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  1. Best place to buy de-act sbs

    I am sure Bosher would deactivate a cheapy and rfd or you could visit him and fill your Boots Gun Cabinet.
  2. Max Clifford

    saves the tax payer a few bucks.
  3. Is it snowing yet

    The definition of a Mate isn't the one who makes the call it's the one who answers it
  4. Mavic Pro Fly More Combo Drone

    Your link redirects back to this post.
  5. Is it snowing yet

    Not just Norfolk, I'm waiting for the first vehicle to attempt the road outside and see how many other cars they clip on the way
  6. Is it snowing yet

    It's landed at last in Northants and snowing nicely at the moment
  7. Any one getting any in S YORKS

    That would make a nice picture at night with all the Crimbo window light on. No sign of Snow here YET
  8. Help Needed

    Thanks for the heads up as i was considering giving him a call myself early next year for some experience, Defo won't bother now, PW exposes another messa
  9. HEADS UP John Norris DEALs

    The closest for me would have to be the 13's then but i wonder if they come with paddles !
  10. HEADS UP John Norris DEALs

    Do you know if they do them for Medium Feet ?
  11. Kicks full

    Ok i'll bite, What's a "Kicks Full" ??
  12. Help Needed

    Might be a bit far from you but have a butchers. http://www.pigeonshootingleicestershire.co.uk/
  13. Ticket Full

    Had this a couple of months ago and dropped mine in for a reprint as it was full, They said as long as it was entered onto my cert it was acceptable.