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  1. Ran into this problem a few years ago, existing fridge freezer which was installed in outside washer drying room died after many years service. Ordered a new unit from local supply, and they delivered and connected. After the running in period I noticed that the freezer was not operational, checked the manual and adjusted, but problem persisted. I contacted the supplier and they very kindly sent out a replacement unit , which was reinstalled, and after running in period the freezer still refused to operate. I contacted the supplier again, and in all fairness responded to fault.. I received a telephone call from the technical department from the manufacturers who referred me to the instruction manual, which did state that the fridge freezer unit will only operate at ambulant +10 deg C, as the exterior temperature was sitting at 4-6 Deg c They very kindly agreed to remove the new fridge freezer. I went on line armed with this new information, and found out just how many manufactures do state operating temperature's of plus 10 Dec C under very small print. However I found a well known German manufacturer who did state operating temperatures low as 0 Deg d . I doubled checked the technical data an phoned the original supplier who agreed to arrange delivery of the chosen model, as they did not carry it in stock there was a small additional charge. I agreed and the unit was delivered and installed within 10 days , connected and installed , operated to full function summer and winter , and everybody happy. It goes to show what can be gleaned from reading technical specification prior to purchase. A lesson well learnt. no1ghillie@gmail.com
  2. Have used Cens digital for last 3 years , and have had no problems, sometimes I use them passively ie not switched on , if shooting on my own . If in company on driven days or doubling up in pigeon hide I will always fully activate. Duck flighting at night you can hear the ducks long before you can see them Have to remove them during the day to let my ears breathe if on a long days shooting I have bought Cens mini's for both my sons and they love them. Best advice buy the best that you can afford, you only have one set of lugs issued to you when you are born. I have so many friends that are either tone deaf or have serious hearing problems due to no ear protection whilst shooting over the years. no1ghillie@gmail.com
  3. No sign of flea beetle at present, very large acreage of rape all down the east coast of Ireland. Have noticed the massive increase in pigeon population over the last number of years, and early season August-September very large bags available on wheat , barley and rape stubbles were made before they vanished into the woods to stuff out on beech nuts, and acorns. Strange winter for decoying. Even pheasants were difficult to hold due to very mild winter , and would stray long distances no mater how often they were dogged in duck faired better with mild weather and were pairing off after Christmas. Noticed some farmers have started to plough in winter stubbles getting ready for spring grain seeding, this should cut down the amount of feeding available for pigeons. Our only problem is seeding machinery plants so deep that, no spillage left on the surface, even after heavy rain. Might get a opportunity when beans go in. Failing that trout season opens on the 1st March
  4. Found new rape fields and farmer happy for us to shoot pigeons, he told us the fields have never been shot before. Watched fields over a week and build up of pigeons, arranged for Wednesday great westerly wind and cloud cover, started at 3 deg and ended up at 9deg When we arrived pushed off several hundred pigeon, and started to set up hides and decoy patterns, and 2 new enforcer flapper off to the right. Birds everywhere they were even trying to get into the field whilst we were setting up, settled in and we shot 16 , the birds kept coming over the field but no interest in decoying or feeding,. we moved the pattern around 3 times switched the rotary off switched the rotary on , moved the floaters , brought them in but birds still refused to decoy we ended up taking long 50+ shots to try and make up a bag. All of the birds shot all had empty crops, we think they flighted by to very large wood at the monastery 3 miles south and stayed there. We sat it out until 3.0pm the pigeon traffic getting less and less, pulled stumps and headed home no1ghille east coast Ireland
  5. no1ghillie


    Looking for a copy of GUARDING THE SILVER BY SEAN NIXON Any body hve a copy for sale please contact #no1ghillie@gmail.com Cheers
  6. Found pigeon after they have been feeding in the woods all winter They were on rape fields but in very wet condition and unable to access via vehicles, had to hike in with limited equipment, Set up some decoys and new floaters, limited success pigeons dried up at lunch time after shooting 22 , too much rape available at the present time , giving them an enormous table to feed of. Hope thing will pickup if weather hardens within the next few weeks East coast of Ireland
  7. Why not use what the professional jewelers use E6000 Permanent flexible bond Check it out
  8. Checked out his Instagram pages , what a craftsman a pleasure just to see photographs of some of his excellent work. I hope he succeeds with all his endeavours Cheers from No1ghillie
  9. I bought a Parazzi mx8 SPO SP paid too much money for it,,25k+ Fab fit Fab gun everything that movers across its vision point becomes an ex member of the bird population recommend buying best quality that you can afford Andy K
  10. Short neoprene boots are a health hazard.....I had a pair of muck boots and while stepping into the boat, water went over the top of the boots. The result was that the neoprene section vacuumed , causing my lower leg complete stoppage of blood , and severe pain. The boots had to be cut off with a knife , never again, best advice stick to good old wellingtons or upmarket shooting boots, that have stood the test of time No1 ghillie
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