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  1. Hi all this may of been discussed many times before. anybody know a game dealer in the midlands area that will take woodies fresh or frozen please. thanks. Flycoy
  2. Well, wish you all the best, feelings, likes and dislikes change as we age. as long as your happy with the stall you set, thats all that really matters. might have to do that DIY though !! take care and thanks for the advice you have given, stay safe Flycoy
  3. Been there today, looking very well laid out, gonna be a good show I think
  4. Evening All, we have a lot of it by us , acres and acres. its sown and covered with a biodegradable polythene, by the time it breaks through its too big for the crows to pull up. I think our local farmer is growing it for animal feed so its cut late in the summer and they use a tractor with two spinning disc blades on the front which throws it everywhere. Its then picked up and clamped into bails. we wont get any pigeon interest until its cut then they and crows etc will hammer the field until its all cleared up. if any strips are being left for game cover, you can get a good mid field hide in the edge of it and be unseen. make sure your out of it before the machine comes back!!!😄
  5. good post thanks yep quarry ID is important, a few Ravens by me too
  6. Seems you all know each other might be a good idea when it suits you to bring the kids along on the same day, they can have some fun and we could have an unhealthy breakfast then get the kids shooting with each other. Flycoy.
  7. That's great he did really well to shoot 5, sounds like he is gonna cost you some money !! nice little gun the Yildiz very light. happy decoying !!
  8. Yeah he is a bit young at the mo Just let me know when your ready and will take a look. thanks for the replies. Stay safe.
  9. Sorry Jim. just seen this reply. I work independently and use Kibworth as a base because it is such a good place for coaching and very receptive to novices. next time I am there I can have a look at your son if it helps and get him started. always happy to help and give advice to novices as they are our future in shooting. if I am there working anyway I can spare some time to help. 8 is a good age to start but can help younger kids, normally helping guide the 410 to the target with them but they love to break clays. Most dads or moms would like to do it themselves but I find the kids listen to a coach more and don’t blame us if it doesn’t go to plan. ! I have all the gear to help pad them out and ensure they don’t feel any discomfort. I often get asked or told to use the 12 bore side by side because “my dad and his dad used it so he will use it “ but I refuse and insist on the right size gun for them, they will hit over 50% most times. to see I young lad or girl walking away telling their mom and dad what they have hit with a empty cartridge and a clay in their hand full of confidence and pride means the world to me. That’s what it is all about , not always the money as some would think. BAsc run regular young shots days in the summer usually. Very cheap child care and great fun for the kids , shooting etc and meeting new friends. When we are back into it. Will help if I can. Thanks All stay safe. Flycoy.
  10. no time limit on it just let me know Happy to help the kids get started
  11. no prob, message me when you think she is ready and will arrange a day when I am at the ground and we can sort.
  12. Ocarsdad think you are leicester way, when things are back to normal bring her to Kibworth and if you pay for the clays and carts I will help her along with a free lesson when she is a bit bigger. got to encourage the kids. if that suits you Flycoy
  13. Good to see. my daughter was the same. Son wasn't that bothered. keep her keen if you can. trouble is they get bored and cold quickly. 👍
  14. i have a friend who has just sold a good ground near me, when he put Claymate in after years of having just score cards, he got some real nasty abuse on social media. obviously from the bad counting members. luckily more good members than bad
  15. totally agree with the above, dead on, I met a married couple a few years back, who were at the end of their tether with shooting, especially the lady. they had spent a lot of money at a top clay ground having joint lessons. They were struggling to say the least, when I asked them about eye dom they hadn't got a clue and after 6 lessons they had never been checked or asked! they were both strong left eye dominant, shooting from the right shoulder both eyes open!!! closed the left eye and hit 9 out of 10, both went off happy and still shooting eye dom is a very interesting subject, diagnosed correctly it can be sorted, but is very often not good discussion though
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