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    shooting game, wildfowling,vermin, working dogs picking up .motor sport. rugby.

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  1. two dark coloured full pedigree kc regisrered one from wales one from scotland both working from scarborough
  2. brittania rescue best no quibble genuine service probably not the cheapest but as an ex recovery agent they were the best company closely follwed by greenflag to work for
  3. we called them kelts,ball bearings,marbles ,pebbles ,nuts and bolts were all fair ammo great fun in the sixties then as we grew up a barnett imp crossbow was a rolls royce hand held imlplementfrom there after till air rifle
  4. not dicrediting them but new gas trade price for 5kg 350 plus vat so 45 for new gas recharge is not financialy feesable
  5. offers about £150 sent with registered post
  6. i have won a 3 day general admission ticket for silverstone f1 grandprix next weekend and i am unable to go pm me if interested with a sensible offer
  7. not with y1234a new gas any where yet unless gassing up with propane
  8. brilliant piece of kit got one my self built in york and streets ahead of big names in welding gear but little known
  9. check rear chassis and rear body mounts
  10. excellent mig welder by a yorkshire company tech arc from york
  11. gustaff

    The 1980's

    queen magic tour unbeatable
  12. seagulls cleaned up blackbird chicks in our garden well done pratham
  13. definatley a fit bird when she was in the hitman and her seiries in the eightys
  14. if i was prime minister the prisons would be half empty the cremertoriums would be turned into power stations generating renewable engery from waste
  15. filmed at another sporting estate in scotland with the worlds worst anti presenting not watching
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