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  1. Not sure who those instructors were, and to be honest I would be very worried if they were correctly trained Skill at Arms instructors they do not sound particularly professional or safe. Anyway at least since 1990 the term in the Military has been Negligent Discharge more commonly called an ND. Yes a firearm can discharge when un-serviceable, that is mechanical fault, but when a person has activated the firing mechanism it is either classed as intended or negligent. Last time I knew about a rifle missing, the whole company was up all night searching for it and no-one left the training area until it was found, we then all went on a nice long run to teach us the value our rifles safe
  2. Yes, thats the one. I thought the same, but also the varied responses about security at grounds got me thinking and was interested in others views.
  3. Any idea where the operator was?
  4. Cheers Dunks, just difficult to break 21 years of habit I guess, either that or I am just paranoid about leaving anything in my car, I wont leave a laptop in my car either. I assume you are the same Dunks for other forums, if so we should catch up at a ground soon (coffee's on me)
  5. So a recent post on facebook and several of the replies got me thinking about how we secure guns at clay grounds. I will admit I am a complete anal nut job and always carry my gun around with me (usually in the slip), I go in for breakfast and take my gun with me etc etc. I don't know if its the ex Military bit of me that wants it always within arms reach or if I am just overly risk adverse. Anyway the answers to the facebook post varied from people leave them in racks, but keep an eye on them, to just lock it in your car when you are done and heading to the club house, so I thought I would get a view from this fine group: How do you store / look after your gun while at a shooting ground, but not actively shooting or on the layout? (I am genuinely interested in peoples thoughts on this btw)
  6. Mine was 12 weeks back in June but that was first application.
  7. Birds only is good, as a newbie I am pretty much just going out and hitting the practice rounds having some fun with the girls and my dad - not stepped into the comp world just yet. Looks like lots of local choice though best get some dates booked out with Mrs A Thank you all for the warm welcome
  8. Small world, will have to catch up at a local ground at some point
  9. Hi, based in Somercotes, near Alfreton. So far only shot at Notts and District GC and Chatsworth Country Fair, but planning to check out Crockett Farm on Monday
  10. Hello, fairly new to the world of clay shooting, started back in March, got my Certificate in Jun and now own a lovely 28" Silver Pigeon which is used by me and my 2 daughters. Also got my dad into it and he now owns a 682 Anyway I'm off for a browse around, look forward to meeting some of you in the future Mark
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