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  1. would be a like for like look after you have screwed up another stand 😂
  2. I believe some spaces are available as I said earlier I was offered Sunday slot but shooting FITASC in Scotland so can't make it!
  3. Don't think Grant is doing them anymore John. Would be worth a check to see what he has left. Now doing Bornaghi. (Cheddites)
  4. Why haven't you checked the barrels for the stars (usually used on S/S) stamped at the same place as the proof marks. That will give the barrel choke sizes on each barrel!
  5. Been using the Mach 3 HV and Olympic for the last 2 years. Got 1000 Rapeed to pick up and try when I'm down next week to make an opinion on. Any good and I mat use them instead of Smart Strike at the Whitfield charity shoot. Will let you know my thoughts.
  6. Are we talking rifle ammunition? If so take your FAC with you and get them to enter your purchase as normal. You will need to declare for tax purposes I would imagine, but would be worth double checking!
  7. Andy Coul at Auchterhouse. Used him a few times John very good.
  8. I emptied 6500 out my truck at the end of last season, stayed in the shed with the thermostat radiators in all year and were good as gold at the start of this season just gone. I'll usually heat my cartridges on a radiator for 24 hours if they are coming out the truck though! Don't think storing them in a loft should be any bother John!
  9. Good Scores those, heard there was a quite a bit of close technical stuff! Just been offered a slot on Sunday so humming and warring over it? How long did it take to do both courses?
  10. Never say never it is Cwis Packman pushing this. However I would love to see the vegans suffering due to the revocation of the GL. Within 5 years our ecology would change beyond repair!
  11. And this site will disappear as pigeons will be protected alongside them.
  12. No it wasn't, it was asked what is the difference between showing off bags of pigeons compared with bags of geese when they are being shot for the exact same reasons. As pests, damaging crops and polluting a fishery making it unsafe for its members and visitors! How can you congratulate someone for shooting 200 pigeons but castigate another for shooting 200 Canada Geese? Genuine question?
  13. The question was originally that people are happy/proud to show off bags of pigeons. Canada's are killed on the same licence for the same reason for crop protection. They are also on the public health and disease GL meaning that where there droppings cause slip risk and health risks to human health i.e golf courses, fisheries (also on GL for damage) so actually on 2 GL's. Also if you had done any research you will find that these shopping, centres, golf courses etc have tried everything to rid them of the geese and they do not shift if anything they get more and more settled. Culls are the only way to reduce numbers. Agreed!
  14. I'm not going to **** on his parade, he has a couple of tweeks to make before it goes to production but Shaun the Sheep on here has also been testing it for Ben and his scores have improved I've noticed. His ref skills are still questionable 😉
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