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The red carpet treatment

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As JDog's post in Talk from the Field states, I haven't been able to get out shooting with him a long time.

Anyway, yesterday we meet up....socially distanced of course, at some pea fields whose owners I happen to know as well as JDog.

I always like it when someone hosts me as I don't have to think about much, apart from packing my gear. And so it was JDog had recced the field, spotted me a position and told me what the pigeons would likely do. Not only that but my position, as the images show, were just behind a farm building, meaning I could drop my gear off and park less then 50 metres away - what luxury.

So it was I set up with my back to the building, rotary (dead birds supplied by JDog) and the wind crossing my back. it was a windy and cloudy afternoon, perfect.

The birds did what he said, mostly. Coming from the front, left and later the right hand side. They were swirling all over in the wind and presented some tricky shooting.

I picked 22, lost two. And I think I shot pretty well given I am a bit rusty. JDog turned down the opportunity to shoot next to me to go and soothe the troubled waters in Jacko's field, which he did.

On leaving the field I drove past the far end where JDog had been, and there were a lot of pigeons down. 

Thanks to my host for the VIP service. I will try to repay the favour soon.



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I was pleased to be able to give MM a shot or two.

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On 20/06/2020 at 13:42, stumfelter said:

I'd have set up the rotary a bit further away from the Landy....😂😂

Got to keep the range sensible 😉


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