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  1. Should have given it to Barry.........
  2. 40+ days put on hold for the time being various reasons. But put them all together and it comes together as uncertainty. I've hung on to my 5 best days as they have offered full unconditional refund (in writing) if their or my circumstances change. Still reluctant to hand over the 50% deposit before the end of the month.
  3. This is I think will just be the start. Genuinely concerned as to how grounds will survive. Along with many other businesses. Getting serious now!
  4. Shhhhhhhhhh still makes giggle, when they kept looking round
  5. I did 4 days last season where I shot over 500 34/4s. 2 were back to back 1200 over 2 days. Everyday in Agentina is 2000 shots, South Africa about 1200
  6. BASC Directors on the board and I believe a few are private investors also.
  7. Kent Wildfowlers the biggest wildfowling organisation ditched them 2 years ago.
  8. The documents I have, state that steel is not an alternative to lead which were submitted to ECHA. BASC supported the 24 page peer reviewed findings that lead was safer than steel and we should object to any future change, Submitted on 23/12/19 and the reason why ECHA are not bringing it up for discussion or review, the scientific evidence shows no safer or viable alternative!
  9. Did you know that that the most valuable part of a game bird is? The feathers, which are ground up as pure protein to support the fur trade.
  10. I think personally the attitude currently with the raise in veganism and the Chris Packham effect it would matter if our game was shot M+Ms the perception (in many minds) is Tweed Clad Toffs blasting pheasants for the sheer fun of it. Until a massive undertaking to change public attitude is undertaken to do this then we are not going to change much switching to steel. I would suggest most folk have not got a clue game is shot with lead. (Come on some folk think meat is produced in a factory on a polystyrene tray) High quality shot free products, like goujons, breast fillets, Stir Fry strips, pies and ready meals will sell far more than a cling film wrapped bruised and shot whole bird.
  11. Exactly, and it wasn't sent with any animosity whatsoever. It still begs the question on how anything to do with deals on game being done with supermarkets can and will be done in the foreseeable future. I actually return to my 1st valid point I made on this whole debacle if we can by the use of metal detectors ensure that all game sent to supermarkets is shot free then the need to stop using lead would not be the issue. It would put the emphasis wholly and solely on the processors to install the correct metal detectors in the production to give them the confidence to deal with a piece of game which is shot free.
  12. Noble and valiant effort. You are one of the 1st people I have heard willing to take this approach. Everybody I have spoken to however is going to continue with lead as long as possible so it will be 5 years or longer if if doesn't become legislation. So this isn't going to change anything on supermarket shelves or the deals the BGA can do until such time it becomes legislation.
  13. This is a 5 year volountry withdrawal, so how is this going to help the sale of game in the next 5 years? How can a game dealer tell the difference?
  14. Lancer all ducks and geese have had to be shot with non toxic in England since 1999. There are some huge driven duck shoots throughout England shooting large bags 3 or 4 times a week. These are all advertised as non toxic cartridges must be used. So my point is where are all these non toxic marketed ducks on supermarket shelves?
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