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  1. Deker

    No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

    Instead of community service send them to do real hard labour, get some of the unused pits working again and send them to the coalface, they won't be able to run off far and they'll actually be providing a product which has value so can contribute back to the state.
  2. Deker

    Computer Assistance Needed

    Hi, Is this only in emails? or on web pages too, if it's emails is it using an email program or web mail?
  3. Deker

    Computer Assistance Needed

    that's odd I get to the page in the image
  4. Deker

    Computer Assistance Needed

    I've just clicked on the link and it goes to a Microsoft page in the image below, it sounds like there maybe malware on the computer re-directing web traffic Deker
  5. Deker

    Openreach trainee engineer

    take a look at the glassdoor website to see what members of staff are saying
  6. Deker

    223 brass

    Looks like i'm sorted. Thanks Derek
  7. Deker

    223 brass

    Could do with them in the next few weeks but it won't be a problem if it takes a little longer, how much would you want for 200 - 300 ?
  8. Deker

    223 brass

    Hi,Has anyone got any .223 once fired brass, i'm looking for 200-300 all of the same brand.Thanks Deker
  9. Deker

    LG TV

    if it helps this is what they look like when they've failed, the top domes and sometimes the bottom does too which raises them off the circuit board, if you do change them just make sure you put the new ones in the same way (+ve & -ve in the same place). Deker
  10. Deker

    LG TV

    Did this with one of my Samsungs, £5 for a new (better make) of capacitors and 30 minutes later the TV was good as new and it's still going.
  11. Deker

    New Pard NV007 NV Add-on

    just bought one of these myself (although not off this seller), I haven't been out in the field with it yet but using it as a spotter it seems up to the job. Rewulf pretty much has it covered, but I'd add another very small bugbear, it would be nice if there was a lock ring on the eyepiece once you have it in focus as it moves around a little too easy for me.
  12. Changed my stalking rifle over to 6.5 creedmoor so don't really need these anymore..308 Forster Full length resizing die.308 RCBS seating die£35 +postage (for both)1Kg unopened RS52 powder - SOLD pending paymentBrass:Mix of Sako (20 once fired), PPU (100ish once fired), NATO 7.62 (100+ twice fired) - SOLD cover postage175 x Sierra 150gr Pro Hunter (S2130) .30cal bullets - SOLD
  13. Deker

    moped scum, gloves off?

    lol, re-read and get you now lol
  14. Deker

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Me, because just like when i drive my car if a blue light and sirens come up behind me i pull over.
  15. Deker

    223 and 17hmr ammo

    it's handy if you shoot enough to recoup your costs otherwise you'll never break even lol