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  1. Point a Shot Gun at them, Although I'm no Keeper it sounds like a good idea to me
  2. https://basc.org.uk/new-basc-service-bypasses-unhelpful-gps/
  3. I think this your best course of Action and can I be the first to offer you an assortment of fine Wool and some Ornately Carved Needles in exchange for the defective Gun....Please !
  4. I have no idea what the cause is but it might be advantageous to post some additional info. Type of Snap Cap ? (Plastic, Steel, Brass) 525 New or Used ? (I suspect used or it would be back at the Dealer and you wouldn't be inquiring about No 2) Has the issue just started having been ok in the past OR is this the first time using Snap Caps in the Gun ?
  5. Yer but I bet some Snowflake will claim Privacy within the confines of his vehicle saying it's an extension of his house or some such S****
  6. Good shout Davyo, Better get mine stickered up..
  7. Jeez they'll be glad 2019 is over soon, That's some Bad luck, Although I didn't think Insurance companies were remiss is reminding their customers of an imminent renewal ?
  8. They need few things in life 2 of which are Food & Love so why do some people find it so hard
  9. Old enough p.m.s.l. I was 18 when they first aired it in 77, Remember it well
  10. Paul Baker InfaRed Laser or as the Welsh say pbirl Some people !
  11. I'd seen on Facebook they'd sold out over Christmas but plenty of LBOYS to be had from Santa's Surplus Supply....
  12. Lets have a look at an earlier Post lol
  13. Lets hope they get a decent Camera for Christmas !
  14. Might help. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/166283-beretta-stock-removal-hex-toolwhere-can-i-get-one-from/
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