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  1. I very nearly bought one of those, but decided on the Gt instead, I had one of those years ago, i enjoyed it while i had it, getting old now, need something a little slower and more comfortable.
  2. I waited a long time to get the right one, going to enjoy it while i am able .
  3. Hi Ya me old mate, I have been away from shooting for the past couple of years trying to get myself sorted out, but generally I am doing Ok one way or another, My poor old jag, that car was awesome in the snow, how i got down that hill in one piece i will never now, I have been down it since in good weather and that was scary enough They are only going one way now, I would start looking at sports bikes from the early 90s like original Blades, zx9, R1, R6 etc there getting on for 30 years old now and starting to go up as well.
  4. It has been really well looked after for the past 43 years, now its my turn, i hope i can do it justice. Going to wait for a nice day, get it warmed up and cant wait to get it above 6,500 rpm, I rode my mates many years ago and loved the power and exhaust note, the only thing that puts the fear of god into me now is the skinny tyres that are on it compared to modern bikes like my Ducati ST4s. 😄
  5. I have been after one of these since i was 17, i couldn't afford one then, I have waited 43 years, roll on the nice weather, I cant wait to take this out for a bimble around a few bike nights this year.
  6. I have had both the Touareg 2.5tdi R (04 and i am now running an 06 3.0d X5, they are both very different, the VW was one of the most comfortable cars i had ever driven - but was let down by a poor engine, most of its life was spent on motorways going up and down the country for work and even on decent runs i never saw more than 27mpg, The Beemer is no where near as good off road, the engine is pretty quick and i regularly get in excess of 35mpg driving at normal road speeds, servicing so far has been fairly pain free, Tyres £360 for a set of 4 ( 20" rims and low profiles) both cars are expe
  7. Hi Mate, just been thinking that one of the 1st times i noticed it was at the castle shoot in that deep snow you had on that day, on a more +tve note, i went out today and did a pretty good brisk walk with the dog of appx 1.5 miles and had no problems what so ever, just need to build it up over the coming weeks and can get back in the gym again.
  8. Just a quick update, its over a year ago now i had the heart attack, since then i have had no further chest pains, or problems, However, after undertaking Cardio Re Hab in my local hospital it was noticed that i couldn't do various exercises due to pain in my hip, thigh and calf muscles, when questioned about this i explained to the nurse that i had been having these problems for about 10 years , and my Doctor had informed me that it was just a muscle problem , something to do with the Sacro iliac part of my back, and had recommended physio which i had attended. Too cut a long story sho
  9. I had my old Touareg done with limo tint to stop people looking in the back when out shooting , fishing, I had it done professionally by a company in Derby (£170) , apart from the security aspect it also made the interior more comfortable in hot weather, and even though it was dark Limo you could still see through it pretty easily
  10. The new project arrives today, been looking to restore a bike again for the past few years and due to one thing or another i have put it on hold, going to do a sympathetic restoration, not to mad, but it s the 1st proper Suzuki i have ever owned, has any one else had these, is there any thing i need to watch out for, all the research on the net seems to say they are pretty bullet proof apart from the alternator / rectifier. any help greatly appreciated. Andy
  11. Seems i didn't put a small piece of punctuation in the right area, a comma after i should inform my insurance, because i had already to started looking after myself prior to the problem occurring
  12. I remember you saying it would have been bad enough coming down in your Rangey.
  13. I had the Touareg 2.5 R5 Which i absolutely loved, i did an awful lot of miles in it, almost 65,000 in 18 months always had it well serviced by trained technicians , it had all the toys including air suspension, auto, tiptronic, sports gearbox, extremely comfortable and pretty amazing off road, would i buy another - not a 2.5 - but apparently the 3.0 v6 is the best option, but can be expensive if it all goes pear shaped, i spent a fortune on mine in the time i had it, but i absolutely loved it.
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