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  1. New mortgage

    I paid mine off as soon as I could as I live on my own as when my previous employer went into administration it hit home how easy it was to lose my house through no fault of my own didn't want to have to go through that again. Also, there's a calculator on Money Saving Expert which showed you how many years you can knock of your mortgage by just overpaying 10% once you realise how much interest is being paid it gets addictive
  2. 12 v battery

    could have a chat with these guys https://www.mtbbatteries.co.uk/
  3. .223 Ammo

    No, this is them https://www.norma.cc/us/Products/Hunting/223-Remington/Norma-FMJ-55-gr/
  4. Capital Punishment

    Fully agree with Figgy on this one, there's no deterrent at all at the minute, people seem to think that these murderers and rapists have human rights, they don't they lose them when they took the human rights away from their victims
  5. Can anyone help me understand?

    The irony is that this year is the centenary of women getting the vote, yet the voice of a few femi-nazis has removed that vote from the grid ladies who have now been made unemployed without being asked how THEY feel about it, what happens when they're removed from all sports and then the only work for them is things like hostesses at the presidents club, who'll cry foul then?
  6. Vegans beat us again.

    it would be interesting to see if genuine accounts were used or a number of 'bots' as that's a lot of people in a short time
  7. .223 Ammo

    Northallerton Shooting Supplies have been doing Norma 55gr "training" rounds for £34 for 50 (can't even buy Norma brass that cheap), it's not great for tight groups (2" @ 100 yards in my Browning) but if you're going to reload eventually it's ideal.
  8. 223. Wanted

    It wasn't last Thursday, he's moving house at the minute so is sometimes a bit slow at responding
  9. 223. Wanted

    There's an absolute beauty on UKvarminting http://ukvarminting.com/topic/41052-tikka-t3-super-varmint-223-1-in-8-20-inch/ I was after it myself but my xbolt sale fell through
  10. Sorry it's a stainless stalker, I amended the add but it's created a new one
  11. Reduced to £525 for rifle and moderator, including an unbranded illuminated reticle 6-24x50 scope (1 inch tube) and bipod. Had a very good offer on a Tikka so would like to sell quickly
  12. is this still for sale?
  13. Recent joinery /jobs

    some nice work there, I need some similar work doing myself
  14. .223 wanted

    Browning X-bolt (synthetic stock) with moderator, looking for £525, also have an unbranded 4-24x50 illuminated scope and a few bipods if you wanted to put a full setup together (only thing I don't have is a set of rings for the scope). Image is with a different scope
  15. Wanted Moderator

    Where are you based, I have a wildcat one that I got as part of a package with my Ruger 308 that I don't use (had about 30 rounds through it)