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  1. A friend of mine is wanting to start his 9 year old boy shooting he tried a 410 a couple of weeks ago and he loved it. Can you tell me the LOP on the junior wood work and the weight when fitted please? Also do you think it would suit a 9 year old? Or is this a bit to big? I know this is difficult to say as all kids are different but I would say he is of average build.
  2. I have one and get on ok with it. There are quite a few you tube vids offering tips which I watched prior to use and the main jist was to use the same amount of strokes each side and keep going until a burr has formed before swapping sides
  3. My friend bought a metal shed similar to that, it was very flimsy and fell apart during a storm in the first year of purchase.
  4. Im planning on making something similar, my mate has a load of old fire extinguishers that i was hoping to chop up and stick together for the flue. Not sure if they are suitable or if there is a safe way of removing the valve though. anyone ever dismantled an extinguisher before??
  5. This looks like a good size bench lathe. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metal-Lathe-Myford-A5-V-belt-conversion-/254843995231?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  6. I'd love a lathe also and have been keeping an eye out for one at the right price. Facebook market place has had some real bargains but you have to be quick as the good stuff doesn't hang around long. I think some of the myford lathes are small enough to go on a bench but not t up on the model names. Drummond was another one that maybe suitable
  7. Ive been itching to have a go at damascus steel for a while now. i did try once before by hand and got as far as setting the initial welds but they started to open up whilst drawing out. So this is the first proper attempt using my hydraulic press. I started by cutting two different types of steel to size i used 15N20 and 1095. i then stacked them up and welded the billet at each end. Before heating up I soaked the billet in parrafin, this helps reduce oxidisation during the heating process, as well as having a reducing flame and using borax before the billet
  8. I have a record power bench mounted pillar drill. I use it for drilling metal and wood and it has had no trouble with either. I use 20mm drill bits with small shafts on mild steel and with some spray and patience it is more than capable. I was gifted the drill by a friend so unsure of the price I'll check the model tomorrow And put it on here.
  9. This is my new toy i picked up cheap last week. It needed a bit of modifying, ive raised the bed and dropped the cylinder down a little to make it suit my needs. ive also made up some quick change dies. The billet in the video is my first attempt at damascus that i tried by hand back in April. It didnt go well and resulted in poor welds and i was unable to draw the billet out due to poor technique and lack of muscle power. by hand it took me a couple of hours to set the weld and draw it out about an inch and a half. On the press i doubled its length in two heats/ about ten minutes. Have
  10. i think its his forge to the right.
  11. Heres the link to the page on different motors suitable for grinders. http://dcknives.blogspot.com/p/grinder-motors.html
  12. ignore that just checked mines not a 2.5hp its a 2.2KW which is 3HP. 2HP may be a little under powered.
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