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  1. And how would you like to pay me !!!
  2. Yes please pm on way
  3. crosswaters

    Car trailer

    As title 6x4 or near that size wanted ,would be good if local to Durham area but willing to travel .
  4. Hi Great report thank you. I also was at the ground on Friday but not one of them young lads mine haha. Think I arrived about 2.30 ish and was short of time so only had a few rounds but not on the high tower. I have a problem with eye dominance and have tried all things to correct this but last week I bought a eye dominance correction kit off pigeon watch and was eager to try this kit so wanted some simple birds to try and on that Friday that was my priority. The kit is simple round magnets of different sizes that you place on your lenses of your safety glasses, start off with the larger magnet to start with then reduce the sizes as you get used to the fogging of the lenses Wanted to shoot the high tower on the Friday but couldn't do everything that day so did the eye problem first. I wanted to shoot a few incomers as I was shooting Bourge nr Kirkcudbright on the pheasants on the next day (Sat) and one of the drives have high driven birds that fly high over tall woodland and some of the guns are in a low valley so great sporting shots …..if you can hit them I missed most of them again. At the shoot on the Saturday I was hopeless on high incomers but not to bad on fast crossers. So today after a great weekend stopping with friends at Kippford south west Scotland I travelled home to Durham and again called into Westlands to try the high tower and only the high tower. Stand 5 on discipline A high tower incoming high birds I was bloody hopeless and hapless at this stand and missed bird after bird I had one onlooker that just shook his head and said hard birds eh !!!!. I came away disheartened and just lost of what to do . I'm going for help with a Professional shooting instructor (Robert Birrell from Castle Douglas) in the next couple of weeks and hope he can sort my problem but driving home today I did think that I also may be lifting my head off the stock as I look up high to see the bird. I will report back after instruction session.
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