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  1. I've already used RC Hyperfast Technosteel and Eley Vip Steel on duck drives and brought down some good duck and also seen very good duck being brought down with them. The only complaint I have with them is that steel does not have the same initial shock thump on impact where it expands. You will see ducks fly 300-600 yards then just fall dead out the sky. When plucking them you will often find the steel shot has passed straight through them!
  2. you should be able to find your membership number here. https://database.scta.co.uk/league/classificationLeagueTable?discipline_id=6&time_period_id=195&category=0&sortby=%&page=1&commit=Search
  3. The testing has been field testing on pigeons with a few high profile pigeon shooters being supplied. No mixed reports to date all very happy with kills at usual expected ranges and no notable differences in shot to kill ratios. The consensus being we don't have a lot to worry about when they get round to banning lead!
  4. They usually are Grrclark, looking forward to it mate! 👌
  5. It has no fastening ring on the chain, a number of traps have been stolen over the last year by cutting the chain. The hen Harrier a few weeks ago was the same. It is also at Balmoral when it just so happens the Royals are in residence all a little bit too convenient!
  6. I know a couple of folk testing them and the reports are very positive!
  7. Think Archie Coates (who I had the pleasure to shoot with) still holds the individual record at 550 in a day. I was there when myself Archie, Philip Fussel, and Peter Osbourne shot 1917 on 1 field in a day back in 1989. On that day individually Archie and Philip probably shot 600 each.
  8. I think you are better buying a 1000 and shooting a 1000 to make a true judgement.
  9. I think the son of your friend does pretty well with them!!!!
  10. You have constantly said it is not possible to shoot past 60 yards and it's lucky pellets blah blah blah. You just watched recorded live shoot clays from a 100yds to 130yds missing only 1 requiring a 2nd barrel. Gees that guy is lucky eh! You asked to a pattern at 120 yards after I said technology evolves so i have. Now everyone is stupid, pretty fair to say when you are faced with facts and result to insults you have lost your argument! I'm away shooting!
  11. Anthony is a top shot not just at decoyed birds but consistent at long ranges too. He'll be consistently at 8 or 9 kills per 10 shots. He prepares for each day and would have had plenty of cartridges with him if he'd had seen the numbers coming in. Proper red letter day.
  12. Entirely correct, we have already seen the videos of the 100 Metri patterning at 120 yards and punching through a pallet at that range fired from a normal shotgun with half choke. Advancements in technology have always been achieved by someone requesting it to be advanced. Modern cartridges are far different, as are borings and chokes with small advancements made all the time. These advancements then must be taken into the field by the best users and shown to work. Some of the current FITASC targets are now 90 yards and being broken with 28g of 6.5 on a regular basis by the top shots. That would have been unheard of 25 years ago. Similar to golf balls hit longer and truer, more control, backspin etc etc but by the best golfers pushing the boundaries of modern advancement. This doesn't mean your average Joe Bloggs who plays on a Sunday morning can buy the same equipment as a pro and hit a ball 250 yards straight down the fairway.
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