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  1. Deker

    Reloading kit

    Same, I have the 1-8" and use 77gr SMKs but was handed a box of GGG 69gr match last shoot and if I'd have tried them before I did my load development I wouldn't have bothered, they group so well, I was shooting at 600y and the group was sub moa
  2. Deker

    Reloading kit

    OK, you'll need the following (off the top of my head): Press Dies - both resizing and bullet seating Something to dispense the powder (such as dropper and trickler) Scales Brass prep - trimmer and chamfer Powder funnel reloading tray (to hold brass while you make them) something to clean the brass after use (tumbler, ultrasonic, etc). It's a hobby that can get expensive so finding someone who is selling up is a good choice, also looking back at the kit I have (I load for several rifles) if I only had one calibre such as my .223 I'd test some
  3. Deker

    Reloading kit

    I've just sold a load of stuff but if you need a basic trimmer I have the Lee Precision Large Case Trimmer Cutter & Lock Stud for .223 for £7 posted (top one in photo)
  4. I have a friend in the US who is very left leaning behaving in exactly this way - it's absolutely fine to be rigged as long as Trump is out lol
  5. Hornady Electric Scale GS-1500 - £30 Price excludes postage and any PayPal fees
  6. Just re-checked, there's 180 left which are a mix of 100(ish) de-primed and cleaned and dirty (with and without used primer) so will do these for £33 posted if anyone wants them.
  7. another 200 sold, only 150 left now
  8. Hi, It's a mix of once and twice fired - a friend bought it all once fired, cleaned, resized fired around 120 of them then quit so passed them to me, unfortunately he mixed them all back up after resizing again so to be safe I'd class then as twice fired next will be 3rd
  9. Unfortunately the public sector is full of people who have managed to make a career out of looking busy while actually not making a single decision, simply arranging meetings to pass the responsibility, I left local government as I simply didn't want to be stuck in this loop (you either let it get to you and leave or accept it's the way things work and join in!). I left an IT managed service company last year to join a MUCH larger one and although the potential is there to work on cutting edge technology I do see similar amounts of red tape and work which should take weeks bouncing around
  10. I have around 550 pieces of Hornady .223 brass that I don't need (bought with other kit), looking to sell at £20/100 Prices exclude postage and any PayPal fees
  11. Deker


    As a VERY late starter to skiing I'd like to try over in New England (or that area of the USA), I like visiting to Maine so could do both while there.
  12. And due to the suspension of leaving the EU we may well have lost a trade deal with the USA as it would have been signed, sealed and delivered if we'd have left after the vote instead of kicking the can down the road for 3 years
  13. Deker

    Work from Home tax

    you can claim for that against your tax
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