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  1. It appears that the steel version are heat sealed at the crimp, but the copper/lead do not have a sealed crimp. Humidity, moisture exposure or even in an open pocket/cartridge bag in the rain could have this result!
  2. A very good mate was found dead in his flat just before Christmas. I'd spoken to him 2 days before about being his referee for his impending coterminous renewal. He was 49 (same age as me) and had spent the last 15 years working in power stations around the country on refits, he worked every shift he could, bought a caravan to save on digs where he travelled. He lead a very solitary and basic lifestyle. His goal was to have enough money to retire before he was 50. He was set to start his last contract at the end of this month and be finished by April. His 50th Birthday was due to be
  3. I always thought this was going to be a risk using a PVA type material that reacts with dampness. I understand they are supposed to be gas tight at the wad, so is it a chemical reaction or not as tight on the seal as they think?
  4. I have to say that is irresponsible. If your dog can get to it any non target animal can. But a tamper resistant bait station (around £3) peg it down in the the garden with the bait secured inside.
  5. Jct 38 is the go to in that area. Will catch up with you one day at Matty's!
  6. I put my Q7 in a couple of years ago to my local garage for a new headlight bulb. He phoned me up half an hour later and said the bulb itself is £135+vat. Couldn't believe it!
  7. Manthing do you not remember when we were told the virus could remain on hard surfaces for 72 hours. We went almost 4 months without wearing a mask everywhere we went! The cases were coming down. Once we were told to start wearing masks the cases started going back up? Because face coverings we are wearing are useless, but they are causing a concentration of the virus at the inhalation and exhalation point, and we are touching them all the time then touching everything with our hands.
  8. How is clay shooting or any outdoor shooting riskier than going into a supermarket? No-one sanitises the can of beans or packets that everyone touches to check the dates before putting back on the shelf! Transmission in the fresh air is very very low, so perfectly safe compared with lots of activities that are continuing!
  9. I don't have any of the D12 in stock, we don't use them that often. Plenty of D8 and D4.
  10. Doc do you not have any friends in the pest control business you could ask? If I was close by I would happily let you have them at trade price. Which I won't tell you what it is when you are buying 500 metres at a time.
  11. check out https://www.birdspikesonline.co.uk Uk manufacturer!
  12. I shoot with Dave a good few times a season, and I can assure he is one of the nicest gentleman to shoot with. He has come from a poor upbringing to his current position through hard graft and now has a very successful family business behind him that provides him a very comfortable lifestyle. He'll happily tell you of his childhood days with ferrets and air rifles and he has partook in every part of the fieldsports journey, very much like myself. As for being greedy, no he will shoot if the other gun is loading or aiming at a different bird, or in some situations we all know that l
  13. I had one, but sold it earlier this year. Do you need to make a comparison with something?
  14. The reserve does have breeding Avocets. But strangely enough not a single mention on the reserves blog or forum! https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/northward-hill/
  15. Watched it countless times on a big screen. Initially there are 2 buzzards in the film. When watching the flight of the shot bird it is a buzzard, when you watch it fall as it gets to the hedge line you can see it is brown not black. It is also dead in the air. I would suspect someone is on the other side of that hedge decoying pigeons as it appears both buzzards had come in to the decoys. The shooting is stupid and indefensible and the shooters should be easily found from the the list of people with permission to shoot the farmers ground. However the RSPB are up to somethi
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