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  1. markyboy07

    Mossberg Hushpower 20 gauge

    You can have mine if you're offering £999?
  2. markyboy07


    Where abouts are you based? I'm interested in one of the 20g machines
  3. markyboy07

    Webley & Scott 410 Junior .410

    Thanks for the info, I'll contact my friend now and get him measured up and see what he thinks
  4. markyboy07

    Webley & Scott 410 Junior .410

    What sort of age range is this gun suitable for? I appreciate kids all come in different shapes and sizes but roughly speaking.My friend is after a 410 for his son, he's 7 and average height and weight. It may be a bit to soon but I was wondering if he could grow into this gun.
  5. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    Well I managed to a little bit more today but not as much as I would have liked, my friend was taking a customer clay shooting at churchills wycombe. Unfortunately the guy cancelled last minute and I was able to take his place free of charge??. Also shot the best I'd shot in ages!! I started by threading a length of 1/2 " steel pipe which I placed in the air adjustment bracket and through into the reducer to help with alignment before welding up.Again apologies for the poor welding (it is getting slightly better) next I drilled and tapped an end cap and then fitted a mig tip to act as the gas nozzle. f I then assembled everything together to check the alignment. in the next two photos you can see the aluminium air flow adjuster wound half way and fully closed. I still need to epoxy the aluminium washers to the steel inserts, I'm in two minds weather to just make them out of steel and weld them up for ease. May pop in tomorrow if the rain persists and get them finished. ( kinda hope it rains lol)
  6. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    The air intake will be adjusted by winding the aluminium washers up and down, will hopefully be more obvious when fully assembled Yes your right, I had my head down and *** up and wasn't thinking, they say it's all in the prep.
  7. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    So I finally managed to get some more done on the burners today. I cut the scaffold tube to length and then made some recesses on the lathe to house the reducers before they are welded in place. These are going to be the hot end of the burners if you like. I'm not much of a welder as you can see, so a bit of neatening up was required with the grinder. Next I made some knurled washers out of aluminium, I then cut down some threaded collers to use as inserts into these washers. These are going to act as the air flow valves. I'm just making this up as I go along depending on what materials I can find, I think I will epoxy these inserts in place as they wont be under to much heat or pressure. Next job was to make some very similar washers out of steel to act as end caps for the air flow brackets they also had threaded collar sections inserted, but as this is a steel assembly I was able to spot weld in place. There will be a threaded pipe through the centre that the aluminium washers will wind up and down on, this will also be the gas feed with mig welding tip acting as the gas nozzle. If you are wondering what the bloomin he'll I'm talking about this is a link to the YouTube clip that I'm copying https://youtu.be/ddI2HGxcnr4 hopefully next time I post there will be a picture involving flames!!!!!
  8. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    Just struggling to find the time at the minute, should have a bit more time and motivation over the next couple of weeks hopefully
  9. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    Neither, it belongs to the college where I work
  10. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    It's been a busy week at work, so only been able to squeeze in the odd craft hour here and there. I managed to get a bit of work done on the burners. I cut some 3/4" pipe to 8" in length and tapped both ends on the threading machine. Fitted the 3/4 - 11/2" reducer and then put in the lathe to remove the threads, apparently this ensures a better air flow. The technician at work is new so it took a while to find the right tools for the job and even then it was a bit of a compromise. The reducers are extremely hard and it destroyed the first tool that I used. It was a little better at a lower speed and only removing small amount at a time. I've cut some old scaffold tube up for the other end of the burner and next week I will weld on a nut so that it can be fitted to the pipe. Then there's a bit of experimenting to be done with the gas pipe work before testing them.
  11. markyboy07

    Miroku 7000 sp1 12 gauge

    I don't know much about these guns, I think it's a reasonable question Thanks for the info
  12. markyboy07

    Miroku 7000 sp1 12 gauge

    Do you know the age and LOP. rgds markyboy07
  13. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    Yes I have seen that method and may well go that route also. I'm a long way off of retirement but my garden is in need of attention also? I will try and find a healthy balance
  14. markyboy07

    Gas bottle forge

    So after watching many episodes of forged in fire and attending a knife making day at a local blacksmiths I've decided to have a go at making my own forge. It's in the early stages. I purchased a bottle off of the bay and after watching a few YouTube vids I angled ground the the top handle/ valve guard off. This made access to the valve a lot easier, once the valve was removed with the aid of a large set of stilsons I filled it up with water a few times to ensure all the gas was gone. I then cut the base off and cut out a door in the front face. Ive ordered myself some ceramic wool for insulating the inside and also a bottle of rigidizer to firm up the wool once in place. I'm still a little unsure what refractory to use over the wool, there's a lot of theories about what is best, if any one could recommend a suitable product it would be much appreciated . It seems that most suggestions on the web are only available in the USA. I'd really like to get some ITC100 but not sure if this is available, too expensive or maybe overkill for what I need. I think I will mainly be using it for heat treating knife blades to start with and unlikely to be tackling forge welding for a while. But I would still like to build it to be efficient and have the capability of higher temperatures if I need it in the future. I've made a start on the burners I want two as its a large cylinder 15kg I think? I work at a construction college so have access to the plumbing departments goodies. I'm using 3/4 " steel pipe and some 3/4 to 1 1/2" reducers and I'm in the middle of fabricating some brackets for the air flow adjustment. Again I'm copying a design I've seen on you tube. Here's the project so far. Next job is cut the front off and rig up some hinges to make the front open completely, this will help when coating the cool with rigidizer and refractory. Then finish the burners cut holes and weld in place. Will post more picture as the project progresses. Advise and guidance welcome. markyboy
  15. markyboy07

    20g auto

    I've got a Winchester sx3 in 20 g, great little gun nice and light and easy to strip and clean. Won't cycle 21g cartridges but great hide gun