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  1. Snoozer

    Lager, ebay.

    Why is it Her Fault
  2. Don't blame your Wife, That's what you get for telling her everything she see's is actually Bigger !! Unlikely as I can't see any Blue lights !
  3. By deduction, If it was Female ( a Rodet) then it would be flying into objects not deftly avoiding them.
  4. Now we're getting somewhere
  5. Looks like an interesting upgrade.......
  6. You Snooze, You Loose, That's how I got my Name 😞
  7. Can I be the first to congratulate the winner whilst I go off an sulk
  8. Something like this maybe. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-5km-Long-Range-Outdoor-WIFI-Router-5-8Ghz-300Mbps-Wireless-CPE-Bridge-EU-KT/223813468754?hash=item341c528252:g:qvcAAOSwyVdeAnEX
  9. Amazon Kindle self publish might be a start. Don't know in the ins and outs but worth a look. https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/
  10. This is exactly what my Doctor told me which cost me £0.00
  11. 34 years for me, Them days there were no aids. Tried the Pipe, Cigar's, Rolling my own, Even French Cig's but ended up liking the taste, Gitanes & Gouloirs. although I seem to remember one of them was a rolling tobacco So I remember saying to my Wife on the eve of the Budget that year if my Fags go up I aint smoking anymore and yep they went up and I stopped smoking..
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