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  1. The Gordon recoil system cartridge case has been around for decades. It seems to make hee haw difference to recoil felt. I used the Maionchi (sp) all plastic coated cartridge for wild fowling 30 odd years ago and the SMI's for pigeons and noticed no difference except for price, thankfully the estate were paying. Changed over to Alphamax cartridges and actually found them less punchy than the Gordon System.
  2. If the gun fits recoil shouldn't be an issue with any cartridge, over 1200 on 3 days back to back this week 34/3s and 35/4s no issues. Last weeks 3 days 750 40/4s on 1day and 300 34/3 on each of the other 2 and no issues.
  3. Used 750 Mini Mags last week on a day in Wales where plastic is still allowed, have to say got on with them really well and hard hitting at good ranges!
  4. Was merely pointing out that the Antarktis are as good as the Dovre but have an insulated lining making them warmer. It's a boot often overlooked but was recommended to me on that basis by 2 or 3 highland grouse keepers who spend much of their time on the hill in snow. That was their complaint with the Dovre. They are also a few quid cheaper!
  5. Meindl Antarktis 4 seasons in, from grouse moors to driven days to walked up days. Over 240 days in the field and still faultless. If you want cold dry feet buy the Dovre as they don't have the thermal lining!
  6. Turn up at most decent driven pheasant shoots in the country with 28g of 7.5s you would not be allowed to shoot. Don'y give 2 jots about pattern you have to put it in the right place and if you are pricking birds (it happens) with 7.5 shot you have zero percent chance of recovering it. As for using IC chokes. Seriously! 1/2 choke as a minimum for all game shooting. And some of you are condemning high bird shooting yet treating game like going skeet shooting. If you are shooting 20yd pheasants use a .410 or at the very most a 28g.
  7. I honestly can't believe anyone is advocating shooting a January pheasant with 7.5s. I'm surprised you are not recommending skeet chokes to go with them!
  8. It's the nut behind the butt in most cases. Once normal parameters are achieved after that it is confidence in gun and cartridge when you can kill consistently with your chosen combination that is you best cartridge!
  9. My 2 youngest daughters and wife (6 & 8 ) are coming for their 1st driven day next week at a prestigious estate they will be not adhering to any any perceived clothing etiquette except pink and and yellow wellies, they are there to enjoy themselves meet the other guns see the shooting and hopefully pick up some pheasants with our dogs. Clothing later maybe but if you go for the 1st few times to any hobby you will be accepted in what you arrive in, our sport is no different. Your kids don'y arrive at karate, judo, tennis whatever in all the right gear. Stop letting pre conceived prejudices letting kids getting involved! Kids do not need to be dressed in tweeds to enjoy a day with their parents on a days shooting!
  10. The day he he filmed in Scotland with Muirburn Sporting was £350 a peg. I meet him on a regular basis and his passion and his journey to where he is now means he has covered every aspect of fieldsports from ferreting to where he is now. You spend on any hobby what you can afford. good luck to him he has had a tough upbringing and made good! Was actually born less than 10 miles from my house here in Scotland. Yes he his a very good clay shot in Sporting and FITASC and I'm sure he was in the recent UK Team (Veterans) at the FITASC World Championship.
  11. I've seen sawn off purdeys, a criminal with intent to steal a gun for criminal purposes don't care what make or model!
  12. If the birds are getting fed in the drive in the afternoon why would you expect them to be there in the morning?
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