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  1. Close your eyes and mount your rifle pointing toward the target. Open your eyes and and look where the rifle is pointing. keep the rifle still and move your feet so the target is on the end of the foresight. Close your eyes and remount the rifle, even if you are only slightly left or right of the target move your feet and repeat. This way you will get what target shooter call, the natural point of aim. this takes tension out of the muscles especially in your shoulders and arms pushing or pulling the sights onto the target. This over a course of fire this will result in tighter groups as your muscles will not tire or cramp. shotgun shooter you only focus on the bird or clay and point the gun, if you focus on the bead at the end of the barrel you will invariably miss, if you are using open sights on a rifle or pistol you must focus on the position of the foresight in the backlight, eyes can only focus on one thing at a time and with open sights it must be the foresight position, the target will be slightly blurred but thats fine. With telescopic sights it is easy to see a clear target and crosshairs at the same time but not so much fun. stuart
  2. Over the 10,000 and then the 100,000 six days ago but no response from the government, I wonder why🤔
  3. It is on my FAC as it holds three in the tube, one on the lifter and one up the barrel. There are four notches cut into the butt so I assume it has some real history if only it could talk🤔 I have no idea what it is worth, in the UK it has limited market value as you need a FAC but everyone who has shot it has wanted another go.
  4. I have a 1897 underleaver and love shooting black powder carts, you don’t always know if you have hit the clay, rabbit etc because of all the smoke after firing on a windless day but it always makes me smile hen I use it.
  5. You wrote cash on collection, what is your post code please?
  6. The lifeboat men and women, straight or not are heroes, not some person crying on tv and saying I’m coming out after cheating on my wife and family.
  7. I can’t understand how such an unimportant tv personality coming out as as a homo makes national news
  8. the only common problem is the ejector claw breaking and they are like hens teeth to find, having said that I have owned a Mark 2 International since 1963 and it is still shooting as good now as when I first had it. Make sure it has the correct sights as these on ebay cost more than you pay for the complete gun. All the ones I have shot are accurate and in competition capable of shooting scores in the high 90s. Most target shooters steer clear of the Mk3 as sling tension can effect the floating barrel, the Mk 4 is my favourite as it is 4lbs lighter than the other Marks as it was made when the international shooting federation set a new upper weight limit for target rifles. My advice is get a Mark 2, 4 or 5. Stuart
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