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    Looking for a copy of GUARDING THE SILVER BY SEAN NIXON Any body hve a copy for sale please contact #no1ghillie@gmail.com Cheers
  2. Found pigeon after they have been feeding in the woods all winter They were on rape fields but in very wet condition and unable to access via vehicles, had to hike in with limited equipment, Set up some decoys and new floaters, limited success pigeons dried up at lunch time after shooting 22 , too much rape available at the present time , giving them an enormous table to feed of. Hope thing will pickup if weather hardens within the next few weeks East coast of Ireland
  3. Why not use what the professional jewelers use E6000 Permanent flexible bond Check it out
  4. Checked out his Instagram pages , what a craftsman a pleasure just to see photographs of some of his excellent work. I hope he succeeds with all his endeavours Cheers from No1ghillie
  5. I bought a Parazzi mx8 SPO SP paid too much money for it,,25k+ Fab fit Fab gun everything that movers across its vision point becomes an ex member of the bird population recommend buying best quality that you can afford Andy K
  6. Short neoprene boots are a health hazard.....I had a pair of muck boots and while stepping into the boat, water went over the top of the boots. The result was that the neoprene section vacuumed , causing my lower leg complete stoppage of blood , and severe pain. The boots had to be cut off with a knife , never again, best advice stick to good old wellingtons or upmarket shooting boots, that have stood the test of time No1 ghillie
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