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  1. Deker

    Wireless thermostat

    Hi, I went the Hive route when my previous thermostat decided it no longer wanted to work, since moving to Hive I've added a few plugs and bulbs to the system and it's pretty good for controlling home automation (especially if you work odd hours), it's handy being able to make sure heating is off if you're out longer than expected etc. I think I picked the full kit up from eBay for £120ish and it only took an hour to fit and configure.
  2. Deker

    world cup

    I think they just ran out of ideas (stamina maybe) about 60 minutes in, until then there was only one side in it. But Gareth certainly proved a lot of people wrong (me included) and picked a squad that played with passion and actually being genuinely upset that they lost (unlike the last few world cup squads were players seemed to be more interested in their sponsorship & tv deals)
  3. Deker

    Laminate flooring best price

    it might be worth trying a few local companies, when I was looking last year a small place near my buys a few of the popular ones in bulk and could offer them at a great price (even the fitting was so cheap it wasn't worth doing it myself).
  4. Deker


    I think these kind of incidents are why eBay banned the sale of wives and children
  5. Deker

    Once fired 223 & 243 brass

    I'd be interested in the Norma .223 brass if it hasn't gone, happy to cover postage costs and donate to charity
  6. Deker

    Brexit.......more remainer deceit!

    Blaming the Russians is getting as boring as being called a racist now, both used far too often in an attempt to win an argument when facts aren't available
  7. The frame is done, Is it a hardtail or full sus? if it's a hardtail used good frames can be picked up for £100 up over and a good full sus for £500 up over so not worth messing about with a temporary fix. Look at Pinkbike for frames
  8. Deker

    Royal wedding why should tax payers fund it

    this popped up on facebook and just about sums it up
  9. Deker

    Emily Thornberry isreal calibre comments?

    Wasn't that the AK74 5.45 round that tumbles?
  10. Deker

    RCBS Chargemaster lite

  11. Deker

    RCBS Chargemaster lite

    Selling due to upgrading to the A&D FX120 and autotrickler, only owned since January, looking for £280 plus postage.
  12. Deker

    harris s25 bipod

    will you take £60 posted? if so send me your details across
  13. Deker

    harris s25 bipod

    is this the swivel one?
  14. Deker

    pretentious made up names

    Sometimes these names are made up so they sound like a promotion and are offered instead of a pay rise, I once worked with a guy who was more concerned about the job title than the salary
  15. Deker

    Selling a car - we purchase any vehicle etc etc

    eBay and list all of the issues so the buyer knows what they're getting, failing that an auction such as CoPart then there's absolutely no comeback (just price in the costs) Deker