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  1. The reason so few people use it is simply the fact that BASC hardly ever take on any members cases anymore!
  2. Cheers. Defeats the purpose of a fully degradable cartridge.
  3. I'll be honest that doesn't look like plastic. It look like densely compressed card at the base. I stand to be corrected. I can't find out from any website either way so it might be worth a call to Hull to verify.
  4. https://www.hullcartridge.co.uk/game/cartridges/three-crowns-12
  5. Surely paper cased cartridges are biodegradable?
  6. In Scotland we still have a 5 mile drive restriction in place for recreation. I'm doing my renewal at the moment and I asked the question if I went clay shooting, it would be at the discretion of the officer who stopped you but if you were reported your renewal process would come to a halt! She reminded me as a licence holder you agree to uphold the highest standard of the law and you have to cleaner than clean! Even after 36 years!
  7. Having switched to 18.4 bore to use fibre last season the difference is notable from my previous 18.7 bore using fibre! Using plastic on clays I would say you have almost gone up a choke size the pattern is that much tighter! As for lead I'll not be entering into any volountry agreement!
  8. I took mine recently, the lovely receptionist said due to Covid the Drs were not doing any not essential paperwork so she refused to accept it! I put it in an envelope posted it under the door when they were closed! Stating the name and contact details of my FEO asking them to contact them if their were any problems. And that it was a Police Scotland Request for Information. My FEO said she will take over and chase it from their end. So far no invoice either.
  9. Briley do tubes for barrels. https://www.briley.com/c-418-fitted-tube-sets.aspx
  10. Sounds like rats cleaning the carcass after something else has killed it.
  11. Here you go guys seems to be all cleared up. https://www.cpsa.co.uk/news/coronavirus-covid-19/2020/05/14/cpsa-guidance-for-grounds-to-re-open/5412 The following email was sent to all CPSA clubs, grounds, and trade members on 14 May 2020, stating that the CPSA has now had the necessary assurances to recommend the re-opening of clay-shooting grounds, which will be of interest to all clay-shooters in England: Dear Clubs, Grounds, and Trade Members, Regarding the CPSA’s position on the opening of clay shooting grounds following the easing of restrictions from the 13th May for outdoor sports activities: Over the past 48 hours we have been working with the Government, Police and other bodies to get the confirmation we needed under the latest Government guidance that it is possible to start shooting recreationally again within England. Therefore, as the National Governing Body for the Sport of Clay Target Shooting in England, we are now satisfied that we can start a phased return to clay shooting with initially pay & play/practice and a return to competitive registered shoots in time. Shooting grounds can re-open when they are ready and our members are now able to participate and enjoy the sport of clay target shooting recreationally while all following strict CV19 safety protocols and guidance. Importantly, we have now also had confirmation from our insurers that our members are fully insured after considering the new guidance to get out and enjoy their sport again. We have already issued comprehensive guidance to grounds to assist with their planning to implement the strict social distancing and safety measures to protect their staff, the shooters and our sport. Please Click Here to go to our Shoot Safe, Stay Safe online documents. Yours sincerely, Iain Parker CPSA CEO
  12. As Lancer says, it's that rogue element with an agenda put in places of authority that will be the downfall in interpretation. We have them impounding £10k Superbikes, taking your guns and licence is even easier. Will be a long time before they do any appeals or listen to rational arguments by you or BASC if you trust them to take on your case, even then before all this my mate was 18 months before he got his back. That was just for verbal allegation the police decided to take issue with and investigate. He was never charged, never interviewed never even told what the alleged allegation was. Once they were satisfied in was not true they gave him his tickets and guns back. In that 18 months, he lost his job, home and relationship. No redress no come back nothing. Until something is in black and white on Government headed paper my guns are staying in my cabinet!
  13. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-on-phased-return-of-sport-and-recreation/guidance-for-the-public-on-the-phased-return-of-outdoor-sport-and-recreation?fbclid=IwAR2ro5GFA-DpNzZAeq-bl5svOQhux9AGXqfPvRRpm9TJnLqslSEaas4Rl_I Latest Guidelines has no mention of any return to recreational shooting! I Would advise the upmost caution despite what BASC says!
  14. Lancer they know people as do BASC who have had their licences revoked during lockdown, what they are advising is until clarity in writing that shooting of any kind is permitted they are advising their members not to risk non essential travel with a gun in the car which is still the current advice. If you are going out for pest control on request of the landowner that is different. They still seem 100% sure recreational shooting is covered!
  15. https://www.cpsa.co.uk/news/coronavirus-covid-19/2020/05/12/cpsa-statement-on-the-opening-of-grounds-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic/5411 The quote I posted was copy and pasted from Nichola Heron's Facebook page who is on the board of the CPSA, nothing I wrote.
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