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  1. Snoozer

    Dash cam's

    Just to add mine. Car I have a NextBase Duo Van I have a NextBase 512GW Both models show your true speed when the screen times out.
  2. Snoozer

    range finder

    Someone with some common sense will be along to answer, We're bored
  3. Snoozer

    range finder

    Pretty sure NASA have had a go
  4. Snoozer

    Adverts on GT

    Can't see your issue to be honest, Don't they speak like that out Nafark way
  5. Snoozer

    Blue tooth

    Might help.
  6. Snoozer

    Dash cam's

    Got a Nextbase Duo in the Car and a 512GW in my Van, Won't drive without one.. Both from Halfrauds....
  7. Snoozer

    GP medical

    As my Grandpappy used to say "Give him enough rope"
  8. Snoozer

    GP medical

    Oh that right there is the Icing on his Cake, We have a winner folks and probably someone who should remain certificate...................LESS.
  9. Snoozer

    which cart? for a 725 noob!

    I got all hung up on what carts do what, When & How as a begginer, I was told to grab a slab of the cheapest 28g and go shoot the Gun, Worked for me lol
  10. Snoozer

    Cert has landed!

    It's a great feeling when that piece of paper's finally in your hand, Good luck and nice Gun
  11. Snoozer

    GP medical

    Yep I hear ya and I hope the situation doesn't become a permanant one, atb
  12. Snoozer

    GP medical

    I have donned my Tin Hat in anticipation of fallout so here goes. When my cert comes up for renewal and my GP asks for a fee say £110 I will pay and get my renewal without any fuss. TBH £110/5 years is £22.00 p/y that amount for me is the cheapest part of my shooting expense, yes I know it's not right but we keep getting shafted and as the op found out raise your voice slightly and next thing you know your cert has done a runner. Can't be asked with the agro personally., Not for 22 notes a year.. This situation needs sorting but I fear It'd a long long long way off
  13. Snoozer


    LOL that made me chuckle...... Never toooooo many !
  14. Snoozer

    One for TV viewers.

    Trailer for those interested before loading up the iplayer thingy..