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    shooting game, wildfowling,vermin, working dogs picking up .motor sport. rugby.

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  1. three in a field on coast here 2 squabbling probably over the other female keep seeing them on various ponds an splashes near by
  2. gustaff

    243 needed

    ruger 243 stainless varmint barrel laminated stock with karl carles 8x56 scope on tall stainless mounts may be coming up for sale soon north yorkshire
  3. we need a government that can govern and rule the country as the voters asked and not be governed by the eu greedy bunch
  4. helicopter crash no fire ball says it ran out of fuel with massive consequenceces but i am not an air accident investigator but air crashes usualy have fires
  5. supermarket **** diesel dosent help either
  6. gustaff

    My truck

    if you want to go off road its a landrover if you want to get back off road you need a nissan or toyota
  7. depends on engine code and enviroment usage
  8. my hilux got same recall as has my daughters rav 4 rang local toyota dealers waiting for parts as in big demand both vehicles had three reminders for same recall and still waiting got same recall for my 16yr old nissan patrol rang dealers parts in stock and can do when car available
  9. first car mini 9389 my reg then another mini 373 dfu then a cooper s mini forgot reg but wish i kept it worth a fortune now
  10. what year navara did it come out of
  11. toyota rav 4 and honda crv both very reliable sadly nothing british to recomend
  12. she left this country to support isis married an isis had three brats in three years lost two wants to come back for support from the country she abandoned for the support of isis.then isis and isis husband should support her definatley not allowed back here
  13. as an avid wildfowler with many years of fowling experiance on the scottish firths and bays i dont go any more as the mobile phone and media spoilt what were quiet fowling areas into mega fowling hot spots where intrepid have ago goose shooters would flood the areas and if a goose was this side of the moon it was game on even if they had their game gun then the media spread to the antis and you came off the merse after the flight to find flat tyres on your car or death threat notes on your windscreen or a screaming crowd awaiting you
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