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  1. I keep my yacht at Whitehaven marina and buy red diesel from the marina. I have to fill in a usage form stating what I'm using the red diesel for and I have two options . 1/ for propulsion I have to pay the higher tax tariff (more than white diesel at a garage forecourt. 2/for heating I pay the lower tariff as normal red diesel prices. It is illegal to decant fuel from external containers within the marina area. So most of us when buying diesel at the marina office always say my heater is massive diesel heater and my engine is a wee small thing that burns very little fuel, and all we get from the office is a pleasant smile as they are very understanding good staff. Of course when sailing over to Isle of Man or Ireland and Scots ports we never get asked what we using diesel for as it would be a silly question wouldn't it. Regards
  2. Payment made via bank transfer cheers mate H
  3. That's a bargain, I'll take them even if they only fit a few of my lathe tools Pm on way.
  4. Black and green pair if *** please POSSIBLE
  5. metric course thread up to m12. must be high quality as needed to cut 316 stainless steel..
  6. Hahaha, luckily it will never happen ….but ooow the thoughts what a picture
  7. Like the lies he told about student fees.
  8. I have a leatherman wave I broke a blade (my fault) sent it off and brand new wave was sent out a week later FOC. Mine you I couldn't send the leather sheaf as they wouldn't replace that haha. great service .
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