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    shooting game, wildfowling,vermin, working dogs picking up .motor sport. rugby.

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  1. same here the worlds gone bonkers and a severe shortage of good working dogs in the working dog community
  2. looking for some one in north yorkshire area with a well coloured liver and white bitch. not white and liver. to put one of our well coloured liver and white dogs to in return for a pup from litter both of our dogs full pedigree with papers one from wales the other from scotland both working and picking up on estate shoots
  3. not a problem but if any help im on holiday near penrith from 1st october for six days could bring it with me as about half way for you

  4. i have ruger 243 stainless varmint barrel nice laminated stock with tall stainless scope mounts and karl carles 8x56 scope.shoulder sling and vehicle window mount frame and aprox 75 rounds of bullets would like 750 for lot scope clarity amazing and worth more than rifle all in good condition
  5. gustaff


    i have a mot station and we were busy till they gave 6 month extension then it was like switching a light off we are lucky if we get one test a day now
  6. we put a fiat twincam engine in one back in the late seventies out of a fiat 125 i think bolted into lada bell housing a few mods to hoses and wiring also did a riva with same went well no chain rattles we must have been bored but the 4x4 one went every where left land rovers for dead
  7. what price are you wanting for colchester student lathe and what tooling comes with it  please

  8. had hilux for years now got new shape navara ride and comfort far superior power far superior reliability upto now comparable off road capability alike with off road tyres fuel consumption superior well pleased with my navara had it now for 18 months
  9. we are still open for mot and essential work as a mot test station and classed as essential workers as long as precautions in personal contact in place we had three nhs doctors nurse staff booked in as we are close to local hospital and as staff are showing no signs of illness ok one staff member self isolated as his wife is on vunrable list so we are plodding on while we can till total shut down prevails or government assistance becomes available to self employed
  10. i have still got the traction engine and my late brothers steam roller which my mum and dad got us way back in the mid sixties both still working with meths what memorys stood in loft
  11. correct.people fit incorrect batterys cars start ok but dash and communicating control units can go bonkers especially on bmw and mini
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