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    Game and rough shooting , sailing ,sea angling ,fly fishing.

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  1. crosswaters

    Hi-Lift Jack modal HL-484

    Pm sent
  2. crosswaters

    Hi-Lift Jack modal HL-484

    30 quid any good ?
  3. crosswaters

    Boonie/bucket hats

    Sent you a pm
  4. crosswaters

    Boonie/bucket hats

    Hiya bud, I'm having problems opening messages ,think its because I'm over I.O.M at TT and internet is slooooow . I'll call into pub tonight and maybe get a better signal but please keep boonie for me bud. Cheers H
  5. crosswaters

    Boonie/bucket hats

    Is the large still available, if so I'll take it
  6. crosswaters

    Labour and game birds

  7. crosswaters

    Winter Beer Festival

    one of my favourite is from the the fyne ale local Scottish ale and called "vital spark" you can get it in England but not seen often. Worth a pint if its in good order
  8. crosswaters

    Winter Beer Festival

    Just joined CAMRA Dumfries &Galloway branch last mnt. I drink in a lot of real ale pubs and get good discount for being a member 30p off a pint in local . But also got 50p vouchers off any Witherspoon pubs on the real ales think got £10 worth bargain up to march this year .
  9. crosswaters

    six nations

    Its sad to read about these hateful comments and to think our ancestor's fought shoulder to shoulder together in WW1and 2 to keep our country free from evil, such a shame and I thought it was only banter also.
  10. crosswaters

    Jacket for sale

  11. crosswaters

    Jacket for sale

    Pm sent
  12. crosswaters


    Payment sent for breeks
  13. crosswaters

    piller/bench drill

    Thanks all, job now sorted
  14. crosswaters

    piller/bench drill

    Single phase motor At lease 1/2hp motor with 5/8" (16mm) chuck.bench mount but also floor mount would do. Needed for heavy duty drilling work . Northeast area but willing to travel for the right drill
  15. crosswaters

    lots of leather shooting goods.

    Hi Mel, My game bird shooting stick leather fold out seat in torn and split. can a new seat be made by Lin. ​Regards H