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  1. have you thought about hard cased lithium polymer? loads of mah for the size and they charge in an hour or 70% in 30mins
  2. I've had this also, when I've had no ovement i the pattern sometimes they just wont commit or even notice my decoys, wack some movement in there and its like flies to sheet.
  3. could we not use the power of PW to help sort this?
  4. Holts auction? they always have dirt cheap 410 singles and even dirt cheap 410 sxs's... their next auction on the 3rd has a fair few.. https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=S0119+++5370+&refno=++131839&saletype= https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=S0119+++5438+&refno=++132641&saletype=
  5. I dont see the need for these types of devises and dont like the idea of something listening all the time... I got my phone if I need info, music etc...
  6. with my .410 hammer I have the hammers back but gun broken.
  7. where as here in cornwall and devon, I received my renewal notice, sent it off, quick phone call by FEO and certs back in 2 weeks...
  8. thats because they're quad copters, As I initially said anything with 6 or more motors can fly with a motor gone, I've done it many many times (props coming off etc), even with simple kk flight controllers that have no stabilisation or the like. Admittedly a Y6 config will be difficult to fly with a motor out as you lose alot of yaw control and it'll rotate but having said that with a good pilot you can still get it back with some work.
  9. How long have you been flying multicopters? Motor failure in flight.. 🙄
  10. ok so this vid showing a hexacopter flying with 5 motors must be cgi... 🙄
  11. yup even my old diy jobs you could throw into the air inverted and spinning and they would sort themselves out in a few feet.
  12. any decent mutlirotor system will sort itself in a couple seconds after being hit and if its got 6 or more motors it can lose a couple with little ill effect. I started building my own about 10 years ago before you could by off the shelf ready to go "drones", even back then with decent gyros, accelerometers, gps and even barometers (for alt hold) you could build a rock steady take a few knocks system. If they're decent systems being uses all that needs to be done is use direction 2.4ghz (or whatever is being used to control the system) to sever the control, once down the "drone" should go into fail safe and fly back to its point of origin where the offendending operator can be located.
  13. heres one for the mix, CZ 511, very accurate for a stock semi, you can get them dirt cheap leaving you cash for a 17 hmr
  14. Thats not the case, you can use up to 2500ltr without having to pay any tax.
  15. thepasty

    Knives in cars

    I've got all kinds of knives in my shooting wagon, each for a specific job, never had a problem even when pulled over by the police.
  16. I've run both my Hilux Surf and my old skoda octavia on veg oil up to %100 at times (summer), as Crisp says bosch pumps are fine, lucas pumps are a no no. When i first started doing it new veg oil was 40p a ltr, oh how things have changed 😞
  17. Since I bought my first pair of meindl boots years ago I havent bought anything else, actually thats a lie, I bought some le chameau condors which were a complete waste of £280, the eyelets rust, they leaked from the get go and are uncomfortable... I've got 4 pairs of meindl my favourite being my Antarktis I got a couple years back, but my first pair of Bhutans are still going strong (I wear them every day), fit like socks, never leak and I can go all day in total comfort. and the next boots I buy will be.....Meindl!
  18. With last year in mind...I'd be happy with that!
  19. Well last year for christmas I got a burst appendix and nearly died from septicaemia, so this year I'd be over the moon with a pair of pants. 🤞
  20. I do that, on average I get £10 for a set of Jay feathers, I state in the add that the feathers are a by product of vermin control...
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