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  1. How did we ever manage to keep Germany from invading us in WW2?
  2. You have said exactly how I feel about this fool
  3. There is a walk called the “via Beata”, the way of blessing. It crosses the country at its widest point, St David’s in Wales to Lowestoft so it is a long walk. You can goggle the via Beata web site. There are way stations and art work along the route.
  4. I am more excited buying it back than I was when I bought it the first time, there are so many good memories that come back when I pick it up
  5. I thought as I reached the age of 75 I could live with just one gun, my EELL 687 and sold the other six. A friend who bought my old AL391 semi auto from me a year ago said he was going to sell it and I decided to buy it back. I used it last Tuesday and it was like meeting an old friend again. I am so looking forward to taking it up to the farm and shooting the crows, rabbits and pigeons with it.
  6. Toxo you need to be careful and think before you post, the police can take away your guns if they think you are mentally unwell
  7. The fact the BBC spent 12 minutes telling this story during the news when so much is happening is just so much Boris and Tory bashing, sad thing is just like in Russia the news over influences public opinion hence some of the comments in this thread.
  8. I have used Boots and I bought Phonak hearing aids from them. They cost £1,600 about three years back and I have them serviced free every 12 months. They are small and I find it easy to adjust the volume but I often have to adjust the volume in social gathering as people raise and lower their voices or turn or drop their head as they talk. These are my third or fourth set as I have been wearing aids for 20 years and though they have got smaller I have the same problems with the latest one I had with the first pair. Don’t let the sales person kid you. The NHS hearing aids a friend has been given free are as small as mine and just as adjustable and when I need a new pair that is what I will get. I hope this helps. NOTE. My wife said I started to go deaf the day after we got married. Oh, I replied, the same day you went off sex.
  9. There were probably only three civil servants in the home office today so they sent them to France, the rest were “shirking at home” ? The civil service unions call it work life balance and don’t give a pigs ear about illegal or genuine refuges or the Afghans that helped our troops and needed to get out of Kabul, just as long as their inaction makes the government look bad.
  10. The Ukrainian people know what Russian domination under Putin will be like, that is why so many are willing to fight. Some of the posts on here about how they should let Russian troops take over make me fear for this country if we ever have to defend ourselves. Woke doesn’t even start to describe them.
  11. After renting out two properties for many years I sold them when I retired. I was self employed and they were my way of investing to secure a decent pension when I retired and not give my investment to a financial advisor or banker. I kept the properties in top condition but still had the odd issues occasionally, once I had to go to court to get an eviction order when they failed repeatedly to pay the rent and the local council told them to stay put. when I sold up the family in the larger property asked me if I would sell the house to them, I saved the estate agents fees and passed this on to them along with the other costs I would have incurred. I think I went above and beyond what a decent landlord should reasonably be expected to do and and treated my tenants with respect, this was not always how the properties or myself were treated by the tenants or the council. I put up with this as it goes with the job. To any landlord on here I will say, stick with it, it is a business and an investment and just reap the rewards when you sell up.
  12. I bet the next one will not be a white male experienced police officer. He won’t tick the right PC boxes
  13. I wish to say well done Longthorne, I started to write my post and then had a phone call, so I also offer my apologies.
  14. I am not in the Longthorne market at £25k a gun but this story would stop me in my tracks if I had been. if they are a the game fairs I will just walk on past their stand, it shows their lack of respect for customers, rather their contempt.
  15. That is a lovely story John and I’m sure makes the gun even more valued by yourself. The opposite to how I would feel about the Longthorne pair of guns
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