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  1. I would say 4 plus feet depending on location and strength of tide. Something else you might want to try is attaching a cable clip to the back of the decoy keel to form a loop - theres usually a hole - and then you can put two deeks in tandem. It avoids the ducks in a row look.
  2. Whether you need to inform them or not depends on the precise wording of your policy but I would say you probably don,t need to as this is one off incident and has no bearing on the future health of the dog and therefore the ongoing risk presented to the insurer Don,t have any experience of your insurer but they will probably up your premium unless they run some sort of protected bonus scheme. Its boring dry stuff but the only answer is to read your policy - alternatively ring them and write the answer down and make a note of the name of the person you spoke to along with the date and time of your conversation. Keep the note with your policy documents.
  3. Great photo and a lovely dog
  4. Thank you although I should make it clear the one on the right belongs to a regular fowling friend
  5. Thank you. The one in the middle is 16 months so still learning his trade when the one on the left allows it. I take them out separately sometimes but I hate the look of disappointment I get from the one thats left behind
  6. Thank you. They always do - I even managed to shoot a couple of duck for my two on the left. The one on the right is my mates dog and he had a couple of duck as well
  7. Sounds like the good advice. On each occasion I only gave one whistle but as they are so attuned to their surroundings it was obviously enough to alert them.
  8. They were making the usual range of contented wigeon calls
  9. Out this am with a few decoys in front of me and a lot of wigeon out on the main channel. Nothing flying due to the strong North easterly wind. However 40/50 ducks swam in my direction with many of them getting out of the water onto the far bank. At that point the nearest were about 50 yards from me so for the sake of something to do I gave them a quick wheew on my conical brass whistle. As one they all put their heads up and those on the bank walked purposefully back to the water and swam away from me. Twenty minutes later they were back and I tried again and got exactly the same reaction. There have been other occasions when my calling has had positive results - any thoughts
  10. Mine have always had toys - never had any problem with retrieving. However I agree definitely no tug of war and I would not get a toy with a squeak for fear of causing the pup to be hard mouthed
  11. I prefer to have my gun on a sling when crossing the marsh just in case an opportunity presents itself. Thanks for your input
  12. I borrowed a crate when we got our last pup (Kite) just over 12 months ago. We put it in the kitchen and left the door open most of the time. He regarded it as his den and was quite happy to be in it. At night he was covered over with a sheet and after a couple of nights he was quiet all night. They are all different though
  13. Many thanks - sorry for the delay in replying
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