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  1. It would be nice if the papers or anyone actually challenged the claims by the GCN, I saw one report where a member of GCN, and retired Criminology professor stated that S1 shotguns and .22 rim fire were commonly used in mass shootings, the pictures that accompanied the article had images of banned firearms in the UK to make it appear as if this is what was being discussed. I have challenged the paper to provide some statistics to back up these claims, but I wont hold my breath !
  2. The piston heads are notorious for falling apart on these (I know, I have one that I have owned since I was a teenager and I recently replaced it). There are some spares still available in the UK and Europe, and there is a small UK owners group on facebook. I have found this place pretty good https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24038/Feinwerkbau-Sport/ I cant help on the trigger, but I know if mine is adjusted all the way out it becomes sloppy. Once you get it running I am sure it will bring a big smile to your face, I know mine does every time I pull it out for plink in the garden
  3. I second this, just purchased a pair of 3/8 extended Optima HP from them, great service. Incidentally, i got my first ever air gun from Chris Potters as I grew up in that town
  4. Classic Custard Cream, get the timing just right so the biscuit is soft, but doesn't fall apart in the brew of choice.
  5. I'm in this sort of area. I am a member of both BASC and CPSA, the key difference between them was the insurance and the support of general shooting. Guess I need to go away and have a long hard think. Currently I only shoot clays (not too well).
  6. akey

    Range Bag

    Have a look at the 5.11 Range Ready Bag, I have had one for about 5 years now and put it through the ringer and its still going strong. The larg side pocket fully unzips making a nice clean area for working, and the removable tote and brass bags are a great feature. The bag is well thought out, strong and a good bit bigger than the Beretta Pro ( I also have a GMK branded range bag that is about the same size as the Beretta Pro). https://tactree.co.uk/511-range-ready-bag?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI15u0ouuF6gIViZntCh1g5AB9EAQYBCABEgIq9PD_BwE
  7. akey


    If you listen to podcasts, its worth getting the Chenobyl podcast, its done with the writer / producer of the show, and goes episode by episode and talks through the history and the changes / choices they made in the show. Really interesting and actually got me watching the show for a second time.
  8. Lansky Turn box and a leather strop. I needed to sharpen a few knives recently and I am no good with a stone so I got the Lansky a few weeks ago and its a fantastic bit of kit for knives up to about 8 inches. Easy to use and great results. Have a quick look on youtube for the reviews.
  9. You could try here https://www.knivesandtools.co.uk/ they actually ship from Germany (well my 2 orders have) but both have arrived within 3 or 4 days with no issues at all, one was a Opinel No 8 (so not legal as an EDC) and the other a Gerber wingtip (legal for EDC). They do an age check on your first order, but it didnt delay my order at all, in fact the first order was the 3 day one. I will certainly be using them again.
  10. Just wanted to say a big thank you to this forum, after browsing around I saw lots of recommendations for the Lansky Turn Box sharpener, so I took the plunge and got one, along with a leather strop from Amazon just to see if I could get a good edge back on one of my knives. What a great result, I now have superb edges on my Opinel No8, Leatherman, Anglo Arms and any other small knife I found around the house, I have also purchased a Gerber Wingtip to use as an everyday carry all my other knives have locking blades 😞 . The turn box is so easy to use I now have the confidence to keep all my
  11. akey

    Premium bonds.

    When I left the military a good few years back we put my one off payment into the bonds while we waited to buy a house (just the deposit not the house before anyone thinks I am rich ). I tracked the winnings over 3 years, and we beat the best 3 year fixed no risk investment from a bank or building society, and totally smashed anything that had the same flexibility as the bonds (i.e cash available within 4 weeks). We just saw it as a nice safe investment with the potential for a big win if we were lucky.
  12. Yes, yes and yes, Currently have an old Delongi expresso machine (it has personal meaning) and a Sage grinder. Also have an aero-press for good coffee at work or when at events. The wife got me a barista basics course for Christmas with 'two chimps coffee' and learnt loads, I can also recommend two chimps for some great tasting coffee, either whole bean or ground to suit your style of brewing
  13. I dont shoot well enough or regularly enough to pay big money for my glasses (with the exception of my sunglasses that I have used for years) so here is our family set. Both my girls use Bolle safety glasses in clear for average and below light (nice and cheap, great field of view and fairly robust) I use Revision Sawfly (3 colour kit), can be found fairly cheap and good quality (ESS also do a similar ballistic set), I tend to use the amber lens as it helps with contrast. Great field of view and no visible distortion at the edges of the lens. My exception is my glasses for brig
  14. Thanks, there seems to be lots of nuance and unknowns in this whole thing.
  15. I'm fairly new to all this, so I just want to check on the known facts: Shooter is DQ'd from WESP event by NCSA Shooter appeals DQ Appeal is heard and lost (original decision stands, shooter is DQ'd) CPSA announce that Shooter is no longer a member of the association, but that Shooter has applied and been approved for membership of ICTSC That is the end of the publicly know facts?
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