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  1. Paul Harrell. I watch a few people sporadically, but Harrell is dry and informative. He mostly does ammo tests, talks about the differences in guns, and shoots dull targets but I find him interesting. I only have a shotgun, but I even find his random handgun ammo tests interesting.
  2. Shoot left with right eye dominance. I find a high vis bead compensates so shoot with both eyes open. I struggle much more with a gun that has a simple bead and really need to shoot with one eye in that situation.
  3. What kind of Escort? All the ones I've played with needed it so assumed it was universal.
  4. Well... I guess I'll just shrug and leave it there. You've got a tidy straw man set up now, and even had the fun of calling me a snowflake so there isn't much left but to be further trolled. Oh well. I'll continue to watch the news with interest.
  5. I think you're being a touch disingenuous with how I worded my response, and pretty aggressive to boot. I agree that the complexity of the issue would have been, and still frankly is, hard to contextualise in a way that allows everyone who could vote on it have a clear understanding of what they'd get either way. I don't agree with the way a figure was plastered on a bus as rock solid truth, and neither do I agree that tales of doom and woe impacting jobs/the economy/the NHS were helpful to make a reasoned or considered view either. But has the process to date been poor and disappointing? Yes. I'm not actually of the view that we "chuck democracy" and stop Brexit. I suppose a (democratic) vote on what we have on the table, which might be something like no Brexit, whatever deal May has been able to cobble together, and a no deal, would be a way to go but I fear that too is wrought with the same issues we had on the initial vote. I probably am more of the view, however, that we now are going to get whatever we get and therefore we get on with regardless if it was what I want. What I definitely think is that its sad that there is continued hysterical yelling of things like "third world tin pot dictatorship stopping us moving in to the promised land" going on as a way of drowning out ANY other viewpoint, criticism, thought, suggestion, concern, suggestion, or opinion.
  6. I recall the benefits of staying (the economy and other things not exploding) being explained and the benefits of leaving (the economy exploding in a good way, "takin back are country" etc.) being laid out but I don't recall voting on what the exit specifically would be like. Which is why Brexit means Brexit, a slogan which was made fun of, isn't a clear cut as it sounds. Nobody seemed to have a "plan" at the time, and we've spent months since ******* on all the suggested plans to the point where no plan seems like it might be the plan we go with. What I intended to get at here is that the context is important, the difference between what people expected vs. what they might get is now forgotten, and the pitchforks and torches out despite anything that came before. We backed a government that couldn't stop it ********* itself with internal warring on top of it all. And I'd just call that kind of a thing a Monday. What would I call the government taking power on lies and the ignoring of votes? Probably more a Tuesday. Out means out feels like a massive oversimplification that doesn't do much more than allow people to scream hyperbole (which you seem to think only the "other side" has done) while the government melts down because nobody has any idea what they're doing. Oh **** it. WE'RE ALL DOOMED OUT MEANS OUT! BREXIT IS BREXIT! FETCH THE UNDERPANTS AND PENCILS!
  7. That feels like a tiny bit of an overly dramatic tone for a non-binding referendum which literally asked "stay or go" with no chance to say what going looked like. Multiple resignations already, so the drama continues. Can but sit and watch at this point, but I expect the sceptics to take power with Boris and his crew maybe not rogering their own plans to take over (not that Boris in charge is a good thing) this time.
  8. I've got one of the first gen (I think) Luxano's and one of the third gen Escorts and neither have ever given me trouble. They don't tend to go more than 200 shots without a clean tho. I've only used 28g 70mm, but plan to pick up a few 67mm to see how they handle it. Their reliability rep seems to come from the first specimens, which doesn't appear to be an issue any more. I did however buy the "tactical" cocking handle and get a shock when it hit me in the face after pulling the trigger. I'm assuming it snapping was just bad luck.
  9. Where abouts down south do you get? I remember Bosher's original advert. Something appealing about these ones.
  10. Wasn't this an issue with whoever previously owned the ground AGL now run? I recall shot falling on the public paths and landing in neighbouring fields where they had a bike track. As everyone said, have a strong word and report it if it doesn't stop. Bad enough it coming on somebody else's land, but hitting people\animals is taking the mick.
  11. So I think it varies from version to version. I took my Luxano apart and the firing pin holds the block captive (the back "legs" are connected, so the pin slides through rather than resting in, much like this) and there is no hole on the side at all. It seems this is a V1 style. On my Escort (which I think is a V3, external chokes, release on the gate, and long end cap) the block looks the same as yours, except it's held captive downwards by the firing pin, and upwards by a peg seemingly in the same place you have a hole. The the peg looks to be part of the block and non removable, so it seems they changed their design over time. Some mention of it here. Not sure if yours is a third version of some kind. Seems you probably want to go with what Edgar recommend.
  12. There's something lovely about a Mossberg 500\600. If you're not going to torture the poor thing then I'd go for one over a Hatsan. Own a couple of Hatsan's and never had an issue with either. I assume people either have older models that have flaws (and are at the root of "Hatsan's are unreliable") or don't treat them right.
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