought as long as it can draw air it woul be ok. Think I need to smash a hole in wall and have a better look
  9. Just need a bit of help, daughter has just bought another house needs new bathroom the previous owner had boxed the soil stack 300mm deep 800mm wide enough to sit the toilet against with the sink in a recess back to wall. She wants to fit a vanity unit with matching toilet back to the wall, this is where the problem is the down stairs cloakroom is directly below the bathroom so the soil stack runs the full height of the house into the loft and up to roof ridge what I want to do is cut the stack above the toilet outlet upstairs reduce the pipe diameter to say 50mm until it's in the loft then back to 110, this would mean I could make the boxing in as small as possible allowing a bit more wall to fit units I know I may have to cut the units at floor level so the question is would a 50mm pipe allow enough air into stack to stop it vacuuming
  10. Sorry lads not been on for a while. Yes Perce/ Jamie he is kingscott tuxedo bred by Richard not sure how you narrowed it down to the name but 10/10 had him a couple of weeks now, he has his mad moments but most of the time he is really good not done a lot with him just letting him settle in. See how he turns out in time but for now he has filled a big hole
  11. That’s what I like about them they are all different his brother was a completely different dog to him, he was like he was on crack
  12. Will do my best with him, all the ingredients are there so he should make a nice little dog
  13. I did search it myself quickly is buccleuch gun dogs Dumfries and Galloway that may be the connection?
  14. The guy said there was a champion cocker called the same about 40 yrs ago i don’t dislike it, like you say it’s unusual
  15. Thanks Jdog no this little fellow should keep me busy
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