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  1. Selling a car - we purchase any vehicle etc etc

    eBay and list all of the issues so the buyer knows what they're getting, failing that an auction such as CoPart then there's absolutely no comeback (just price in the costs) Deker
  2. SOLD: ACCU-SHOT BT12QK Rail Mount Monopod

    Hi, Not really, I've pretty much got all I need now. Thanks Derek
  3. As title, selling my ACCU-SHOT BT12QK Rail Mount Monopod Looking for £80 posted (+paypal fees)
  4. Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1 Pivot Bipod, hardly used, come with two picatinny clamps (cost £110 new) Looking for £80 posted (+paypal fees)
  5. Northern Shooting Show

    I'll be going on the Sunday, not really after anything but never been before.
  6. Worst Gigs..

    Blind Melon, they were just stoned and couldn't get it together, I went to see Brian May too and he was great (after Freddie died but pre badger days) but he had some odd switch to live uplink to a South African group in the middle of his set that was just odd and it just didn't fit.
  7. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Seen a lot of low budget **** but I never expected much of those anyway, but probably the worst big budget 'award' winners that I thought were truly rubbish were The thin red line and as mentioned earlier The Revenant
  8. Another gun related arrest

    fortunately he didn't seem to be using it to threaten anyone and alcohol seemed to be the main issue, the drink driving is more of a worry
  9. Ranges in the North

    Thanks, I like the Yorkshire shooting center, I went there just before Christmas to have a chat with the guys, I would have been there over the weekend but they were closed for Easter, I'll be picking a new .223 up very soon so will call over there to do the development for that. I'm hoping to visit Diggle this year too but I'll have the development all sorted for that so I can have a shoot over the longer distances I ended up going to Gardners Guns as they seemed to be the only ones open over the weekend and I was running out of time to complete the load development (off to Bisley very soon so needed the development finishing), nice bunch of guys and a decent short range setup on site, their longer ranges sound really good too so could be joining there soon too (it was a bit of a trek for 24 rounds of load development though lol). Deker
  10. As title, has anyone got a Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller Collet No 7 308/312 Cal that they want to sell? Thanks Deker
  11. Orange five pro mountain bike for sale

    if you're on facebook join the Orange Riders group and it'll probably go straight away (maybe Ross's rides too)
  12. Ranges in the North

    Hi, I'm a member of a local club so visit Catterick at least once a month but was wondering if there are any other ranges (preferably up to 300y) so I can do some load development between shoots, I've used Steadhall indoor in the past but if it's busy then it can be a wasted journey, I'll try Yorkshire Shooting Center soon but just wondered what others may be available? Thanks Deker
  13. Returning to target shooting.

    I've recently gone for .308 & .223 just for the availability of the different ammo, I think if I had the chance to shoot 1000 more often I would have went for the 6.5 creemoor but with probably only shooting 1000 a few times a year then I'll stick with the .308 for that and use my .223 for shorter work (I know the .223 can push 1000 too)
  14. Gunwatch buyers

    The way things are at the minute it would more than likely be the media trying to show how easy a purchase is