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I'm training my 22 month old GSP to the gun and when he is sent out ranging he more than often disappears out of sight .How do I keep him within a reasonable distance to hold point .He does come in when I give the whistle command ,but sometimes from a long way off .

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I had the same with my cocker and sometimes still but part of that is when my wife walks him he is allowed to roam ahead. I take him out and continually change direction making him look at me. It can take quite a while to get anywhere but he starts to stay close after 10 mins or so. I then make sure that I never walk in a predictable route. 

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I have a friend who runs English Setters and she puts a full length plastic clothes line attached to the collar which trails behind and because it is thin a slippery it does not get tangled. When the dog comes on point she walks up and takes hold of the line but no pressure unless the dog shows signs of pushing on.  Cheap and easy and this may just steady your pointer.

I have owned and run both a GSP and five Viszlas and you have to appreciate they are not spaniels, they do range and sometimes you have to trust them.  I had a shoot member who had a wirehair and it ran across infront of me one day with a PEEP PEEP noise coming from it. When it stopped the noise stopped and he knew it was on point. There are various training aids and hunting aids available and non include electric collars.

The bond between a pointer and it's handler has to be very much one of trust.  Instant obedience to the whistle is essential.     The one joy was that my dogs never told me lies.

Finished a drive one morning and a group of five or six guns had grouped together in a circle chatting when one of my viszlas came on solid point on the tuft of grass in the centre of the circle. I said, "Hey up, theres a bird or something in that grass"..they all looked in amazement when one of them poked his foot in the grass and a hen pheasant exploded into the air.

My old Sika just turned and looked at me as if to say  "I told you so"

Enjoy your new dog, they are characters.

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Yeah, still running. You heard right the owner is not well at all, carries oxygen with him everywhere.  There was a falling out eleven years ago and Steve walked away and I went with him. Not set foot on the place since Jan 2009. I have no idea who runs the shooting now. Nothing is forever.

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