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  1. quite right, its been a long day lol now edited Thanks mate, i will also get round to making some tongs at some point honest.
  2. Ive not been getting as much knife making in as id like recently due to a new job. i have made a few and will get round to writing them up and posting them eventually. I bought some leather tools a while back and have finally got round to using them. I have made one sheath before at a knife making taster day but a lot of the leather work had been pr-prepared so this is the first one from scratch. i started with a paper template (knifes the wrong way round in the picture i know) and then transferred this to the leather and cut it out. I then wetted the leather and had a go at some stamping, the outside edge pattern was OK but i went a little wrong with the pattern in the centre. i dont have photos for all the steps as i got a bit carried away with what i was doing, but i then shaved some of the leather out of the center and wetted it again to allow it to fold easily. i then used a tool which i dont know the name of to mark the stitch line, this was quite satisfying to use and for a cheap kit really well made. It has a small sharp hole which cuts a circular cross sectioned sliver out of the leather. next i cut the welts, which protect the stitching from the blade as well as allow some room for the handle to fit in. These are roughed up with sand paper first before being glued together with contact adhesive.Once the glue had fully dried i used the pricking irons to mark the stitch holes, once they were marked i drilled them through with a hand held drill. i started using a bradel but found that hard work. i shaved the edge of the belt loop to allow it to fit smoothly when glued. i then started the stitching, i used a saddle stitch which uses two needles, one at each end of the thread and both needles pass each other in the opposite direction going through the same hole. next a bit of leather die and a bit of wet forming around the handle. Once the leather has dried ill use some boot polish and a heat gun to both shine and protect the leather. Its not perfect but a good starting point, i really enjoyed making this and am looking forward to making some more. even though the stamping isn't great you don't really notice it once its been dyed and folded. i'm making a friend a filleting knife so once i've finished the handle i'll be making a sheath for that next, i'll take my time a bit more with that one and hopeful i'll be able to see some improvement.
  3. is it multi choke? and barrell length please?
  4. cant see the latest photos for some reason? any one else not see them or is it just me?
  5. Thanks for all the input, i will have a go at the techniques mentioned and see how i get on. i did set my anvil up to the right height so have no excuses there just need to keep practising!!
  6. Managed to get this finished Monday, just didn't have time to post until now, went for some Mexican rosewood this time. Quite happy with this one but know i can do better. Ive got some decent drills now so know i can completely loose the pins on the bolsters next time.
  7. blimey that is tick to start with, might have to try that, what are the starting dimensions and how far can you draw it out?
  8. Last week La bala said he would like to see a knife forged from a billet, not one to shy away from a challenge i had a go, this is what i have so far and will hopefully finish off next week. I have to say it wasn't easy, i think my main problem was the billet thickness, i started off with 5mm which i think in hindsight is a little thin?? when i was profiling the shape it caused the sides to become dished or concave which resulted in a thin blade whilst grinding. I have ordered some 8mm thick bar for next time. i started by marking out the rough shape and chalking some reference marks on the anvil, i then welded a bar to the billet and stuck her in the forge. the original bar was to thin to handle comfortably so i opted for something a little larger which really helped. I started hammering out the t[p first As you can see from the next photo i didnt go about this in the right way and i developed a bit of a forked end To prevent a cold shut forming I ground off one of the points Once the tip was formed i started to rough out the handle shape and start the bevels once id formed the rough shape i removed the handle and started to grind into shape You can see by the remaining scale how the side of the blade is dished i wasnt happy with the drop point so ground a clip point like before, not sure why really as looking back at the photos i quite like the original shape. next i ground in the bevels and drilled the handle for the scales and this time i thought i'd try a bolster I then heat treated the blade and put in the oven for tempering, while i was waiting i had a little practise at some file work on some scrap material, Bit more practise and i might try it on my next knife After the blade had cooled i polished her up The brass bar finally arrived a day late and i set about forming the rough shape. i drilled both pieces and pinned together to ensure they were symmetrical and polished the front faces prior to gluing to the handle I annealed the pins before assembly as i wanted to peen them into place before the epoxy set. Had a bit of trouble with the pins, my drill bit didnt entirely match the pin dimensions it seems or maybe the holes were a fraction off (something i need to work on!) then glued up Well thats it so far, will hopefully finish the handle tomorrow.
