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  1. BBC News reported he was arrested by 2 female officers who are are unable to do a full body search as would be the case if 2 male officers arrested a female. This will fall in the tragic failings of the PC brigade who have lobbied for these laws. Where in a modern society a gay woman or man can execute the same inspection on a straight male or female with the same arousal as a heterosexual male or female. Totally tragic set of affairs and so saddening!
  2. I think etiquette has a lot to do with game days and respect for your fellow shooter. Faced with a sky full of clays I don't think it does any harm stretching your abilities to either side, and would and expect the same back. If you spent the full day shooting the same repetitive over your head clay it wouldn't be very enjoyable and not true sim day in my opinion.
  3. All good things come to an untimely end with George!
  4. 16G cartridge isn't going to fit in a 20G gun!
  5. Really! fired 900 shots on Saturday on a sim day Hull Superfast 27g. Can't say the shoulder feels any different. Have also fired on a regular basis over 500 36g loads on a driven day often back to back and again can't say I've even had a mark on my shoulder. Remember Digweed used to shoot 5000 a week in practice for competitions at the weekend!
  6. I think envy plays a big part in criticism. I know a lot of this is directed towards AP. I can assure you the guy is pigeon magnet, and spends as much time staking out his fields as he does shooting them. As far as comments like picking up birds, sipping tea, checking phone etc if the birds are coming you are pulling the trigger. As for getting of cartridges did a sim day on Saturday and got 900 shots in 4 hours of shooting, didn't put the gun down because the barrels were hot, I put a pair of gloves on!
  7. On the look out for one, if anyone is thinking of parting with one. Doesn't need scope or moderator going to be a dedicated boar rifle.
  8. I see Malmo have just taken some in if you were planning a run down.
  9. https://www.justcartridges.com/product/rhino-steel-10ga-2/
  10. From all the driven grouse days I've done I have far more memories from the walked up days I've done. Fantastic days in the field!
  11. What about, Northumberland, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Scotland etc?
  12. Who actually writes this utter ***** Connor. You are jumping on the coat-tails of this decision for your own benefit. Show me the evidence you submitted in support of lead to our MEP's over the last 5 years to back up this statement please!
  13. When you get into bed with Eley then invest with the British Game Alliance and take positions within the company who's only aim is to sell lead free game and make millions! Dream on no-one cares except you highlighting the fact to Waitrose. Game sells and is eaten by those who want to eat it no massive exponential growth will be seen if it says shot with steel. In fact it could put people off as that is tooth breaking material! If they can assure the meat is shot free then they can with lead pellets to. Our own issue now is they have sold the idea and we are leaving the EU so t
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