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  1. Deker

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    if you're after something specific then it's probably worth calling them in advance but if not it'll kill a bit of time, there's not much else near Bradford Stalker but the Angel of the North isn't far away and Newcastle isn't much further up the road (I'm not really a fan of Durham and would really struggle to waste more than an hour there).
  2. Deker

    UTG Green\Red dot sight

    I've only used it near eye on a rifle but apparently it's good for both: https://leapers.com/index.php?act=prod_detail&status=best&allids=714&itemno=SCP-DS3840W
  3. Deker

    UTG Green\Red dot sight

    This came on one of my rifles and I've replaced with something else, it's a UTG Green or Red rot sight with picatinny rail adapter, I've only used it once at an indoor range and it worked absolutely fine, it seems to have had very little use as it wasn't zero'd and the adjusters were still stiff to move (but do move and work fine). Looking for £38 posted
  4. Deker


    most shelters will have them for a nominal fee, have a look at a few and give a dog a second chance at having a life
  5. Deker

    Thimbleby Shooting Ground

    Will be threre myself on Sunday too, I've heard good things about Thimbleby so will have a wonder there at some point, can you just go as a visitor?
  6. Deker


    Unfortunately that will be impossible, there's no way anyone can be proven to be squeaky clean, even if you have been and at some point in your teenage years you chatted someone up with the political correctness of today if you so much as touched them whilst talking to them then you've overstepped the mark, common sense seems to have been removed from society.
  7. Deker

    Forster .308 FL sizing die

    For sale, Forster FL sizing in .308 Win, comes complete with 2 spare decapping pins and die box, looking for £38 posted
  8. Deker

    Part time man/woman

    The whole gender fluid thing is going to open a whole new can of worms, imagine the call for car insurance.. Yes I'm a 21 year old male with zero no claims bones.... BUT I identify with a 56 year old female that has 20 years of no claims... now what is my renewal quote... and if you get it wrong I'll go to the papers about victimisation of my character.....
  9. Deker

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    Everytime I hear him talk I just wonder how much more that workers will be taxed, there's no way he can implement his promises without taxing us more, companies who already play the tax avoidance game are just going to keep doing it and there's only the workers left to pick up the tab
  10. Deker

    Apple iPad 2

    Now sold
  11. Deker

    Passports after Brexit

    I loved the irony when they complained about not getting the deal, De la Rue currently print money and documents for other countries and complained when a foreign company won this deal
  12. Deker

    VPN providers

    I use PureVPN, it's not bad and when I've had any issues there support has been good, they now have a Chrome plugin that allows you to browse from any country at the click of a button (nice and handy for those USA shops that detect your region and redirect you automatically). I've used their Android version, full blown PC version and also their browser only version and all work as expected
  13. Deker

    Apple iPad 2

    Seems to be, i checked for updates and it said there wasn't one
  14. Deker

    Apple iPad 2

    IOS 9.3.5
  15. Deker

    Apple iPad 2

    Apple iPad 2 - black & silver 16Gb Wi-Fi version 9.7 inch screen I'll try and find the box as I should have it but can't put my hands on it at the minute In very good condition as I've hardly used it, bought it to see what the fuss was about and only ever used Kodi Includes an apple magnetic cover (grey) and the full black cover . £80 posted