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Saltwater lure fishing for seatrout

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I have fished Killala bay (the Moy Estuary) in Ireland, for Seatrout with a spinner, but think we really needed a boat as we couldn't wade out far enough to get amongst em! So didn't do any good! But long silver lures are what we were recommended, we were there in June, floatfishing sandeels was also recommended by locals!........this was twenty five years ago though!

Got a Salmon or three a few days before, up river though! :good:

I would be tempted to try a silver/natural 21/28gram flying condom with a silver vane! With 15lb test line, on a decent spinning reel!

good luck!

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1 hour ago, johnnytheboy said:

Really fancy doing this and would ask for any advice possible, if fished for pike before and have some bits and pieces that would cross over but not sure where to start? What time of year is best, what lures should I look out for? 

Good old fashioned Mepps spinner I'd think.  Silver or silver/blue.  Might want to add a sinker up the line to get down to them, depending.  Help with the cast too.  You could also try surface lures, maybe a popper, especially from a boat.  They work on bass!

If its from shore, casting distance is going to be your main enemy, so a nicely balanced setup needs to be put together.  The Americans have it all worked out already for bass, so you could do far worse than check out some articles from over the pond.

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On 26/02/2018 at 21:37, ratass said:

try flyfishing for sea bass ,proper fun that is.


Got myself a saltwater fly fishing set up; possibly the best fun fishing I've ever had. Has its limitations, so alwys have the lure setup with me too. 

Go to the world of sea fishing website, there's a 'how to'  sticky on the general lure fishing section

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Caught more sewin than I remember on the river teifi, as mentioned above flying condoms (I always used black) or silver mepps and rainbow trout rapalas. 

Seen lads have a few on tinsel feathers whilst mackerel fishing nr cardigan island but that was 10+ years ago.

Not sure but think you still need a licence to keep them even in salt water. Catch and release should be fine tho as they can't prove your targeting them w/o licence as bass maybe present. 

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