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  1. I'll start the Bidding at a crisp Tenner.......................AND I'll collect save you carting it down posty orifice..
  2. Now ya see that's what this country lacks...A Deterant, Do one, And the rest might just think twice but no we're all a load of Snowflakes
  3. What's wong with a good Prod..............A Cattle Prod....Keep at it
  4. Yep got a Youngster living over the road never worked in his life because of a "Bad Back" but doesn't stop him trying to bust his skate board on a regular basis.
  5. What like in hang her Dead or just lightly swinging from a tree ??
  6. Another way of looking at it is more the Snowflake approach. She did need a wheel chair, Took up Kick Boxing to try and ease the pain and ended up winning medals but didn't get round to letting the Dole office know. Looking on the bright side if she was winning medals lets hope they were Gold so she can repay OUR (Tax Payer) 20k
  7. Pretty sure we decided that nearly 3 years ago but Remoaners will persist in pretending we didn't...........
  8. Due to the lies spread about during this whole Brexit deal and what would happen I don't believe any doom and gloom, Propaganda at it's best
  9. The way this lots going it might still be a winner
  10. Second round of "We aint got a clue what to do"
  11. Any Video footage ?
  12. I feel your pain..
  13. No idea but they look smart in Black and nice wood for the money
  14. If it's fit's like a Glove and you get £540's worth of enjoyment then it's all good surely
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