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  1. I dont shoot well enough or regularly enough to pay big money for my glasses (with the exception of my sunglasses that I have used for years) so here is our family set. Both my girls use Bolle safety glasses in clear for average and below light (nice and cheap, great field of view and fairly robust) I use Revision Sawfly (3 colour kit), can be found fairly cheap and good quality (ESS also do a similar ballistic set), I tend to use the amber lens as it helps with contrast. Great field of view and no visible distortion at the edges of the lens. My exception is my glasses for bright days, I use Oakley Radar Ranges, these are my everyday sunglasses but are ballistic rated, with a purple base colour. I invested in decent sunglasses because I use them for other hobbies and sports, as well as having used them in some really rough environments over 20 years I know as a brand their higher end frames and lenses are fantastically reliable and optically superb. My eldest also uses Oakleys (Half Jackets), for the same reasons I do
  2. Thanks, there seems to be lots of nuance and unknowns in this whole thing.
  3. I'm fairly new to all this, so I just want to check on the known facts: Shooter is DQ'd from WESP event by NCSA Shooter appeals DQ Appeal is heard and lost (original decision stands, shooter is DQ'd) CPSA announce that Shooter is no longer a member of the association, but that Shooter has applied and been approved for membership of ICTSC That is the end of the publicly know facts?
  4. So glad I clicked on this thread, I remember my dad having one when I was a kid. I keep thinking I should get another one ready for if I ever have grandkids (well thats the excuse I'm running with). Loved all the pictures and I feel a shopping trip coming on if I can hide the money away
  5. Welcome to the sport and the forum My family is also new to clay shooting (we have been at it just over a year now), I have had loads of fantastic advice from my local clay ground and instructor as well as from my local RFD. You may have to travel to an RFD but a good one will take the time to help you find the right gun, with a good fit, and many of the bigger clay grounds have a shop, and will let you try out some of the guns they have. As others have said, if you put up your location people will happily recommend places to look and offer local help. Good luck on the hunt, my only advice would be take your time and find the right gun at the right price, its easy to buy quick and then end up changing guns 6 months later (my dad did exactly this).
  6. Oh God I hope so, but I don't think Donna was invited after the Gaviscon incident 😃😃
  7. Maybe your post on the other thread about how this might have happened is not so far a possibility "A senior representative of one of the cartridge manufacturers gave a presentation on the sustainable alternatives to lead shot in January to members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Shooting and Conservation"
  8. Well this is turning into a bit of a spat https://basc.org.uk/basc-issues-further-statement-on-non-lead-ammunition/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialSignIn&utm_content=Lead+Press I guess this is now down to what you define as 'consulted'.
  9. Not sure about Nevilles but I believe Countryman of Derby does, at least it has a fairly large selection of reloading stuff.
  10. Great shop, its my local (as I live in the town ). If you are down this way and travelling so far, its worth a trip to one of the local clay grounds, Nottingham and District Gun Club is about 25 min away as is Cockett Farm. Mr Neville also has a ground near Matlock (about 10-15 min away).
  11. I just picked up an old Baikal for the kids to use, and it came with a box of random carts, some old Gamebore Super Trap 32g 7.5s and some Victory Super Trap 28g, a couple of Winchester AA and some Gamebore XLR in 9 shot. I will probably use the XLRs, but the rest might make a start of a collection, nothing special there, but nice as my first random find.
  12. Not sure who those instructors were, and to be honest I would be very worried if they were correctly trained Skill at Arms instructors they do not sound particularly professional or safe. Anyway at least since 1990 the term in the Military has been Negligent Discharge more commonly called an ND. Yes a firearm can discharge when un-serviceable, that is mechanical fault, but when a person has activated the firing mechanism it is either classed as intended or negligent. Last time I knew about a rifle missing, the whole company was up all night searching for it and no-one left the training area until it was found, we then all went on a nice long run to teach us the value our rifles safe
  13. Yes, thats the one. I thought the same, but also the varied responses about security at grounds got me thinking and was interested in others views.
  14. Any idea where the operator was?
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