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I do not believe they are 'squadding' it. I have shot today at Ribble Bank and I know of people who have shot at Catton Hall, Frodsham and Worsley at Manchester. Again it is turn up, pay yer cash and shoot. I have heard people voicing concern regarding catching the virus from the buttons on the stands.  I have tried desperately to avoid sucking my thumb until I have washed my hands and find it difficult to rub my eyes without scratching my shooting glasses.  I just rely on using er....................common sense. 

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Catton is as Westley says! It's a common sense approach. Stay clear or get them told if they get too close. Sanitizer everywhere 👍👍👍

Old Glossop is squadded Sportrap practise this Sunday with stringent measures in place and on 21st it will be there first squadded 100 bird event. I would imagine with the same stringent measures...............Stay in car until 5 minutes before your allotted shooting shooting time, head to waiting area and await member of staff! No hanging around, mingling or loitering. Get it shot and head home. Bearing in mind the public has a cracking view of Old Glossop shoot and I imagine wouldn't hesitate in reporting violations if seen. Measures in place to protect the shooters and more importantly......The club 👍👍

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2 hours ago, rapid .25 said:

Kelbrook reopened and has a stringent one way system in place,  no going back to previous stands ect, I believe it works very well.

Yes the one way system is working well round here at the grounds we have been to. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting out again and even commented that going round at a nice slow pace was most enjoyable.

Looking forward to getting back to shooting Registered Competitions.

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Rishton has squads of four, who start at 11.00am on a numbered stand. There is a one way system and sanitisers at every stand. Shooters were cleaning the button before shooting and when the squad finished. People on the four man squads kept well apart. It worked well.

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I was going to start a post regarding this but since one has already been created I will dive in on this one... 


Planning a trip to Ribble Bank tomorrow. Just to confirm, are they definitely now open and shooting and it’s still handing over cash? 

Many thanks, 



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