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  1. New never used Berghaus Yeti gaiters brand new size large (71/2 -81/2) boot size. unable to load pictures but can email if needed. £40 plus postage
  2. And that also applies to that fool blowing that wind bag Threating the police and backed up by the other fools(mob) should also be accountable for their actions so lock em up
  3. So you condone braking the law eh. Him and his mob were out to cause trouble and if you can't see that then you should get a eye test . And no to you remark.
  4. EH !!!!!!!!!!!! Gordon Bennett !!!! The piper and his mob should have been locked up
  5. Threw him to the ground and violently attacked him must go and get my eyes tested me thinks
  6. crosswaters


    In the last couple of day I'm getting bombed with adds when I open PW, is this happening to others or am I the special one.
  7. I don't care anymore. Bring in more give them bigger dinghys if fact why not border and coastguard go and pick them up from the French beach's. Why I don't care is because why should I care when the government don't do a thing to stop them ...More more more please.
  8. You are forming you opinions on what they want you to see (media),would you say driving on the wrong side of the road then speeding off, refusing to stop should be ignored by the police I also would like to see the police body cam and car cam footage then make a comment of how bad our police force are and how badly these poor black people have been treated. we are being set up again. .
  9. You've got it spot on mate and I'm pleased I don't live in London or for that matter any of big cities, unbelievable that the police running away from thugs and vandals it should be the other way round. Its not the beat offices that's the problem its what they've been told to do. More and more incident's are happening daily and the thugs are getting away with it ....happy days for them.
  10. What like the ones protesting in London and Bristol, yeah they just get ignored didn't they. But because they turned into thugs and rioters they get noticed. First time in my life saw police running away from mob rule,I always thought it should have been the other way round. But never mind you just keep on moaning like big girls but doing nowt about it. That's me done.
  11. I'm riled now and sick to death of what's happening in our country. Complaining about it on a web site not going to do any good at all am afraid . Politicians take note when the people start protesting with their feet.
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