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    shooting game, wildfowling,vermin, working dogs picking up .motor sport. rugby.

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  1. gustaff

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    she left this country to support isis married an isis had three brats in three years lost two wants to come back for support from the country she abandoned for the support of isis.then isis and isis husband should support her definatley not allowed back here
  2. gustaff

    Is fowling still as popular ?

    as an avid wildfowler with many years of fowling experiance on the scottish firths and bays i dont go any more as the mobile phone and media spoilt what were quiet fowling areas into mega fowling hot spots where intrepid have ago goose shooters would flood the areas and if a goose was this side of the moon it was game on even if they had their game gun then the media spread to the antis and you came off the merse after the flight to find flat tyres on your car or death threat notes on your windscreen or a screaming crowd awaiting you
  3. gustaff


    food for thought the survivor was a bodygaurd wearing the seatbelt. bodygaurds on active service never wear seat belts
  4. gustaff

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    make my own for family and growing friend list no complaints yet quite easy to do
  5. gustaff

    England vs New Zealand

    i think they lost the will to conquer when that try was disallowed with a very indecisive ref and video ref
  6. gustaff

    14 million in poverty

    being self emloyed and an unpaid tax collector paying vat income tax paye employment contibutions pension funds just about keeps a working man on the poverty ladder
  7. gustaff

    New coat required, need advice

    keela falkland jacket made from ventile 100% waterproof and wind proof takes a fleece liner last for ages never leaked till torn on the dreaded barbed wire not jacket fault bit on expensive side but last for ever with little care
  8. gustaff

    Return of the tunny - how?

    no wonder with seal population on our coastlines.washed up dead salmon and sea trout with bites out of back of kneck
  9. gustaff

    Car keeps getting a flat battery

    disconnect alternator wires and recheck discharge as alternator diode fault could cause back feed and battery discharge quite common on jap vehicles
  10. gustaff

    Van won't start

    earth strap from gearbox to chassis will be corroded away
  11. gustaff

    X5's burning oil?

    bmw x5 oil consumption normaly crankcase breathers especially on petrol engine models diesel engine models again engine breather causing pressure on wrong side of turbo and passing oil past seals
  12. gustaff

    Gordon Brown Fears Another Economic Meltdown

    wasnt gordon brown a failed estate agent before his political career.
  13. gustaff

    I say a little prayer

    another musical legend sadly gone
  14. gustaff

    Cheap 12 bore

    i have a tidy aya 12b sbs for £50 but in n yorkshire