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  1. Traded mine after 6 months, very lively and quick. On the clays I was missing so much in front it just went. Try and use one 1st and make up your own mind. For the same money you will get a very nice G5 Miroku!
  2. On high bird shoots you don't see the pickers up they can be up to a kilometre behind watching whats getting hit and marking them as they come down in front of them. At the end of the drive they then work back towards the pegs very similar to grouse days. Not unusual to have over 40 dogs out picking up on these days to make sure they pick as many as possible. When the guns are paying up to £60 a bird they don't want too many going unpicked. As for the shooting, the standard was set before Jacko started shooting, if that is what the team had decided was sporting and they were going to shoot then Jacko was left with no option to join in. A word of advice Jacko if you go on future shoots with different teams please don't think this is the usual standard of a driven shoot and the expectations of other guns will not be you shooting birds at that height. The easiest rule of thumb is set your standard to try and shoot the highest bird that you think you can kill, and not go for the easiest one you know you can't miss.
  3. The punishment has been appealed, and the results of the appeal will be announced in January at the next meeting.
  4. If the person has been sentenced to a total of 3 years or more in prison or corrective training then they are prohibited for life from the possession of any firearm of any kind. If a person has been sentenced to more than 3 months but less than 3 years imprisonment, youth custody/detention or a secure training order then they are prohibited from the possession of any firearm of any kind whatsoever for a period of five years from the date of their release. Also anyone released on licence under section 53 of the Children & Young Persons Act 1933 (detention of young persons convicted of serious crime) and anyone subject of a binding over or recognizance a condition of which is that he shall not possess, use or carry a firearm. I'm pretty sure i know your crime from your description and the time frame you speak of but I won't share.
  5. Just had a very interesting conversation with the wife! All hypothetical for the purpose of the post. If the police turn up to the house unscheduled to inspect the cabinets the wife as a non certificate holder can not allow this as she does not know where the keys are! Her dilemma now is that if I die tomorrow will she be in trouble to allow a RFD to collect my guns from the house. I didn't have an answer but what she said is true could she end up in trouble if she allowed this to happen? Or would I (deceased) be the only guilty party? I have actually told her the value of the collection to ensure she is not ripped off.
  6. Hilti nail guns use .22 blanks to drive steel nails, they use 200 strips. Walk in and buy no issue!
  7. Just a quick update now the season has started properly. Purchased the pair of Miroku XLR 32" from Gilsan's (excellent service from Simon) and immediately sent them to Teague to get them both multi choked. They arrived back on Friday and with 5 extended chokes for each, less than a weeks turnaround great service from Ivan. With only Saturday to get a bit of practice with them I had 150 clays at the local ground 125 with my usual Mach 3's and the 25 with Rapeed Fibre, I was surprised as I actually felt they broke better with the fibres. Travelled down to Wales Monday for the opening 2 days using for the 1st time Hull 34/4 High Pheasant Extreme. New gun and cartridge combination on this shoot was always going to be a gamble. Once I found them I have to say the combination worked and by the end of the 2nd day and 700 cartridges later I have to say I could use the combination for all my game shooting going forward and was killing pheasants cleanly at ranges previously only where plas wads would have worked. I believe totally that as Nigel Teague said last year that to have a gun to preform well with fibre you need 18.4 or 18.3 bored barrels. After being a total sceptic and against dumping plastic my mind is strongly changed. Now the only downfall, the recoil, when you are not losing 30% of the pressure out the end of the barrel it comes back, I'm a stocky guy who has shot for well over 35 years, I felt it at the end of both days and it has nothing to do with fit as they fit like a glove. A small price to pay I feel as over the 2 days over 8000 shots were fired and the estate have a strict fibre only policy.
  8. I was supposed to be out on Malmerby moor tomorrow but my guns have not arrived back in time so will be a little bit higher in Cumbria shooting partridge with the 20g! It really is a lovely area of Northern England!
  9. It's personal choice, end off 32" slowed and steadied my swing no end I missed a lot in front on clays with 28" and that was advice from a top top clay shot. Adding a 9lb 32" Miroku was the best decision I ever made, but that won't suit everyone. I know top shots using 30-34" but in general for smoothness and steadiness 32" is the preferred length on the top clay circuits.
  10. Ex Layers went months ago, you'll need to work hard to get poults now!
  11. I’ve seen some of the incriminating evidence, I must say it doesn’t look good! And I get on well with Ben!
  12. Yes it is Ben Husthwaite stripped of his World Championship!
  13. Similar story I have a few wine collections, they are marked mentally between me and the Mrs as drinking, for the best and when we need to bring a bottle out or take a bottle to friends! Bearing in mind I get sent out to choose! 3 weeks ago she announces she had made a new pork dish in a white wine glaze. lovely I said as I looked over to the bottle of white on the island..........how is the wine I ask, it's actually really nice far to nice to be in the friends wine section! It was a 2004 vintage Chablis. Circa £100 per bottle and rising! i hummed and harred before telling her the truth about that rack, she didn't believe me of course until I Vivino'd the bottle and the price popped up! £50 worth of wine fried off to make a pork glaze 😡😂
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