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  1. Outdoor CCTV system

    I've used these https://www.noip.com/ for similar things, free for the first 5 names
  2. This can’t be real, woman can try out for the SAS

    I'd agree but maybe this calls for a different special regiment working alongside that can have different selection criteria?
  3. Not turning up because of childcare

    That's one of the decisions you have to make when deciding to start a family though, how you will deal with unexpected issues. It's not fair to expect others to pick up the workload or a company to suffer and take the hit.
  4. Richer Sounds

    I've bought several bits of kit from them, one had a problem and was changed with a better product with no fuss at all. Not sure if it's still the same but they used to offer a refund for the extra warranty if it wasn't used
  5. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    There you go, now how would you feel about your comment, that's exactly what the uninformed write about us
  6. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    Nice post, this thread is a prime example of the way things get twisted, the original link doesn't mention pit bulls yet it still made it into the thread title
  7. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    Ah correct, I misread your post, yes it's all about the owner. Pretty much any puppy will end up being a "nanny dog" with the right upbringing (my Staffy behaves very much like my old Boxer did with me), however some of the traits of the bull breed is bonding (it's also why they get swapped and traded so easy by chavs) so they do tend to fit in to a new place or owner easily (they adapt well from rescue centers), but with this in mind they don't forget their past, mine had been mistreated by his previous owner and if any shouting starts he cowers... caused him a few upsets when working on my house and shouting between rooms
  8. Uma Thurman / Harvey Weinstein

    I know of several people where I used to work (a council) who 'slept' their way to promotion, I also know of a guy at University who 'turned gay' to get better results (slept with a male lecturer), and while there a few girls who used their looks (and only their looks) to get guys to do their assignments. It happens (and will happen) everywhere
  9. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    And for every post like that there's a one were they're trusted, the NYPD are happy to let this one off the lead in one of the highest populated areas: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/meet-the-first-official-pit-bull-police-dog-in-the-state-of-new-york/ https://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-leroy/new-yorks-first-k9-pit-bu_b_9157774.html http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2016/02/pit-bulls-are-the-new-breed-of-police-dogs/ That's the problem with the internet opinions are read as facts, the 'author' of the link you provided hasn't sited any references in the last century, which is on par with saying cars don't go over 16mph (as per 1920), ironically the tag line of the page is about "Facts" yet they produce none and even attempt to denounce other experts (backup by facts) without providing any!
  10. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    I do find it ironic on a shooting forum that people can make sweeping accusations, such as "all certain dog types are dangerous", that's pretty much the same as the media saying all FAC owners are murders in waiting which did happen on live TV after Dunblane (to an Olympic shooter), we should know better than most about the media, we're currently getting grief from the anti-hunt lobby as well as the government trying to restrict more firearms because of biased uninformed individuals.
  11. Dog killed by pit bull type in Manchester

    There's no 'need' for any dog but there's nothing wrong with pitbulls, it's just a breed the media jumped on due to ####er owners, exactly the same as Alsatians, Rottweilers and Dobermans over the years, the only common denominator is the idiot at the other end of the lead. Staffies are also classed as 'Bull' breeds, they're also known as the nanny dogs, the whole BSL argument is barbaric and should be lifted ASAP.
  12. Can't say Happy Christmas!

    It's one of those things invented by HR departments, wishing someone a merry or happy time regardless of their religion (or lack of) is hardly offensive, it's not like it immediately converts them.
  13. What's your dog called and why

    Bobby.. He's a black with white stripe staffy that I got from a shelter in Newcastle, knowing geordies I was sure he'd have been named after a player so after exhausting all of the players I knew I started on the managers, I got to Bobby (Robson) and his ears pricked up and he walked over to me
  14. Please recommendations Dog Muzzle

    When I did the training with mine there was a Staffy\Dalmation cross that had similar problems, the trainer used water sprays to control the dogs and kept spraying the dog (not as bad as it sounds) until it stopped trying to get the muzzle off (took about 20 seconds and it didn't do it again), so that might be worth a try? Also I found mine responded well to the Halti harness rather than the muzzle, no idea at all how it works (as it's not tight anywhere) but worked a treat on mine to stop him pulling when walking him