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  1. I also have a Beretta 687 and enjoy shooting it, in early September I went to the open day at Ian Coley’s and tried the DT 11, it was lovely experience shooting 25 cartridges with such an expensive and beautiful gun. The balance and feel of the gun was a revelation to me as I have never picked up a “new to me” gun and felt so instinctively able to shoot it. I am 75 so my shooting life is drawing to a close so I won’t be buying one but if I had the money and 25 plus years shooting ahead of me it would be the gun I would want.
  2. I have investigated two accidents involving this type of ladder. In both instances the internal catches failed and the ladders collapsed, in the one accident the persons leg was caught between the collapsed treads and he suffered a badly broken leg. there is no way to visually inspect the inside of the ladder to check for wear on the catches that hold the rungs in the open position. They are dangerous, cheaply made in China with no regard to users safety🤔
  3. Stuarta


    Very similar to our government rolling over to terrorist PIRA scum and calling it a peace agreement.
  4. At 75 I identify with so many of the sentiments in this thread especially the thanks and best wishes to gunman and ditch man. I have been running down the number of guns in the cabinet and with four still to sell it will leave me with just my Beretta 12 bore, I plan to keep shooting clays and vermin for as long as I can , it is a part of my social life, meeting old friends and making new ones. my best wishes to those who are giving up.
  5. Just the job for a “driven day”.
  6. A lad in my road has a great sense of humour
  7. As a person who was self employed and did receive cash everyone assumed I fiddled my tax, it was usually local government and civil servants that wanted to pay me cash and not pay VAT on their bill. No chance, they paid the tax and I declared the cash.
  8. I will continue to use both methods and try shooting shooting gun slightly out of my shoulder as well. How many years of combined shooting experience is contained in these replies? Priceless advice freely given, thank you.
  9. Some friends always shoot gun out of the shoulder and mount after they see the clay and others mount and then call. I am trying a mixture of both, usually on crossing and high incoming clays gun down and gun up for fast away and low incoming clays. Is there a correct way for different target presentations?
  10. My wife said I started to go deaf the day after we got married
  11. Thank you Rewulf i will contact the people I know in Ceuta this evening for an update, they live very near the migrant centre and I met the camp commander in their home a number of times so they will have a clear picture of what is happening I’m sorry if I have posted misleading information and if I have I will update it.
  12. The migrants that have swum ashore in Ceuta did not swim around the bay, they were in boats that floundered and sunk, many are drowned and a few survive, I have personally spoken to a number of survivors who struggled ashore after hours in the water. There is no border force or life boat help as between France and England.
  13. Having visited Ceuta twice in the last three years with work I can assure you that once they gain entry into Ceuta they are not sent back by the Spanish. Three or four years back they were detained in a purpose built migrant camp for six to eight months. As the numbers getting into Ceuta has increased the length of detention has decreased to prevent the camp population overflowing, they are detained for only one to two weeks now and then put on the ferry to mainland Spain. The EU were/are giving Morocco vast sums of money and favourable trade terms in return for stopping the migrants entering Ceuta, the border is rows of seven meters high razor wire, any Africa migrant caught between the rows of fences is sent back to Morocco but once over the second row they can claim refugee status. The migrants are nor Moroccans, they can freely enter Ceuta and hundreds do every day for work and at least 30% of the population of Ceuta are Arab or Berbers originally from Morocco.
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