  9. The sharpener arrived so here are some photos of the sharpened edge, you can literally shave with it!!
  10. markyboy07

    Winchester 1897

    Sussex guns have one for £900 section one sorry
  11. yes the deluxe model, which arrived today so will try it out tomorrow after some scrap practise and some tutorials from youtoob.
  12. as its a bit cooler next week i will accept your challenge lol Members 45 posts From:Berkshire Report post Posted just now as its a bit cooler next week i will accept your challenge lol
  13. As you may know from previous posts, i have spent a long time building a gas bottle forge and a grinder suitable for knife making. Now these are all finished ish, i couldn't wait to start my first knife, due to the heat wave and unbearable temperatures in the workshop i thought id start with just stock removal rather than forging. i toyed with different designs and thought about downloading a template but really wanted it to be all my own work. i went for a clip point as I've always liked Bowie style knives, now its complete i may try the same design again but with a drop point to make it a bit less pointy. I started by drawing my shape and gluing to some 1095 steel. It appeared a little short so i cut and opened it up slightly. I then cut the rough shape with an angle grinder before belt grinding the final shape I then fitted the smaller wheel to grind the front finger groove. I then set up my tool rest ,its huge i know! i thought id make it big just in case i want to make some larger knives it also really helps with keeping the handle flat for the whole length of the blade. This is a 10" wheel that i recently purchased (recommended by fatchap👍) then drilled holes in the handle. next a bit of research on quenching 1095, you have to let it soak for about 5-10 mins at critical temperature (non magnetic) before quenching in oil that has been heated. i had no way of measuring how hot the oil was so had to wing it somewhat by quenching a hot length of angle iron first. i put the blade in a piece of box section to try and distribute the heat evenly and tried to keep an eye on the colour, this would have been easier done in lower light. after heat treat i tempered in the oven at 410 degrees c for two hours and then left to cool overnight in the oven. I then polished up the blade ready for the handle, i think i went 60,80,120,240,400,600,800,1200,1500 and then 2000 grit before buffing but i need to get some polishing compound for this to be more effective. also eagerness got the better of me and i rushed this process resulting in not a great finish. (next time will be better) For the handle i used a piece of oak burl that a friend had given me many years ago, i had no idea if it would be suitable or not or whether it would need stabilising . i tried to cut it with an old band saw of my dads but the machine was either under powered or had a blunt blade or both? so i just clamped and hand sawed it. Unfortunately one of the scales had a large void. Rather than throw it away i thought id have a go at filling it with epoxy and sawdust and using that side once sanded to be inward facing and glued to the handle so it would not be seen. It actually came out ok i then cut the rough shape of the scales and drilled the holes and pinned the two together an proceeded to sand the front of the scales, this is to prevent scratching the polished blade when fitted. Once the handle was glued together i wrapped the blade and started to profile the handle. Once i was happy with the shape i started to hand sand the wood and brass pins and the finished result For a first attempt, without supervision I'm over the moon with the result. I know its not perfect and next time i will work on the polished finish, i have learnt a lot and will use this to improve moving forward. i will invest in more belts to assist with this, i have a lansky sharpener arriving tomorrow so ill be able to put a good edge on it also. like i said before i may keep this rough shape and maybe try with a drop point next time. ill post some more photos when i have started the sheaf.
  14. Great photo, would luv to try something like this, and i get that sharks would be more curios than dangerous its just i think i would feel a little vulnerable on a jet ski. Like most things i'm sure your confidence grows the more you do it and the reward far out-ways the risk. more reports like this would be great
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