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  1. Perazzishot

    harkila torridon tweed breeks

  2. Perazzishot

    Victory Cartridges

    Victory Mini Mags are are very good cartridge, probably the best 2 3/4 load out there for geese In there day. Still good for decoyed geese in Scotland! Used them with others on high pheasants too.
  3. Perazzishot

    Family of swans shot dead

    No shards of bone anywhere complete fabrication!
  4. Perazzishot

    28 bore v 20 bore

    All my driven and walked up grouse are shot with 20 bore, RC Sipe 28/5s work,!
  5. Perazzishot

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    Holloway, knowing most gun shops up here, I'd take a gues this was either 1 in Fife or 1 of 2 in Angus, one close to a basin the other on the edge of the Glen! could I be correct?
  6. Perazzishot

    Browning Warranty - transfer question

    I bought a new 725 20b black edition 2 years ago. On the 3rd day in Soth africa after putting a 1000 shells through it in less than 4 hours the stock split! As I had 2cm taken off the stock warranty was invalidated! It was only the persistence of the shop that got me the refund!
  7. Perazzishot

    Claybusting near Cupar

    Better after beer for sure! Maybe that’s how we start our day out, sober clays get ****** play golf football and head to Edinburgh 🙈😂 Think the golfers love it when they share a green the hole is massive 😂😂😂
  8. Perazzishot

    Claybusting near Cupar

    Even better now hod you get groups of bairns coming in to play golf football! The looks you get are incredible!
  9. Perazzishot

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    Ok Smokersmith I'll put you all on my day next season. No shooting rubbish everything over 40 yards and I'll happily shoot with the 4 of you! I'll put 4 other guys on it who won't lift their gun to anything under 60 yards and we'll see how we get on!
  10. Perazzishot

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    On driven duck shoots in Scotland you see far more clean kills at all ranges where lead is being used. Could be a combination of lead and pattern!
  11. Perazzishot

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    I use fibre on most shoots I shoot on, if you read the thread he gave me some 40/4s to try. On extreme shoots I will use plastic as they do kill better! I use plas wads for clay shooting! Steel wads however are shocking in size!
  12. Perazzishot

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    When picked the extreme range birds including geese had been hit in the head yes! Obviously you have a pattern so they were hit in multiple areas possibly and most likely in the head if you are saying they were all dead. What you don't know is how many were hit and flew as you say it was a moonflight so no idea what fell 100 yards away you picked what fell around you. Moonflights would be the worst for not being able to retrieve birds cleanly killed!
  13. Perazzishot

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    My point being it has range but anything you kill has to be in the head from 30 yds plus to kill effectively and consistently as per the title effective killing range!
  14. Perazzishot

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    So on a day where 1100 shots were fired and a number of ducks were shot hard and made it back to ponds to be be found dead on the water I start a thread to provoke a discussion which results in personal abuse of me and my fellow experienced shooters on a shooting forum. You couldn't make this up! A point I'm getting at here is how many folk are hitting (maybe not knowing) quarry using steel shot and making no attempt to retrieve it as it goes on to die later? Is steel being used as a cheap alternative to satisfy the crazy laws made by non shooting committees? We are polluting watercourses and wetlands with huge plastic wads, in Scotland it is the land on which you shoot which determines the use of non toxic not the species as in England. If I can speak to 00's of shooters who say the same then surely it should be banned?
  15. Perazzishot

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    1st thread I’ve started! So that’s an interesting statement! It’s funny how you respond to posts and get slated! I quoted driven duck shooting and it’s turned round to wildfowling which is completely different, certainly does not involve firing 250+ shots! the thread has been twisted to suit an agenda, the point being made was on a recent day the whole party of guns repeatedly complained about numerous ducks being hit hard at various ranges and not killing them cleanly as what they would have done with lead! Now in any pattern at any range over 30 yds the Head becomes a very small target which can be missed in a very accurate shot. If steel does not cleanly kill due to the lack of expansion/deformation on impact is it really correct to be using it when ducks are flying on and dying later, especially when on many occasions where picking up can not be easily carried out! Address the post not the poster!