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  1. He is working on a 37 or 38 gram pure fibre. That is all he has told me, i think he is popping in next week to see me. After shooting with someone today who was using RC4 40/4 pure fibre (these are a special commissioned load before people question the authenticity) I think he might be on to something with 37g. 40g are slow bot deliver a hell of a thank at range. Look forward to trying Georges this week if he can get them to me 😉 this week!
  2. Spoke to George earlier this week currently working on a new fibre cartridge for extreme pheasants! He shot with us a couple of weeks ago in Wales!
  3. Great pattern that! 50yds from a .410 through 3/8ths choke you say. Interesting! I would expect that to be challenged and not believed by the way!
  4. He made some with a PVA obturator but unfortunately the shoot in question would not allow them. Even though they dissolve in less than an hour, the argument was that anyone could tell them they had PVA discs with no knowledge of whether they were or not until everywhere was covered in them.
  5. Shot with the owner earlier this year, he has some set aside for me to try in a special load, will let you know how I get on with them!
  6. No wonder you have no time to do any real shooting with the amount of time you spend on here and shooting at bits of paper! I'm actually surprised you have time to work!
  7. Wasn't to do with contaminating the water it was to do with wildfowl dabbling in the wild and mud and ingesting lead pellets. The same reason lead shot weights was banned for course fishing.
  8. Never been tested, but shooting anything over water clays included with lead in Scotland is banned.
  9. Browning Dirty Bird Parker. Best Jacket I've had.
  10. That is the Scottish Law, and a flooded field would technically constitute shooting over water so non toxic required.
  11. you're are thinking of Salmond with a condom up his sleeve..........
  12. I use a 20g for everyday driven shooting and pigeons. RC Sipe 28/5s, if I suspect anything tall or long always carry some 32/4s. Went to Orkney and used 37/2s for decoyed Greylags with great effect. In the right hands they are very capable guns for everything you will face on any driven day.
  13. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Vict/43-44/47/contents https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Eliz2/2-3/68/contents Starts an interesting debate that they are covered under 2 different acts as game and pests. One banning lamping and traps, while the other demands the use of camping and traps to control otherwise risk forced control measures.
  14. Gundogs must not be sent to retrieve game that has fallen beyond a shoot boundary without the prior consent of the adjoining landowner or occupier; to do so constitutes civil trespass. If the bird falls dead over the boundary it belongs to the neighbour, even though it may have started off on your land.If you try to retrieve it you are technically poaching and if you were to cross the boundary with your gun you would be guilty of armed trespass.Ideally shoots should come to an agreement with their neighbours about what to do in these circumstances and the rules should be made clear both to Guns and pickers-up. Rabbits are deemed as pests, not vermin or game.
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