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  1. Wilksy Word of warning, shooting under cables with Steel. I was on a duck drive last year using steel I'd shot a few and had been alongside the exact same cables and both myself and the gun next to me had shot at ducks in the vicinity of the cables. An hour after leaving the field we drone past to find the Fire Brigade and numerous Electric company vehicles in the field, the cable was at this point snapped clean in half exactly where we had been shooting and it lost tension on the pylon as far back as we could see. I t also lead to a power cut in the local town. (which I won't mention) We shot on the Friday and the repair was not finished until Sunday. The shoot owner spoke to the fire brigade later on after the shoot, who said they were called because it was like a ground level firework display with 14000 volts arcing out on the ground. In their eyes if anybody had been in the field when it came down they would have been lucky to get out alive.
  2. They have one at Bisley at Braidwood in the Scottish Borders.
  3. compak is different from sport rap but you seem to be talking about sportrap. 5 stands on a layout, 5 traps shoot single, report pair and sim pair from each stand, change from 1-5 after each 5 clays. 4 different layouts for 100 birds. great fun. Need concentration to remember sim pairs!
  4. Why not just leave it at 100yds but set up targets at 10yds, 20yds and 30yds and work on the high/low placement it won't be much. 150 yd zero on a HMR will be pretty unstable in anything but flat calm conditions.
  5. It is a great ground with a fantastic high tower. Last time I was there they had the tower up at 70m driving down over 70 metres to the ground left to right it was a real tester! Followed by a 60 metre direct overhead driven! Fantastic pair!
  6. Good old Aviva they changed their name from Norwich Union to try and hide the fact they are useless!
  7. Well done Gents. What happened John?
  8. Is it not true Graham that if the observation point is away or restricted access or restricted view you should be shown a pair from the cage?
  9. Remember on a report pair, if you do not shoot at the 1st target the 2nd will not come. Loss pair. So you can't keep 2 shots for the easy 2nd clay.
  10. John I saw that then it went, what title was it posted under FB checked Tams and East of Scotland. Ignore found it!
  11. As I posted elsewhere we are the size of a match head in terms of our global presence, yet we are punished and taxed in an attempt to cut our carbon footprint thus in turn pushes up the costs passed to clients. We then in turn go to cheaper manufacturers in huge industrial countries who make no effort!! How can our own country knacker its own manufacturing industry while the world laughs as we bankrupt our own country?
  12. I used the new Cheddite Rapeed 27g Fibre at Whitfield and was very impressed for a budget cartridge £198/1000. i use the Mach 3 for competition shooting and the breaks with the Rapeed were as good and as fast!
  13. Used 500 fibre at Whitfield totally awesome shell for the money. Great breaks I could not tell very much difference between them and my usual Mach 3's. Used them on the high pheasant stand and they were turning them to powder!
  14. Anybody from here attending this fantastic event this weekend!
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